Book 5: Chapter 88 - The Handsome Ghost Eclipser

Lastly, I needed a loose male outfit and some cloth to bind my chest, because I wasn’t wearing the body-shaping vest that had been used to conceal my figure.

I looked at Pelos, who wore a loose sports top covered in patches. Every single stitch seemed to be filled with love, reminding me of my time in Noah City and the pair of cloth shoes that Arsenal had made for me.

I said, “Give me your clothes.”

“Okay!” Pelos immediately took his top off for me.

I looked at Sis Shirley, saying, “I need some cloth. I have to bind my body tightly.”

Sis Shirley’s gaze immediately landed on my boobs. She understood and shouted, “All the boys! Turn around and close your eyes!”

Pelos blushed and quickly turned around, shouting, “Everyone, move to one side!”

The boys blushed, moving into the corner embarrassedly while the girls laughed, surrounding them. The women stood around me, blocking the boys’ view.

Sis Shirley shouted, “Don’t try to peep with your superpowers!”

The girls laughed, covering their mouths.

I looked at Lucifer by the side and covered his curious gaze, saying with a smile, “You too.”

Lucifer closed his eyes and turned around as the women surrounded me.

In this quiet environment, the sound of me undressing was loud and clear.

Then, a middle-aged woman took off an exaggeratedly huge barrel skirt. When she lifted her right hand, the skirt hovered into the air.

The skirt floated in place while another woman waved her fingers gently in the air, like a fairy godmother making a beautiful dress for Cinderella. The skirt was sliced apart and bound together again into a long cloth that moved towards me.

I spread my arms, then Sis Shirley and Angelina’s mom bound my breasts for me.

My chest was flattened when they tightened it. Although it was still bulging a little, I didn’t have a womanly figure anymore, but rather looked like a man with a muscular chest.

Sis Shirley looked at me anxiously as I exhaled a deep breath. She asked, “Is it too tight?”

“It’s all right. I just have to get used to it.” It had been a while since I last disguised as a boy.

Then, I put on Pelos’ shirt. Lucifer opened his eyes and turned around, astounded. He said, “Sister Luo Bing became Brother Luo Bing.”

I chuckled and patted his head. His silver pupils were shimmering in the glow of the fire. He was really cute!

“It’s done.” Sis Shirley nodded at Angelina and the girls moved out of the way.

The boys turned around and they were stunned when they saw me. They had never expected that the changes in hairstyle, figure, and clothing could turn me into a man.

I tidied my clothes and looked at Sister Shirley, saying, “I’m going to go now.”

Lucifer said, “Sister Luo Bing! I’m coming with you!”

I stroked his white hair and nodded with a smile. There were ashes left on my palm, and they made his hair turn grey. I then rubbed some ashes on his face as well. Although he was a flying corpse, he was still good looking with his vibrant skin. Those hungry Ghost Eclipsers would never let go of such a cute and lovely young boy.

“I’m coming with you too!” Pelos ran towards me, determination in his bright eyes.

“I’m coming too!”

“Me too!”

The boys stood up.

I knew Pelos was their leader, so I pointed at Pelos, saying, “You can come with me. The rest will stay here.”

Pelos turned to the boys and said, “Listen to Luo Bing. All of you, stay here.”

“Yes!” The boys nodded.

Pelos walked to Sis Shirley, gritting his teeth and hanging his face low, saying, “Mom, I was wrong. But I won’t regret today’s decision. I want to live like a man!”

Sister Shirley looked at him and sighed. “Perhaps it is time. Go ahead, and be careful. Listen to Luo Bing. You’re inexperienced.” Sis Shirley hugged him, saying “I’ll wait for you to come back!”

“Hm! I’ll bring Luo Bing out. You stay here.” Pelos said as he left his mom’s embrace. He then looked at me, beckoning, “Follow me.” He led the way and I followed behind him. 

He walked to the wall and touched it. Then, he rubbed the smelly moss onto his hair and face, looking like a dirty, reeking boy.

He looked at a boy and commanded, “Kong, send us out.”

The boy named Kong nodded and immediately placed his hands on the wall. Suddenly, a hole appeared in the wall and Pelos led me out.

There was light coming from an exit after a short walk. I followed Pelos out of the cave and we found ourselves in a dark wooden room. The hole disappeared after we exited.

It was a kind of spatial superpower, but Kong’s power wasn’t strong. He couldn’t send a person to an exact location, but he could form a spatial passage.

The room’s layout was simple. The moon was already rising to the east just outside.

Pelos opened the door. We weren’t on top of the mountain, nor the hillside, but rather where they had thrown me a banquet earlier.

Pelos peeked his head out carefully. It was crowded and noisy outside. There were almost thirty Ghost Eclipsers walking past the door, laughing and chatting happily, smelling like alcohol. There were also Koont Village’s men, who were busy serving food.

The uncles were surprised when they saw Pelos.

I walked past Pelos and took a tray from an uncle. Then I followed another uncle in front of the line.

Pelos and Lucifer quickly followed behind.

An uncle lowered his voice and called, “Pelos!” Pelos waved to him and followed behind me.

There were probably almost fifty people in total, including the Ghost Eclipsers.

It wasn’t a small figure, because it meant there were fifty metahumans here!

The Ghost Eclipsers definitely weren’t just here to snoop around.

Pelos wanted to approach, but I immediately stopped him, shaking my head. 

Lucifer followed closely behind me, holding my shirt.

One of the uncles put down the food he was carrying and quickly rushed out. He was shocked when he saw us. I placed the food back in his hand and beckoned him to send it in. He turned and brought the food in hastily.

Pelos, Lucifer and I were squeezed into the corner by the bustling crowd. We were standing right behind the Ghost Eclipsers. 

Chief Akbu and the other two bearded uncles were in garish clothing, sitting next to the Ghost Eclipsers while fanning an exceptionally handsome member of the group. The Ghost Eclipsers were a group of metahumans, after all. Mostmetahumans had nice facial features, so instead of looking like ugly crooks, even these brutes would have attractive appearances!

Just like the Ghost Eclipser Lemmy had saved...

But the one in front of us looked even more handsome than the rest.


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