Book 5: Chapter 92 - The Battle Between Two Monsters

Time was pressing. We had to get back to business.

I faced Uncle Akbu seriously. “Uncle Akbu, go and call Gehenna and the other Ghost Eclipsers over here. We’ll distract them so that they won’t think of the women again.” 

“Thank you! Really! Thank you so much!” Uncle Akbu said gratefully before running back. Halfway through, he turned back and slapped Pelos’ butt, saying sternly, “Hide your butt!” Then, he turned to run back again.

Pelos stared at Uncle Akbu’s back in a daze. He asked, “What does he mean?” 

I stole a glance at his perky butt before explaining, “Your dad meant that you have a nice butt and those lusty Ghost Eclipsers might be tempted. They don’t mind your gender, or even your appearance. When they get in the mood, they won’t let your butt go.”

Pelos blushed hard. He believed what I’d said since he’d lived among the Ghost Eclipsers for so long. At once he looked around for something to hide his butt. 

I shouted at the river, “Ghostie! Find something for Pelos to hide his butt.” 

Ghostie threw two huge piles of mud in front of Pelos, smelly and dirty. 

Without batting an eye, Pelos stuffed the mud into his pants without hesitation. His pants were now baggy and loose, and stunk as well.

Pelos had guts. I wouldn’t have stuffed that mud into my pants because we were in a polluted area. I had tasted mud before. 

Just then, a flickering light shone from above, at the village. Many of them were walking down.

Immediately I turned to Lucifer and Ghostie, instructing, “Ghostie, Lucifer, I need your help to put on a show. The Ghost Eclipsers are coming over to watch a fight between the water ghost and the flying corpse. Sacrifice yourselves for the sake of the women in this place. Try to drag it on as long as you can.”

Both of them nodded. I glanced at Lucifer in gratitude. He was still a kid after all.

I hugged Lucifer’s leg. “Thank you, Lucifer.” I could only reach up to his leg after he’d transformed into a giant. 

He slowly shrunk before he hugged me back, chirping, “I like hugs!” He rubbed his face against my shoulder intimately. “Mommy told me that you used to hug me a lot when I was younger. This feels familiar to me. It makes me feel warm.” Speaking in that young, raspy voice, he sounded a little pettish, his tone so lovely and cute that it could melt your heart. 

I patted his head. “Yup.” I cupped his face and kissed his forehead. I had always carried him since he’d been born, I loved him from the bottom of my heart. “Thank you for helping me. You’re still a kid. I shouldn’t have involved you in this.” 

Lucifer’s eyes were shimmering in happiness. “I like it when Sister Luo Bing kisses me. Can you kiss me again?” He gazed at me with anticipation. I was covered in his stench yet he didn’t mind it at all. 

I smiled. I couldn’t reject those big, shimmering eyes. Cupping his face, I kissed both his cheeks. “Good boy, good boy.” I kissed his forehead again. 

He giggled happily, just like when he had still been a baby. 

People started walking in. I exhorted, “Get ready.” 

He hopped away happily. Instantly, his body expanded and his huge shadow fell upon all of us. 

Ghostie splashed in the water. I glanced at him, only to see him pouting, his lips forming the shape of a fish's lips. 

“Go away! Didn’t you think that I was smelly?!” I stretched my foot over to harshly step on his fish lips. 

Sulking, he sank back into the water in guilt, blowing bubbles unhappily. 

The noise came closer and closer. Around us the people had stopped three meters away. 

The uncles had come too, surrounding Gehenna. Uncle Akbu waved at me, saying, “Move away, Pelos! Don’t suffocate Master Gehenna.” 

“Okay! Okay!” I moved away with Pelos. 

At once, Lucifer roared up at the sky. “ROAR!” The unmistakable roar of a flying corpse got the Ghost Eclipsers excited. 

Everyone surrounded the place. “WOW!” 

Suddenly, a light shone down from above onto Lucifer. 

Uncle Akbu jumped out and stood in front of Lucifer, a mic in his hand as he announced, “My beloved Master Gehenna and all the strong warriors! This is the flying corpse we caught and domesticated, Lucifer!” 

“ROAR!” Lucifer cooperated, stomping his feet and beating his chest mightily. 

“He has a height of 3.2 meters! He eats about 30kg of food everyday! And his shit weighs about 10kg!” 

“HAHAHA!” The Ghost Eclipsers burst out in laughter.

My expression stiffened. Lucifer shits so much!

“ROAR!” Lucifer was unhappy. He turned around and raised his butt at Uncle Akbu, who had his back to him.

Just as everyone was wondering what he was doing, there was a sudden *rumble!* Uncle Akbu was sent flying and the Ghost Eclipser exclaimed in surprise, “The flying corpse farted!” 

“Master Gehenna, I am here to protect you.” One of the Ghost Eclipsers leaped before Gehenna, stretching his hands forward. A violent wind churned and fanned Lucifer’s “attack” back.

The wind greeted Uncle Akbu’s face. He finally got back on his feet only to be blown over again, this time flying off sideways. Seeing this, Lucifer quickly grabbed him and put him on the shore. 

Uncle Akbu rubbed his beard awkwardly. I was stunned when I saw his action. Somehow, it reminded me of Elder Alufa. 

Disgusted, he continued, “Gag! Next, is a water ghost that we caught recently. We are still in the midst of domesticating it.” 

Uncle Akbu stretched his hand out and Ghostie hopped out of the water cooperatively. He did a beautiful somersault in the air, spreading his limbs wide in his red swimming trunks with the smiley face on the crotch. 

Then, he dived into the water. 


The audience applauded. 

“Interesting!” The Ghost Eclipsers were interested because no one had ever domesticated a flying corpse or a water ghost. Now, they were even putting on a show for them.

“The battle is about to... begin!” Uncle Akbu announced then ran away.

Lucifer flew up and hovered in the air. 

Everyone watched him closely.

Once everyone had quietened down, Lucifer swiftly dived into the water. The people cheered, “Awesome!”

*Splash!* Lucifer dived into the water and dragged Ghostie out of the water, flying straight up. Ghostie acted like he was struggling in his hold. Suddenly, he flashed his sharp claws and scratched Lucifer! Lucifer let go at once and Ghostie fell into the water again. Lucifer chased after him closely and dived into the water. Both of them started fighting in the water, their moves appearing rather real. They had great tacit understanding!

I secretly gave them a thumbs-up. 

It was hard to distinguish the winner and loser between Ghostie and Lucifer. It was either Lucifer pulling Ghostie out of the water or Ghostie dragging Lucifer into the water. The performance was splendid and thrilling, successfully drawing all the Ghost Eclipsers’ attention. 


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