Book 5: Chapter 87 - Disguised as a Man Again

“As for the girls, do you think it’d be any better?” I pointed at the girls with the branch, saying, “I disguised myself as a man when I was in Silver Moon City. Who knows what would happen to girls in the outside world.”

The girls lowered their heads. Angelina bit her lower lips.

A girl asked softly, “Aren’t the girls treated well in Silver Moon City?

I glared at her coldly, saying impatiently, “Silver Moon City only accepts girls with strong superpowers. They are also used to breed stronger metahumans. If I were to be discovered as a girl, with my superpower, I would probably be used as breeding stock.”

The girls looked disgusted.


“That would mean you had to be with many guys...”

“What’s the difference between them and the Ghost Eclipsers, then?”

“Yeah, and it wouldn’t be with someone you like. It would be great to have a few husbands if they were all people that you like. Otherwise, it would be disgusting.”

I felt chills down my spine when I recalled the experiment Raffles had been performing.

If the people in Silver Moon City had known that I was a girl with such strong destructive power from the beginning, they would probably have extracted my cells for continuous cloning and experimentation.

Silver Moon City would definitely do that. 

I looked at them as they hung their heads low. I began to share the story, saying, “We fought really hard in Steel Ghost Town back then.” They looked at me. Lucifer sat quietly next to me while I continued, looking at the ground. “When we launched the attack, there were many slaves in the wheat field. We didn’t think too much of it then, but we had never expected that the slaves were actually human bombs prepared by the Ghost Eclipsers. We suffered a massive loss during that particular attack…”

Everyone fell silent, as though the air had frozen. There was only the crackling of flames in the air.

“It was very difficult to take down Steel Ghost Town. The Aurora Legion and Silver Moon City sacrificed many lives. I was in Silver Moon City, watching girls crying over the loss of their lovers every day. Not even the bodies remained.”

Angelina asked softly, “You’re so powerful. Why didn’t you attack Steel Ghost Town from the beginning?”

Sis Shirley said sternly, “During a war, they usually wouldn’t use their strongest weapon right at the beginning. Plus, the North Star’s destructive power wasn’t the best option, because the goal of the attack was to seize the resources of the city.”

Everyone nodded simultaneously.



Yes, I am a weapon of mass destruction.

“To be frank, it was because I didn’t know about my superpower at that time.” Surprise was written on their faces when I said this.

Sister Shirley looked at me in doubt, “You…”

I looked down, saying, “However, I lost my temper then and went out of control. I’d never known that I had such a superpower.”

There was a moment of silence after I said this. They all stared at me without knowing what to say.

“Sis Shirley is right. My superpower is too destructive and isn’t suitable for attacking a town...” I sighed. “Also, it’s difficult to control my superpower. It covers a massive area. After my visit, the town was wiped out. All life had been annihilated, and everything was burned down or irradiated. Not only did I annihilate a town, but I also created a radiation zone. What would be the point of taking over a town that way?” I looked up at the teens. Their faces were pale.

I pointed at the surroundings, saying, “Imagine if everyone here and all the buildings were reduced to ashes, and the water in the skylake dried out. All the hard work to make this place livable, destroyed just like that. Wouldn’t that be a pity?”

Their faces grew tense. Some of them took a step back.

Angelina exclaimed in surprise, “So it was really you! We thought it was just a myth.”

Suddenly, Damon shouted, “She’s a demon!” His mom immediately covered his mouth.

“The Ghost Eclipsers thought the remaining radiation had been caused by Silver Moon City’s secret weapon. We never imagined it would be your superpower!” Sis Shirley looked at me in shock, saying, “Everyone died that night, with no witnesses left behind. The rumors claim Silver Moon City sent their strongest warrior, the North Star, Luo Bing, and he was immune to all superpowers. So everyone thought it was a weapon. We’d never expected…” 

I picked up the branch without looking at them, saying, “What we must do now is stop any Ghost Eclipsers from passing through District 8. Don’t worry. I won’t do anything here, because you won’t be able to evacuate in time. I won’t cause you any trouble... I’ll start in District 8.”

“I’m coming with you!” Pelos was the first to say.

“I’m coming with you too!” Angelina followed suit.

“You-!” Sister Shirley exclaimed, frustrated.

I looked at Sis Shirley confidently, saying, “Sis Shirley, it would be better to let them see with their own eyes than to tell them a hundred times. There was once a time when I brought five men with me to war, and three of them were scared away. They were very defiant before then, too.

Sis Shirley’s expression stiffened as she understood what I meant. They were defiant because they hadn’t experienced war before. Once they had gone through it personally, they might lose their courage to take part in it.

“We won’t be scared away!” Pelos and the other teens immediately shouted in opposition.

I didn’t bother with them. There were many teenagers who had behaved like them in the Aurora Legion back then, and only a few persisted until the end.

I looked at Sis Shirley, saying, “Don’t worry. They’ll be fine with me.”

Sis Shirley nodded stiffly, while Pelos and Angelina got really excited.

“Are you really willing to bring us along!?” Pelos was thrilled.

I looked at them solemnly. “We have to discover the purpose of  the Ghost Eclipsers’ visit. Before that, no one can act recklessly. Just keep acting like a Ghost Eclipser, as usual.”

“Alright! We will listen to you as long as you bring us to take part in the war!” Pelos looked at the teenagers behind him. They nodded excitedly.

I stood up when both parties resumed their calm, saying, “Sis Shirley, I have to find out why the Ghost Eclipsers are here.” I picked up the branch, grabbing the burnt end and rubbing it against my palm, before smearing the soot across my face.

Sis Shirley and the rest looked at me, surprised. It seemed they hadn’t seen a female warrior in a very long time.

I asked, “Is there a knife in here?”

Sis Shirley took a stone dagger from her waist and gave it to me, saying, “Here.”

I took it, grabbed my long hair, and chopped it off without hesitation. The stone dagger was razor sharp.

My hair fell to the ground in an instant. I threw it into the bonfire as they watched me, bemused. The fire sparked. I, Luo Bing, am disguising myself as a man again! 

“Sis Luo Bing!” Lucifer passed me a hairband and I tied my short hair up. The shorter strands of hair hung messily at the sides of my face.


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