Book 5: Chapter 90 - Acting Together

Their mockery was grating to the ear and heart, but Chief Akbu tried his best to gratify the Ghost Eclipsers, pretending to be a woman dancing coquettishly for them. He was willing to be a jester and a fool to the revolting Ghost Eclipsers just to keep his people safe.

My heart ached. I wanted to kill the whole group of Ghost Eclipsers immediately, but I knew that I had to remain calm.

The situation before me put me at a disadvantage.

Firstly, the area was too crowded, with the Ghost Eclipsers and Chief Akbu’s people mixed together. My radiation powers covered a huge area, and anyone who didn’t stay a great distance away would be caught in the blast radius.

Secondly, there were too many Ghost Eclipsers. It would be too easy for them to counterattack if I were to expose any flaws.

Thirdly, Gehenna mentioned that an army was on its way. The army would obliterate this place if anything happened here. How could I protect all of Koont Village alone?

That was why I couldn’t make a move in Koont Village.

It seemed to be Pelos’ first time seeing such a scene. He stood dumbfounded next to me.

I looked at him, saying, “Every warrior is unafraid of death, but courage alone is not enough to do this...” I felt disconsolate, watching as this bearded uncle danced and swayed his hips to gratify those Ghost Eclipsers. He was the true warrior, persevering for such a long time just because he wanted to protect his family!

The Ghost Eclipsers patrolling at the entrance gathered to join the fun. They watched and made fun of Uncle Akbu.

The other uncles then joined Uncle Akbu, dancing together. Some of them stripped, dancing with their tanned, rough, and flabby bodies. Those Ghost Eclipsers were all entertained and laughed happily.

Pelos hung his head low in silence, and his fist slackened. I looked at him and saw his sullen expression and fluttering eyelashes, followed by tears rolling down his face. 

My eyes welled up with tears too. One had to know that the uncles were enduring this humiliation just to protect the women and children of the village.

I questioned myself, and I knew that I would never be able to do that. I was an irascible person and I’d probably have destroyed them a long time ago. However, that was only because I had the ability to do so. But what if I couldn’t? What if I were just an ordinary person?

They were truly able to adapt to any given situation, submitting or asserting themselves as the occasion required. I believed that these uncles would be the bravest and strongest combatants in the war if they had nothing to worry about.

I looked at Pelos’ tears, thinking: He understands now.

In the past, he had been hiding with the other children when the Ghost Eclipsers visited. He had never seen how their fathers entertained and served the Ghost Eclipsers.

Now, he finally saw and understood what happened. He no longer charged ahead aggressively. He probably knew how powerful and terrifying Gehenna was. He also knew that his impulsive behavior would probably threaten the entire village’s safety.

Pelos actually had the composure and potential to be a leader. He had merely been repressed for too long and longed to attack in earnest.

I let go of his hand and patted his arm softly, reassuring him, “Don’t worry, I’ll give you a chance to fight a war.”

He clenched his fists and bit his lips.

“HAHAHAHA!” Gehenna laughed happily. Suddenly, he grabbed a coarse piece of bread and threw it at the uncles. His mood swung abruptly as he roared, “Enough!” 

His eyes boiled with anger. The uncles immediately fell to the ground after that and kneeled in pain, as though tonnes of stone were placed on their backs!

What is Gehenna’s superpower?

I couldn’t see how he performed his superpower.

Was it some sort of mind-controlling superpower?

Gehenna shouted, “We’ve had enough of your ugly faces! We want women!” His gaze shot open even wider and with a rumble, the wooden board that the uncles were kneeling on shattered!

“Ah!” The uncles clenched their jaws in pain, as if a strong force were crushing them and making them burst apart.

“Dad!” Pelos shouted and caught Gehenna’s attention.

I quickly stood behind Pelos and pulled Lucifer behind me silently.

The entire village became quiet.

Gehenna squinted and smirked. He wore a look of evil charm on his pretty face, asking, “Dad? Akbu, why haven’t I seen your child before?”

The uncles seemed to be relieved of their pain after Gehenna shifted his attention away. They all clenched their jaws, looking at Pelos anxiously.

I looked at Lucifer, standing behind Pelos. I muttered softly, “Lucifer, lick me.” Lucifer was stunned, but I raised my right hand up to his lips. “Quickly, lick.”

Lucifer didn’t question me, and obeyed my order without question. He licked my hand, as if he were eating chicken feet. His tender tongue glided past every inch of the skin on the back of my hand, as well as my fingers.

I added, “Lick my clothes too.”

He immediately licked the shirt on my arm.

I said softly, “Lick as long as you can. Cover my body with your saliva too. Quickly.”

Lucifer seemed to understand what I had in mind and started spitting on me.

Pelos stiffened in front of me while Gehenna beckoned him, saying, “Come, boy. Come and have some fun with us.”

Uncle Akbu panicked, “No! No!” Gehenna immediately looked at him and Chief Akbu instantly collapsed to the ground again.

Pelos wanted to go forward, but I immediately grabbed the side of his head and tossed him to the side. He fell to the floor because of my forceful push, while I immediately stepped on him and charged out.

I rushed out towards Gehenna with the reeking smell of Lucifer’s saliva on me, shouting with a deep voice, “Master Gehenna! Can I have your autograph, please?!” I leapt before him and stretched my hand out towards him. Gehenna jumped in shock and backed off immediately, covering his nose and shooting me a nasty look.

“Who are you?! You stink!”

I looked up at him in admiration, saying, “I am Chief Akbu’s son, Pelos. That was my servant just now. He was blocking my view!” I looked at Uncle Akbu while he looked back at me stiffly. The surrounding Ghost Eclipsers covered their noses too.

I smiled at Uncle Akbu then turned to Gehenna, saying, “My father never allowed me to come out and commanded people to watch over me. But I really admire you a lot! Please sign an autograph for me!”

Gehenna looked at Uncle Akbu, his face twitching, saying, “Akbu, now I know why you wouldn’t let your son come out. Why is he so smelly!?”

I realized that Lucifer had bad breath when he roared at me back then. I didn’t know it was him, so I was keeping my guard up against him. I’d never imagined that it could be put to such good use.

“Yes! Yes! He reeks!” Uncle Akbu went along with my story. He had been acting so well earlier. He wouldn’t disappoint me.


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