Book 1: Chapter 5 - Crack Shot He Lei

“Please… No… No….”

“Hahahaha! Run, go ahead and run.”

“The b*stards are fooling around with that girl! Ridiculous!”

I have to kill them all!

To be honest, if I were a man, I would never be interested in such a filthy girl…  I just don’t understand men’s thinking. However, a cousin of mine, with a curvy body and an innocent face but a very filthy mind, once told me that a man can simply solve his physiological needs if there was a…  ahem… hole…

Of course, we had talked about this in private. Although I had blushed at her comment… I couldn’t help but listen to her, as I was still growing up and the teacher had brushed over the concept of physiological aspects very vaguely. Let alone my mom and dad, I only had my filthy-minded cousin who was a university student to teach me about all of these physiological aspects.

He Lei turned to beckon us to keep our distance. Then, he walked behind the three bandits who were on the lookout. His action was as swift and stealthy as a black jaguar during the night. Suddenly, he hooked a bandit’s neck with one hand, while his other hand drew out a short knife from the other bandit who was standing next to the first one. Just as he broke the first bandit’s neck, he stabbed the left side of the other bandit swiftly.

“Ah!” The bandit let out a groan in agony.  He Lei was already seizing the guns from the waist of the bandit on the right side. Then, he took a leap backward and started shooting!

The entire process almost happened in the blink of an eye. I was gawking at the sight! He Lei wasn’t just good at fighting, he was super good at it! He was fast in action! And also very accurate and brutal! I believed that even Dad when he was young, was far behind when compared to He Lei’s skills!

Plus, when he killed, he had also seized their guns and pulled the trigger; all of this happening in an instance. There was no delay whatsoever. Who was he exactly? I admired his impressive skills.

In my eyes, there was only He Lei’s swift-moving figure that was dodging rays of light. Each ray moved past him magically and couldn’t hurt him at all. As he was jumping and leaping, the rays diminished tremendously.

*Pak Pak.* He Lei suddenly threw two guns at us.

“Self-defence!” He snapped and dashed out alone.

I continued to stand there dumbfounded. Ah Xing walked past me and picked up the two guns. He then shoved one into my hand.

“Luo Bing!” He called me, and I came back to reality. There were continuous rays of light outside. It wasn’t a bullet that was shot from the gun but blue light rays! Just like the guns in sci-fi movies. 

Once again, we popped our heads to look around. He Lei was very impressive! We could see him jumping and leaping through the brilliant lights. He fired both guns, one after another. Every single shot would be a headshot! His striking movements were similar to a super agent from the spy movies!

Suddenly, I saw someone hiding next to the cage, with obvious intentions to sneak attack him. Reflexively, I picked up my gun at once and threw it like a knife.

*Dong!* The gun that I had thrown knocked off the gun from the would-be attacker’s hand. I stood on the spot and looked at my hand. Oh my! That’s embarrassing! 

Most of the time, I practiced knife-throwing. In my great home country, firearm regulations were rather strict, unlike the United States, where my dad could get me a real gun for practice. That was also one of the reasons why he encouraged me to be a soldier. He missed holding a gun. He wished for me to touch a real gun, and not those plastic ones that shoot plastic bullets.

“Luo Bing! Be careful!” Suddenly, Ah Xing shouted. He Lei immediately looked at me. I saw a fist right in front of my face. It belonged to the bandit whose gun I had knocked away. I reflexively held his wrist and twisted it. Then, I lifted my leg and kicked him, but the bandit managed to take off... I wanted to catch up to him and hit him, but a ray of blue light pierced the bandit’s temple. His eyes were wide opened when he fell straight before me.

My heart stopped beating when I saw his wide-open eyes. He lay flat on the ground with his eyes dilated. He didn’t move an inch. On his temple, there was a burnt hole that was still smoking. He… he was really dead!

It suddenly dawned upon me that someone had really died just now!

Although my Dad had always used real-life counterstrike methods to train me and had told me that I needed to kill my enemy at the first shot, these were all still fake deaths! The uncles that I had “killed” during my training were still able to hang out and smoke together!

But now this person in front of me was really dead. Although these people did deserve to die, they still left a great impact on me! It was too sudden… I couldn’t accept the fact…

Suddenly, I felt my stomach churn and I ran to the side to retch. Blarggghh! 

“Are you okay?” Someone was patting my back lightly. It was Ah Xing. His voice was gentle with concern, “Could it be… your first time seeing someone die?”

I never expected that Ah Xing, who had been curled up in the corner while shouting ‘don’t eat me’ earlier, would remain so calm at such a moment. It was as though he was used to such scenes. It was as though such situations frequently happened in this world.

“The first time is always difficult, but you will get used to it over time,” he patted my back lightly as he consoled me. There was a coldness in his gentle timbre, a coldness towards life in general.

What did he mean by getting used to it? Get used to death?

I calmed myself down. There wasn’t a pungent bloody smell in the air, but a burnt smell instead. I clenched my teeth and stood up straight. I need to run away. I shouldn’t be bothered about anything else.

“Ah!” Just as the last bandit fell next to the bonfire, the surroundings became dead quiet. He Lei looked around with his guard up. He slowly got up from a half-squat position. There was a coldness in his expression as he looked over the dead bodies sprawled all over the place. His arrogant manner made him seem like a judge that had stepped out from within the fire. The bandits on the ground deserved their punishment!

I finally adapted to the situation slightly. I walked out from the side with Ah Xing, but my body was still shivering from chills and I still felt my stomach-churning. We stood behind He Lei while he continued to look around cautiously. Then, he told me, “You’re quite talented.” 

“Thank you,” I was only thinking of how to return, return to my own world!

“We’re safe,” Ah Xing said as he looked at the dead bodies. He was looking at them carefully. This proved that the fear he had displayed earlier was indeed fake.

He Lei glanced at us and started taking off his overalls. He revealed a clean shirt that he was wearing inside. Then, he took off the clean shirt and there was a black tight singlet inside.

“One, two, three, four…” Ah Xing was counting the number of dead bodies.

I looked at He Lei. He held his shirt and walked up to the bonfire. There was the dirty girl who was curled up behind the bonfire. She was stripped naked and her skin looked dirty wherever it was exposed. She was curled up and shivering in fear. She wasn’t even crying, but only holding her head tightly.

He Lei draped his shirt over her body gently and she immediately gripped it tightly as though finally holding on to a life-saving straw. She could feel a tinge of security and warmth, and she moved away from the damage and fear that the scary incident had caused.


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