Book 5: Chapter 94 - Departing

I glanced at him coldly. “You don’t trust me?” 

“I do! I do! That’s great! We have to get ready too!” Uncle Akbu rubbed his palms together in excitement. The other uncles surrounded us, thrilled. “Are we leaving this place?” 

“We are leaving so suddenly. We are going to miss this place.” 

“Yeah, we put in a lot of hard work to build this place...” 

Everyone gazed at Koont Village, evidently loath to leave. 

Pelos pointed out immediately, “But the war is happening soon! This place is not safe!” 

The uncles sighed and nodded in unison.

I looked around at them and exhorted, “You should get ready after we depart tomorrow because the Ghost Eclipsers’ army will be here soon. We have to leave before they arrive.” 

Uncle Akbu became nervous. “We? Who else is going with you!?” 

I glanced at Pelos, who patted his chest as he announced, “Dad, I am going with Luo Bing tomorrow.” 

Uncle Akbu was shocked. “What?!” He grabbed Pelos’ collar, bellowing, “Son! We did so much to raise you but now you are leaving with a girl that you just met?!”

Pelos was embarrassed. 

I stood by the side awkwardly. 

“Did your mom agree to it!?” Uncle Akbu pointed at Pelos’ dirty face. 

Pelos grabbed Uncle Akbu’s hand, arguing back, “My mom did agree to it! Don’t cause any trouble, dad! I am going to do some serious stuff with Luo Bing!” 

Uncle Akbu gazed at me sadly and grabbed my arm. “Luo Bing, I went through so much to raise him yet he wants to run off with you right after he met you…”

“Dad!” Pelos held his forehead in disgust and embarrassment.

I patted Uncle Akbu's arm calmly, saying, “Uncle Akbu, this is normal. A lot of boys run away with me after they met me.” 

Uncle Akbu was stunned by my unexpected reply.

Pfft!” The uncles burst out laughing. 

Pelos glanced at me awkwardly too. 

Uncle Akbu blinked and continued to hold my arm solemnly, saying, “I am passing my son to you. Please take good care of him. I will throw a wedding for you when the both of you come back.” 

I raised my right hand before him. “I’m sorry, Uncle Akbu. I already have two husbands. Your son will be the third one if he wants to follow me.” 

Uncle Akbu was dumbfounded again. 

Now, the surrounding uncles looked surprised too. 

Pelos grabbed my hand, exclaiming in surprise, “Wow! You have two husbands!? That’s awesome!” 

“The third one? Fine. So be it,” Uncle Akbu gritted through his teeth. He let go of me, holding his forehead helplessly. 

Pelos let go of my hand at once to yell, “Dad! Stop fooling around! I am not in the mood to fool around with you!” Pelos seemed agitated.

Turning serious, I said, “Uncle Akbu, I can tell that Pelos has the potential to be a leader. That’s why he is coming along with me for training. At the same time, he’ll be able to experience fighting in a battle himself. He will definitely grow. In the future, he can protect the people of Koont Village on your behalf.” 

Uncle Akbu became serious as well. He nodded and looked up at Pelos, advising him solemnly, “Pelos, be careful. War is not a game. You bleed real blood and you lose real lives in a war. Learn from Luo Bing.” 

“Yes!” Pelos stood straight. His hair billowed, his clear blue eyes shimmering with determination and fearlessness. 

The sky in the east was already turning bright by the time the spaceship had been fixed and modified. Although the blue crystal energy had been installed, the engine couldn’t be improved further. It would be tough to chase after the Ghost Eclipsers’ battleship. 

Pelos and I sat in the spaceship. I eyed the nearby Ghost Eclipsers’ battleship while Pelos looked ahead, seemingly lost.

The breeze blew over from the end of the horizon, puffing at our hair. Lucifer climbed up and sat next to me. “Sis Luo Bing, I’ve done my job.” 

“Good boy.” I hugged his shoulder, stroking his white hair. He leaned on my shoulder and I kissed his forehead. “Thank you, I will love you forever.” 

“I will love Sister Luo Bing forever too.” He hugged me, just like a younger brother acting spoiled with his sister. 

I glanced at Pelos, asking, “What’s wrong? Are you scared?” 

Pelos came back to reality. “No, I am not afraid but… I’m leaving too suddenly. I…” He scratched his head, annoyed with himself.

I chuckled and reassured him, “This is normal. Get used to it soon. We are taking action.”

Pelos patted his face, pulling himself together. 

I patted Lucifer. “Go and bring Brother Ghostie over. We are departing soon.” 

Mm!” Lucifer stood up. Spreading his wings out from the back of his vest, he leaped into the air and flew off. He looked like a fallen angel who had just destroyed the world and was patrolling his territory, flying freely in the air.

The red sun rose gradually above the horizon. Gehenna led his troop towards their spacecraft. They formed a thin line across the vast horizon. 

I quickly ran over, only to get blocked by two Ghost Eclipsers before I got close. They roared, “Stay far away!” 

I waved at Gehenna, calling, “Master Gehenna! Master Gehenna!” He stood before his battleship with a smirk. “Come along if you can keep up with our speed.” 

At once I thanked him excitedly, “Thank you, Master Gehenna! Thank you, Master Gehenna!” 

Gehenna glanced at me and chuckled lightly. He strode onto his battleship. The Ghost King’s battleship looked more advanced than the battleships of the Ghost Eclipsers I had seen before. The hull was bright and new. Did their technology advance so much from their massive mining of blue crystal energy?

I immediately ran to my old spaceship. Pelos was already sitting in the co-pilot seat, looking nervous. 

Ghostie’s rescue capsule had been installed behind him, which looked rather funny. 

Lucifer was still looking around when I took the pilot seat. “Lucifer, get a seat.” 

Lucifer sat on a small spot in the corner and put his seatbelt on.

It had been a long time since I’d sat on a spaceship that used seat belts!

The battleship in front of us took off. The uncles were all waving at us in front of our spaceship.

I saw Pelos holding the lever anxiously. I reminded him, “Pelos, that’s a laser gun. Are you trying to kill the uncles?” 

Pelos immediately let go of it. “It’s my first time flying a spaceship.”

“Watch closely,” I said. Then I activated the energy. “Prepare for take off.” I pulled the lever up and off we went. 

*Rumble!* Suddenly, there was a loud rumble and the spaceship trembled. I raised my eyebrows. The spaceship should have taken off by now but instead it had only farted. 

Pelos was anxious. “Did something explode? Our spaceship is really old. The engine might not be able to handle blue crystal energy.” 

“It’s alright. It only needs to get used to it.” 

I activated it again. Then, *rumble.*  We didn’t take off but were engulfed in dark smoke instead. I narrowed my eyes, bellowing, “I will blow you up if you don’t take off!” I lifted the lever hard and the spaceship finally took off! We flew out of the black smoke and saw the clear blue sky ahead of us!


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