Book 5: Chapter 93 - On The Way Home

Seeing that it was almost time, I patted Pelos and asked softly, “Are there any spaceships here?” 

Pelos nodded. I gave him a meaningful look. “Bring me there.” 

“Okay.” Pelos led the way. 

The location where they’d parked their spaceship was quite close to where Gehenna had parked their battleship and fighter jets. All around us was barren, polluted soil that covered a hundred-meter radius from Koont Village. That was why their crops were only planted within their village.

It was also the reason why spaceships could freely land anywhere. 

Koont Village had two shabby spaceships, worse than the one I’d been in when they’d hit me! 

My spaceship that they’d damaged had been left at the same place too. It was broken into two and almost beyond recognition. I spotted Ghostie’s water cabin among the debris. 

“We will leave with them tomorrow,” I said.

Pelos was surprised. 

I glanced at his surprised face, asking “Why? Are you not ready yet?” 

“I didn’t expect that you’d want to leave with them tomorrow!” Did Pelos think that I was out here to get information?

I lifted my hand and patted his shoulder. “This is war. War doesn't allow any time to get ready. I will go with them tomorrow and just adapt to whatever comes my way. You have to install the rescue capsule into one of these spaceships.” I said, pointing at the rescue capsule.

Pelos frowned, then nodded without hesitation. “Okay, I will listen to you. But we will need more help.” 

Suddenly, I spotted a figure moving far away. I glanced at Pelos then said, “If any Ghost Eclipsers ask what we are doing, tell them that the chief’s son wants to follow his idol tomorrow. So, he is fixing his spaceship tonight.” 

Pelos was confused. “Who would ask?” 

I narrowed my eyes and glanced into the distance. “Gehenna’s man. It looks like Gehenna is suspecting Koont Village. Regardless of the reason, you can’t stay here anymore. I will bring people to evacuate everyone in Koont Village. You follow me and we will get rid of them tomorrow.”

Pelos got excited, gaping in disbelief. “You, you really can do it?!” 

Mm!” I nodded confidently. “As long as we get to Blue Shield City, we’ll be in my territory. Hurry up and go. I need the rescue capsule.” 

“Yes!” Pelos saluted and left. 

Being Gehenna’s crazy fan and chasing after him was the best excuse. Then, no one would suspect us for fixing and modifying the spaceship now. 

Pelos got the uncles to help. They were all metahumans. Then, we modified the spaceship together. 

Uncle Akbu ran over, shouting, “Pelos! Pelos!” I stood up while Pelos glanced over then continued moving the things around. 

Akbu had mixed feelings when he arrived before me and saw us modifying the spaceship. 

Pelos carried the circuits before him and said softly, “Dad, Luo Bing said that Gehenna has started to suspect us. We have to evacuate as soon as possible.” 

Akbu furrowed his eyebrows and nodded. He turned to look at the village by the mountain. “What’s meant to come will come.” He sighed and spoke softly, his eyes on me, “The fight between Lucifer and Ghostie has been going on for quite some time now. What should we do next?” 

I looked at him. “Simple. You have to suggest that Gehenna get some rest as they have to travel and attack the city tomorrow. He will order the others to take a rest if he thinks it’s reasonable.” 

“You have a point!” Uncle Akbu nodded in agreement. When he was about to run off, I held him back. I said, “Hold on, Uncle Akbu. Tell Lucifer to take a pee or poop next to Gehenna’s spaceship.” 

“Huh?” He walked away with a dubious look, and didn't seem to understand my intention. 

The flames flickered from afar, and it slowly became quiet. 

We were still busy with the spaceship. I checked the power system of the spaceship, and was dumbfounded when I found out that it ran on solar energy. 

The speed of the spaceship would be slow even if it was fully charged.

Compared to the Ghost Eclipsers’ fighter jets, it would be like a Geely Panda[1] going after a Ferrari. 

I stared at my damaged spaceship. “We have to reinstall the set of system in this other spaceship tonight.” 

The uncles nodded. 

I examined my engine. “This isn’t right! Where is my blue crystal energy!?” 

The uncles turned away in silence. They glanced at me with guilty eyes and continued working. 

Pelos looked at me embarrassedly and told the truth, “My dad probably hid it. We finally got a blue crystal energy and he wants to use it for defense.”

I held my forehead in exasperation. “How are we going to fly without blue crystal energy?” 

Some of the Ghost Eclipsers were going back to their spaceship nearby. They looked like they were patrolling. A row of torchlights headed back to the village; the other Ghost Eclipsers had gone back to rest. 

They had to fly past District 7 to District 10 in order to attack Blue Shield City. The energy they used was definitely blue crystal energy and their engine was definitely powerful too. 

The Ghost Eclipsers had once used the blue crystal mining machine from Silver Moon City. Although I’d destroyed it, they had already mined for quite some time before. So, they probably had sufficient blue crystal energy. 

Lifting my face, I looked in the direction of Koont Village. I happened to see Gehenna walking out of his little wooden house on the hillside. He looked over at us from his balcony on the cliff. His dark hair fluttered under the moonlight, veiling his sharp gaze. His eyes shimmered like stars as he stared at us.

Although we were far apart and I couldn’t see his expression, I could feel his suspicion from his sharp gaze. 

I retracted my gaze. He was one of the four ghost kings. It was impossible for him to have reached his position without sufficient capability.

Silver Moon City had fought against the Ghost Eclipsers for over a year but we had never come across any ghost kings. Now, they had sent a ghost king to attack Blue Shield City. They must have been really determined to get Blue Shield City! 

I wiped off my sweat. At most, they suspected Koont Village to be hiding women, which wasn’t hard to guess since it was quite obvious. However, they had a more important mission ahead of them. Plus, Blue Shield City had boys who looked prettier than women.  

The ghost kings’ troops were at a higher rank compared to other Ghost Eclipsers. So, they were not lacking in women. 

When I turned back, Gehenna had already returned to his room. Only a ray of light shone out from the wooden house. No matter how good-looking he was, he was a bloodthirsty devil. 

Uncle Akbu ran back. I waved at him. He looked at me confusedly when I held out one hand palm-up in front of him, my other hand on my hip as I said, “My blue crystal energy.” 

Uncle Akbu looked embarrassed. Glancing around, he saw the surrounding uncles busy moving the things around. Pelos walked past, smelling like petrol. “Dad, Luo Bing said that Blue Shield City is her territory. She will send a spaceship over to evacuate our people.” 

Surprised, Uncle Akbu stared at me in excitement as he asked, “Do you really have such a huge spaceship? So huge that you can fit all of us in?” He pointed at Koont Village behind him. His eyes were trembling in excitement, as if he was witnessing a miracle brewing. Yet, he was also anxious as if he was afraid the miracle would vanish.

[1] A Chinese hatchback city car produced by Chinese manufacturer Geely.


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