Book 1: Chapter 50 - Brother Bing’s Power

The spots of blue lights were like liquid droplets floating in space as they revolved around my fingers evenly. I gently moved my hands and they moved along with me. When I waved, the circle changed and elongated to an oval. It was as though my movements were causing the flow of the air. This magical phenomenon surprised me. My movement was changing their order of arrangement as well.

I lifted my hand and waved. They instantly formed a long trail behind my hand, just like a streamer formed by falling stars. They were beautiful and magical!

I started laughing and dancing. The blue light spots around my fingers were amazing. They surrounded me as I danced. They became my dancing partners like the elves in the fairy tales.

I slowly stopped and so did the blue light spots. Then, they resumed into rings of circles and encircled me once again. Only then did I realize that not only were they surrounding my hands, but also my whole body.

I slowly sat down. I didn’t want to break their chains. I looked at my hand and pinched. The light spots started gathering where I pinched and some even stuck onto my skin. I looked at them attentively, but the spots that were on my skin disappeared suddenly. I was frightened and I let go of my fist. The spots instantly spread across the skin of my hand, as though I had pushed them out.

I looked at my hand with concern. Did I break them again? This was like what had happened earlier at the reservoir. The spots of lights disappeared after they encountered me.

I extended my finger and touched a light-spot carefully. It got attached to my finger…

PAK! Suddenly, the blue lights were off. The surrounding white light felt glaringly bright. I subconsciously closed my eyes, as I couldn’t see if the light spots had disappeared.

The testing cabin had resumed its original look.

I adapted to the white light and slowly let go of my hand. I looked at my hand again. Those spots of lights had disappeared along with the blue lights.

“Examinee’s level of radiation resistance…” There was a robotic female voice that resounded in the test cabin, “level nine.”

It was still pitched quiet. I put down my hands and looked up. I saw the dumbfounded faces on the other side of the glass window. They were completely taken by surprise. It was as though whatever they had witnessed moments ago was unbelievable.

“Bahahaha.” Suddenly, Elder Alufa laughed hysterically. Everyone came back to reality due to his laughter. Their expressions were still stiff from the huge astonishment. Elder Alufa looked at me with a smile. “Bahahaha. It seems like the precious thing that Silver Moon City lost isn’t the escape pod but you, Luo Bing. Hahaha. Mason, Luo Bing belongs to your troop. She is our Noah’s Treasure. You have to protect her.” Then, he turned and left with the vibe of a divine demeanor. 

Arsenal came back to reality and watched Elder Alufa as he left. She turned and smiled gently at me. “Luo Bing, you are now Noah’s Treasure. Please take care of Noah City.” She bent her knees and nodded at me politely. This elegant curtsey from the princess made me feel greatly honored.

I immediately returned a salute. I straight away put my right hand over my left fist. “I will try my best!” D*mn. I’m so outdated. 

Arsenal smiled. She turned and followed behind Elder Alufa.

Uncle Mason who was standing by the glass window turned around and said smugly to Sis Ceci, “My darling, it seems that I can’t let you take Luo Bing. Our scouting troop needs her more than you do. Noah City needs her more!”

Sis Ceci creased her eyebrows and looked at me in disbelief, and then shook her head. She looked at Uncle Mason in distress. “Protect her and,” she turned to look at Harry, “don’t let Harry touch her.” She then turned to her DR team and said, “Let’s go.” She turned and left. 

Harry looked down at me with his eyes and mouth wide open, as though his chin was dislocated.

Xue Gie, Ming You and Sis Cannon looked at me in astonishment as they followed behind Sis Ceci. Da Li jumped at the glass to wave at me then she disappeared from behind the window.

From the beginning until the end, I only felt that I was shined on by the blue lights repeatedly. But I had no idea how terrifying every level of radiation volume was to this world. So, I couldn’t understand the astonishment that they had. Maybe, therefore it’s said that the ignorant are fearless. Since I had not known the severity, I had been able to stand there calmly to go through the radiation resistance test.

Uncle Mason waved at me through the window, “Luo Bing, we are coming to get you.” Then, he slapped the back of Harry’s head, “Did you hear your mom?”

Harry stood there and looked at me. He didn’t move an inch even though he was hit.

“Luo Bing is our Noah’s Treasure now. You can’t touch her!” Then, Uncle Mason dragged Harry by the back of his collar. Harry continued to gawk at me as he was being pulled by Uncle Mason. 

Uncle Mason took two steps forward and he turned around to look at the console table. Raffles had yet to leave.

“Raffles follow us down to get Luo Bing,” Uncle Mason said.

Raffles creased his eyebrows and said, “I want to stay here for a while. It shows that some of the radiation has disappeared. That’s strange. I am checking if there is any leakage.”

“What?! Check carefully!” Uncle Mason screamed.

Raffles didn’t care much. He started operating both sides of his brain at the same time again. Both his hands were continuously fiddling the console table while he looked in front of him and mumbled.

Uncle Mason looked at him anxiously. “After you find it, get the people from the construction department to fix it. Leakage of radiation is not a joke!”

Raffles was still daydreaming.

Uncle Mason understood Raffles, therefore, he dragged Harry out with him.

I looked up at Raffles. His grayish-blue eyes continued to move around, and he continued to calculate. He didn’t have any expressions on his face. He was looking like a robot.

SWOOSH! The door opened. Uncle Mason was standing in front of the door and he smiled at me. “Luo Bing, let’s go. I’ll take you to meet the teammates in the scouting troop. They are Noah City’s metahumans.” 

Metahumans?! I was immediately interested. I ran towards Uncle Mason. “Am I really joining the scouting troop?!”

Uncle Mason was still dragging Harry. Harry was still gawking at me as he stood in front of me. He was looking at me as if I was a monster.

“Of course!” Uncle Mason spread his hands and welcomed me, “Elder Alufa said that you belong to our scouting troop. Luo Bing, Silver Moon City’s biggest loss is losing you!”

“Because they only take metahumans and girls,” I smirked.

“Bahaha! But you are both! Bahahaha.” Uncle Mason was laughing hysterically, and it sounded more like mocking laughter.

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