Book 5: Chapter 91 - Sacrifice

I fixed my admiring gaze on Gehenna, pleading, “Master Gehenna, my superpower is to spread my stench to suppress the enemies so that they won’t be able to fight! Please let me follow you!” 

Pfft! Are you trying to suffocate our Master to death?” 

“Get out!” Someone threw pieces of trash at me. 

Retch. I’m about to throw up! Get him out of this place!” The Ghost Eclipsers shouted. 

“Get him out!” 


Gehenna glanced at me, sneering, “That’s not even a superpower! You don’t have any superpower!” He flapped his hand at me, wanting to fan the stench away as he roared, “Get out!” 

“I might not have any superpowers but I am born with a natural stench. Isn’t that also a kind of superpower?! I am very proud of it! Thanks to my stench, I can finally become a Ghost Eclipser! Please let me join your troop!” I’d come across all kinds of Ghost Eclipsers during the war. There had even been a metahuman with shitting superpower. Being able to spread your stench wouldn’t be too much of a stretch.

Unable to take it anymore, Gehenna covered his nose, still fanning away the stench as he commanded, “Get out!” 

“Quickly leave. Stop pestering Master Gehenna!” Uncle Akbu chased me out, his eyes colored with doubt since he didn’t recognize me and had no idea where I’d come from. 

However, he was willing to play along with me because I’d saved his son. 

I didn’t leave. Instead, I pounced at Gehenna and grabbed his leg, pleading, “Master, please give me a chance.” 

Gehenna jumped and kicked me away, shouting, “Get out!” 

“No! Master Gehenna, we have two monsters here! Why not get them to entertain you? Watch a battle between a flying corpse and a water ghost,” I suggested. They would ask Chief Akbu to bring the women out once I left that place. So, I had to distract them with something.

Gehenna raised his eyebrow, before pinching his nose and replying, “Fine! As long as you leave this place!” 

“Okay! I will go get ready!” I grabbed Uncle Akbu as I left. “Dad! Let’s get ready and put on a great show to entertain Master Gehenna!” 

Uncle Akbu was dragged away, still dumbfounded. Everyone hastily gave way to us. 

I beckoned Lucifer and Pelos once I passed before them, ordering softly, “Follow me!”

Pelos tugged Lucifer along and followed behind us. 

We rushed out of the village gate; here, there were less people around us. Uncle Akbu suddenly spun around to grab Pelos and I, bellowing, “Come here!” 

Uncle Akbu dragged us down to the village. At the bottom was a huge river of murky, pink-tinted water. A huge battleship and ten fighter jets were parked on the shore by the river. 

Lucifer gazed curiously at the fighter jets and the battleship. This scale of equipment was used for attacking cities.

Plus, we now knew they were planning to ambush Blue Shield City. If they had researched Blue Shield City well enough, they would know that Silver Moon City would surely send aid. Hence, it had to be done quickly. Now, I understood that the main purpose of their visit was to obtain the map of the eastern district. 

Releasing Pelos and I, Uncle Akbu asked, “Where are you from!?”

I didn’t have time to explain. I glanced at Lucifer and ordered, “Lucifer, bring Ghostie here.” 

Once I spoke, Uncle Akbu realized who I was right away. 

Spreading his wings, Lucifer transformed into a gigantic flying corpse in the dark night, before he flew up into the sky.

“Luo, Luo Bing?” Uncle Akbu asked in disbelief. 

“Yes, dad. She’s Luo Bing. Don’t worry. We won’t cause any trouble,” Pelos reassured Akbu, who glanced at Pelos in surprise. Even in the dark, Uncle Akbu’s excitement was clear to see. His lips trembled above his beard and his eyes welled up with tears when he said, “You haven’t called me dad in a very long time.” 

Pelos’ tears flowed down at this. He abruptly pulled Uncle Akbu into his embrace, father and son hugging each other tightly by the rushing river.

The night breeze swept past the barren land, whipping up sand off the ground and veiling their embracing figures, making them appear blurry and distant under the moonlight. 

Uncle Akbu patted on Pelos’ back and wiped his tears. Pelos looked guiltily at Uncle Akbu, hanging his head low as he apologized, “Dad, I was wrong.” 

Uncle Akbu patted Pelos’ back. “It’s okay, It’s okay. I too forgot that you’re a grown up now.” 

Seeing them reconcile made me feel very happy.

Lucifer’s huge shadow flew past above us. Looking up, we saw Lucifer holding Ghostie in his claws. Casually, he tossed Ghostie into the river.

I ran over. Ghostie surfaced from the water, smiling at me. Suddenly, his smile stiffened and he dived under again. 

Eyebrows raised, I roared, “How dare you disdain my smell? I have never minded the fishy smell on you! Come out!” 

Ghostie floated in the water guiltily, looking at me with eyes full of grievances.

I glanced at Lucifer, who looked disgusted by smelling his own breath on me. 

“What did you feed him!? His mouth stinks!” I couldn’t help but ask Uncle Akbu. Lucifer had used to smell like milk when he’d been a baby. His little mouth had smelled sweet too. 

Bad breath was usually related to the food you ate. 

Chief Akbu seemed embarrassed as he answered, “He... eats a lot. So, we usually give him the leftovers...” 

“Leftovers!” I was agitated yet I also knew that they didn’t have a choice.

I knew flying corpses ate a lot. Like a cow with two stomachs, they had a separate food sac where they stored some of the food they ate. That was why they would eat as much as they could whenever they had the chance to. Their notoriously bad breath was derived from the ruminative stored food.

If he’d only had vegetables in his diet, he wouldn’t have stunk so bad. 

But if the food had been putrefying, the stench would be inevitable. 

Lucifer spoke up happily, “Sis Luo Bing! They fed me very well!” His voice changed when he was in his giant flying corpse form, becoming deep and rough. He’d become the first flying corpse who could speak.

Ghostie laid on the shore, staring at Lucifer in surprise. 

Hehehe…” Uncle Akbu chuckled sheepishly. “We really didn’t know that you know this kid...” What he’d meant was that they wouldn’t have fed him with leftovers if they’d known that he was with me.

“It’s okay, uncle. You’ve been feeding me better than what I usually get to eat. I had vegetables, meat, bones and innards. You’ve been making me strong!” Lucifer patted his muscular body, his silver pupils shimmering with satisfaction. “I’ve been growing much faster ever since I got here.” Lucifer didn’t seem to mind eating leftovers at all. 

From what he’d said, it even seemed like he’d had nutritious food. 

“We didn’t want to waste food. Flying corpses have always eaten anything and everything. We’ve never seen one who can turn into a human. So, we didn’t know how to handle him.” Akbu explained, still embarrassed.

Anyway, now wasn’t the time to discuss what they’d fed Lucifer. After all, Lucifer would be following me from now on, not them. I definitely had to make him brush his teeth everyday. 


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