Book 5: Chapter 89 - Enduring Humiliation

He had fair skin and a nice figure. He was in a linen vest with a very low-cut collar, loose and sexy, revealing his firm chest and muscular arms.

He wore several colorful necklaces and was dressed differently from the other Ghost Eclipsers. He was very clean and seemed to like adornments. There were colorful tattoos all over his exposed body, he wore various gemstone rings on his fingers, and he had a lot of jewelry dangling around his waist.

Every part of him was colorful except for his black hair, which was exceptionally smooth and silky. 

To be so good looking and able to enjoy the privilege of dressing this way, he had to either be a favored pet among the Ghost Eclipsers or a Ghost Eclipser with an extraordinary superpower. After all, only the strongest Ghost Eclipsers could put their beauty on full display while the other Ghost Eclipsers kept their distance in reverence.

He was seated at the main table, so I was sure he couldn’t be a pet. More likely, he was the general of this troop of Ghost Eclipsers. 

He pressed down on Chief Akbu’s head evilly, shaking his head. He said, “Akbu, you have to serve the troops well when they arrive. By then, you wouldn’t have to stay right at the edge of our borders. Look at this place. There aren’t even any decent looking women here! Hahaha!”

I looked around and realized that he was right. There were women dancing in the center, but they were all older aunties!

Those aunties had “sacrificed” themselves, dancing in the middle of the village. The Ghost Eclipsers were disgusted, and were throwing things at the aunties. 

Lucifer told me softly, “That brother wears a pungent smell of blood.”

Hm, what Ghost Eclipser doesn’t smell like blood?

When I looked at Lucifer, I saw Pelos’s pale face. He was staring straight at the handsome Ghost Eclipser. His clear blue eyes were trembling.

“Pelos, what is it?” He seemed terrified.

Pelos’s lips were trembling as he stammered, “He, he, he is one of the four Ghost Kings, King Yama, Gehenna’s Eyes! A war is coming soon. They must have found out about this route.” He became nervous and panicky.

I lowered my voice and urged, “Calm down!” I grabbed his hand, which was unexpectedly cold. This King Yama must be really powerful to be able to scare Pelos before he even joins the war.

As one of the four Ghost Kings, his superpower must be extraordinary.

Gehenna draped his arm around Uncle Akbu’s neck, smirking as he asked, “Don’t you have any decent looking boys here?”

Uncle Akbu smiled awkwardly. His acting was very good. “Master Gehenna, as you can see, our location is very secluded. There’s even a death vortex and an ocean full of radiation in front of us. Who would come here? We haven’t managed to catch any handsome men or women. Ah! But we caught a water ghost. Do you want to have a look?”

“Hahahaha!” The Ghost Eclipsers laughed.

“It’s okay, it’s okay.” Gehenna held Uncle Akbu as he laughed maliciously, saying, “The people who sacrificed themselves to explore over the past two years have not gone to waste. We’ve finally lifted the veil over the other side of the planet. It’s such a beautiful sight!”

“Exactly! No wonder everyone who went there never came back. It turns out that there’s such a huge city over there!” The Ghost Eclipsers clamored in excitement, licking their lips as though they’d just seen delicious food.

“The place is filled with pretty girls.”

“Hahahaha, we must enjoy them once we capture them!”

I had a bad feeling about this. Did the Ghost Eclipsers discover Blue Shield City? Have they travelled that far?

“Ghost King, what are you talking about? I don’t get it,” Chief Akbu asked curiously. His performance was flawless.

Gehenna licked his lips as he smiled and said, “Akbu, do you know what lies behind the ocean?”


Gehenna patted Akbu’s back really hard. “Treasure! It’s a place called Blue Shield City. The people from District 9 to District 12 will fall into our hands after we conquer Blue Shield City. The army will be here soon! The other side of Kansa Star will soon be ours too! Hahaha!”

I was shocked. They really have found Blue Shield City!

Plus, they actually had quite a lot of information. They knew that Blue Shield City was the information and resource trading centre for the entire eastern hemisphere. So, all the cities on the eastern hemisphere would be exposed if they conquered Blue Shield City.

I definitely can’t let them take over Blue Shield City!

“I heard there was a woman with pink hair in that place!”

“I heard about it as well. Our intelligence says that girl is really beautiful!”

Oh no, it’s Ah Zong!

I can’t imagine what the outcome would be if the Ghost Eclipsers were to reach Blue Shield City!

“I really want to see that babe under my body.”

“Look at yourself! That babe belongs to our Master Gehenna!”

“Right, right! She’s for our Master. Hahaha.”

“Hahaha!” Gehenna laughed, pushing down Uncle Akbu’s head while pointing at everyone, saying, “That baby girl is mine. The others belong to all of you!”

“Woohoo!” The Ghost Eclipsers cheered.

“I heard that the Honeycomb boys are even prettier than girls!”

“The people on the other side of the planet are so lucky! Hahaha.”

“It’d be nice if there were women for us to play with today.”

“These aunties are really off-putting.”

“That’s not right… Akbu! Don’t you have a wife!?”

“Yeah! Your wives aren’t bad! Bring them out!”

Akbu’s smile stiffened.

“B*stards!” Pelos clenched his jaw angrily and I held his hand tighter. I shook my head at him as his fist clenched tighter in my hand.

Gehenna draped his arm around Akbu’s neck again and shook him as if he were shaking a toy, saying “I remember your wife. Although I’m not interested in middle-aged women, you can bring her out so our other brothers can have some fun. They are pretty tired, in need of someone to please them.”

“Yeah, we don’t mind.”

The Ghost Eclipsers wore filthy gazes, loosening their collars. They were truly lustful.

Women were so precious in this world. Due to the limited number of women, men were treated as replacements. If a woman were to be seen, there would be at least ten men chasing her.

The uncles looked tense. You could tell that they were trying very hard to suppress their anger.

Uncle Akbu had a toadying expression. He smiled and said, “No, no, no. She has fallen sick lately.”

“Nonsense!” Pelos gritted through his teeth. I remembered Pelos yelling that Chief Akbu wasn’t his father, so he shouldn’t be his biological father.

Chief Akbu suddenly stood in the middle, swaying his hips and asking, “Let me try. How do I look? Do I dance well?”

Pelos was stunned.

The Ghost Eclipsers burst out in laughter, splashing water and throwing bread at him.

“This is too disgusting!”

“Get out!”


“Lift your butt higher!”

“Never expected you to be so coquettish when you dance! Hahaha!”


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