Book 5: Chapter 85 - The Teenager Explodes

Rain control had few offensive uses, but it would be essential for ordinary life.

Water was a necessity for humans to survive.

That was why Noah City had once stored snow. Water from the sky was always cleaner than the water on the ground, and only needed minor cleansing.

If that was the case, the skylake was probably Pelos’s contribution.

Another recalcitrant girl stood up and asked, “Isn’t she powerful? Isn’t she from Silver Moon City? Can’t she kill the Ghost Eclipsers? Why are we hiding in here?!”

Pelos’s mom didn’t say a word, wearing a grim look.

The girl looked at me directly, clamoring, “Aren’t you powerful?! Didn’t you say you massacred a city?! Or was it a made up story?!”

Pelos’ mom shouted furiously, “Sit down!” The girl looked away willfully.

Another middle-aged woman who looked like the girl’s mother said sternly, “Behave yourself, Angelina! You have to obey Chief Akbu when you are outside. But when you are in here, you have to listen to Sis Shirley!”

The teenagers were resentful and rebellious, their mood defiant.

They carried a repressed force that longed to explode out, rather than be smothered in silence!

“I could kill them,” I replied. Everyone looked at me, including Sis Shirley. Her gaze was sharp, and it reminded me of Sister Ceci. She must have been a warrior back then.

“We’ll come with you!” Pelos, Angelina, and the other teenagers stood up belligerently.

I looked at them grimly, saying, “What would happen then? If I killed them, it would be a declaration of war. This village is at the edge of the battlefront, not safely behind the lines. I could keep charging ahead by myself, but who would protect these women and children?!” I pointed at the women, asking, “Relying on this?!” I pointed above and chuckled. “Heh. The Ghost Eclipsers treat you like their own people, so they would never suspect any of you. But if they discovered that you were their enemy, they would easily find this place. If this room were exposed... with one metahuman who had the ability to control air, they could make everyone in here suffocate!

The teenagers were stunned, standing aghast.

Sis Shirley looked surprised, and her gaze seemed to be less hostile towards me. She nodded at me, saying, “Indeed, you are the strongest warrior in Silver Moon City.”

I looked at the teenagers and said, “I know you’re fearless and aren’t afraid to die. But I have to tell you that it’d be better not to provoke the Ghost Eclipsers without being fully prepared and evacuating the children to a truly safe place farther away. You should know the tricks of the Ghost Eclipsers after having lived among them for so long.”

Pelos and the teenagers became quiet. They clenched their fists willfully and sat down, staring at the bonfire in frustration.

“So, should we just keep hiding in this place?!” Pelos asked me in defiance. “Why didn’t you continue to fight? Rumors claim that you died in Steel Ghost Town and Silver Moon City has stopped their war because of it. It gave these b*stards an opportunity to regroup!” He sounded as if he were interrogating me, as if I were a deserter.

I was surprised. “What did you say!? The war stopped after the battle in Steel Ghost Town!?”

“You didn’t know?” Pelos and the others were puzzled.

Sis Shirley looked at me confusedly, asking, “Where have you been for the past year? You really don’t know that the war has stopped because of you?”

I slowly got back to reality. It seems the rumors are different from what I know.

I had returned to Silver Moon City after the war in Steel Ghost Town. However, rumors had said that I died.

It was understandable, though. There were always mistakes in hearsay.

But why did the war stop?

Sis Shirley seemed to notice my confusion so she continued, “After the war in Steel Ghost Town, the news of Silver Moon City using the Aurora Legion as bait spread. It led to discord between the two and they went to battle.”

My expression revealed even more surprise in the flickering flames. What? The Aurora Legion and Silver Moon City fought!?

This was a shock to me!

What happened out here in the past year, when I was on Hagrid Island? The situation has been completely overturned. Silver Moon City and Aurora Legion had a falling out?!

“After the war, those from Silver Moon City returned to go through readjustment. On the other hand, the Aurora Legion continued to be stationed at Steel Ghost Town while they recruited more soldiers. However, people were too afraid of the Ghost Eclipsers, so it didn’t go well. Also, they experienced a severe loss after the war against Silver Moon City. Their strength was weakened significantly. If it weren’t for the high radiation left in Steel Ghost Town stopping people from entering, the Ghost Eclipsers would have taken the place back!”

I was stunned listening to the story. “I didn’t know any of this... My superpower comes with huge side effects. That’s why I didn’t go further. After that, I left Silver Moon City and went to a secluded place, and I’ve only recently returned. I never thought the situation would become like this.”

“The falling out between the Aurora Legion and Silver Moon City has really affected the war situation. As a result, the Ghost Eclipsers have benefited the most, having the chance to rest… But, they have also been significantly debilitated after the joint attacks of Silver Moon City and Aurora Legion. The forces of the three parties are pretty much equal now, and they have been restricting one another. Also, since there has been no indication that the Aurora Legion and Silver Moon City are going to work together again, the Ghost Eclipsers are starting to expand from here. They are trying to take down the Aurora Legion by approaching from behind.”

I was truly surprised. I really never expected things to turn out this way.

“But you’re back now!” A woman suddenly shouted. She stood up and the fat little boy named Damon was next to her. The woman looked hopeful, saying, “Now that you’re back, the outcome of the war will be different!”

“Yes! The North Star is back! The Ghost Eclipsers will surely lose.”

“Hurry up and end these bad times!”

“We’ve been living in fear everyday. I really don’t want our children to go through the same thing.”

The women sobbed resentfully. Pelos and the teenagers were surprised. They never expected to see their mothers hoping so fervently for the humiliating days of hiding to end soon.

“Let’s fight!” Pelos suddenly stood up, and the other teenagers followed suit. Pelos looked at Sis Shirley and said, “Mom, you heard what Auntie Fina said. We are all metahumans. We have superpowers to fight with!”

Shirley was angry. “Shut up! You are courting death!” 

Pelos roared, “We aren’t afraid of death!” The anger bottled up in the teenagers was finally about to explode.


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