Book 5: Chapter 81 - Begging to Be Freed

Suddenly, he stopped roaring, looking down at me. Ghostie moved to shield me but I stopped him. I looked back at the flying corpse, saying, “Don’t worry. I think... I know him.”

Ghostie was surprised and slowly backed off.

The flying corpse’s long white hair hung down behind his pointy ears. I saw a collar on his neck with a thin chain trailing beneath his vest.

Someone in the crowd yelled through the hubbub, “Tear that water ghost apart!”

“Don’t hurt that woman!”

“Tear the water ghost apart, you dumb sh*t!”

People started throwing objects again, hitting the walls.

The flying corpse immediately turned and roared at the crowd furiously. “ROARRRR!

He then turned back to me with his all-white eyes wide open, gradually revealing a pair of silver pupils. He looked down again and sniffed the side of my neck.

He slowly retracted his wings and his body shrunk gradually.

My heart raced with a strong sense of familiarity. I couldn’t help but reach out to pull on the chain hanging from his neck. The Silver Moon emblem came into view.

“Lucifer!” I looked at him happily. He transformed into a young teenager a head shorter than me. He pounced toward me with the same look of happiness. “Sister Luo Bing!”

I hugged him tightly and stroked his short hair. “Lucifer, why are you here?”

He looked up excitedly and said, “I came to look for you!” The once young prince had already grown into a cute teenager. I never thought that he would combine both human and flying corpse genes to become a new kind of flying corpse, possessing both human and flying corpse forms!

“I followed the trail of your scent and came here, but they caught me.” He pointed at his collar.

I agitatedly lifted my hand and slashed his collar apart, making it fall to the ground.

Lucifer chuckled happily and then turned around to roar. His wings shot out of his back and his body grew huge again. He stood in front of me with his claws flared. They were sharp as knives, just like Ghostie’s.

Ghostie stood next to him and flashed his claws too.

I raised my light-staff and glared coldly, yelling, “Bring it on!”

The crowd was surprised and exchanged knowing looks. They stood up, showing off their superpowers. They looked like monsters and devils dancing in revelry, ready for a showdown.

“Everyone, stop! Are you deaf?! The flying corpse just called her Luo Bing. That Luo Bing. Cough, cough, cough!” The host yelled loudly, coughing from the discomfort of raising his voice so much.

“Luo… Luo… so what if she’s Luo Bing? Isn’t Luo Bing a man?!”

“Right! They just share the same name. This Luo Bing is a girl!”

“Why is everyone afraid? They’re just a water ghost and a flying corpse. We can tear them apart easily.”

“Everyone, be careful. Keep the woman alive.”

“This girl is wild. I like her! Whoever catches the girl first gets to bring her home and make her their daughter in law!”

I only wanted to tell them to f*ck off at that moment!

I looked at Ghostie, saying, “You and Lucifer stand further away. I’m letting Jun and Zong Ben out.” We were at a disadvantage with so many metahumans around. If I were to use my superpower in such a small space, I worried that I might hurt Ghostie and Lucifer.

Ghostie nodded and pulled Lucifer away. Lucifer followed without thinking.

After I ensured that they were at a safe distance, I took out the heart box on my waist, dangling it on its chain between my fingers. I looked around coldly, saying, “I’m sorry to tell you that I am actually that Luo Bing, who is indeed a woman!”

Zong Ben and Jun charged out the moment I opened the heart box, emitting blue crystal energy.

“Ah! She’s that monster! Quickly, run!” It became chaotic. They panicked and ran in all directions.

“Calm down, people!” The host shouted. Suddenly, he hopped down and narrowed his eyes at me, standing far away.

Just as I was about to kill everyone, he suddenly knelt down.

He knelt down!

He knelt down and kowtowed, begging for mercy. “We were wrong!”

I was stunned.

Ghostie was stunned too. So was Lucifer, who reverted to his teenage form.

Zong Ben and Jun glanced at me before returning to the heart box. The surrounding force field vanished and everyone bowed toward me, pleading, “Sorry! It’s our fault! Show mercy!”

I suddenly wondered if I was dreaming.

These are the Ghost Eclipsers!

These are the brutal Ghost Eclipsers!

Why would they kneel down so easily?

And they begged for mercy!?

Did I just meet fake Ghost Eclipsers?

Soon, I was sitting on a beautiful, luxurious carpet with a scrumptious meal placed before me.

I was dumbfounded.

Ghostie was placed in a huge bath barrel, filled with water. There was a wooden plank on the barrel, with more delicious food spread out on it. Ghostie was enjoying his meal happily.

Lucifer sat next to him, also enjoying a large meal.

There were two other uncles besides the bearded uncle kneeling in front of me.

“It’s our fault! Please enjoy the food!” The bearded uncle said to me respectfully.

I glanced at the food and thought: How could I dare eat this?

Then, I recalled what Jun had said earlier. The Ghost Eclipsers in this place are different.

The uncle on the left asked curiously, “Are you really the North Star? They said you died, died in Steel Ghost Town.”

I looked at them grimly, saying, “Do I need to report my life and death to you?!”

The three uncles waved their hands in unison, replying, “No, no, no. Please show mercy. We are all good people!”

I looked at them, stiffening. “You are good people?! If you were good people, why would you capture my friend and blow my spaceship up!?”

The uncle replied honestly, “We are Ghost Eclipsers after all. We still have to do some bad things, or we won’t look the part.”

I looked at him blankly.

Another uncle explained, “The truth is, we surrendered to the Ghost Eclipsers. But we don’t kill or eat humans. However, they would become suspicious if we were too nice. So, at times, we rob passers-by. Many of them stay and live with us afterward, though. That’s why our population has been growing.”

I could see the logic in their reasoning. They had surrendered to the Ghost Eclipsers in order to survive, but then they had to pretend to be as fierce and brutal as the true Ghost Eclipsers to avoid being preyed on by them.

It also explained why they had begged me for mercy. They surrendered to the Ghost Eclipsers in order to keep living. So, it was also natural that they had surrendered to me so that they could live.

There was no need to despise them, not hurting people was already the bottom line of ethics in this world, and wanting to live was merely a human survival instinct.

“We didn’t plan to hurt you when we caught you!” The three uncles said nervously. “All of us have children, and you should know that there are very few girls in this world. Just you alone is not enough for us to share. We decided to give you to the winner. At first, we wanted our children to do it. The children... are rebellious and they don’t want to do it.”

“…” It seemed their children had more backbone.


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