Book 1: Chapter 49 - Starlight in The Blue World

“Waifu! Are you okay?” Harry asked anxiously.

“She… It doesn’t seem like she is feeling anything!” Xiao Ying exclaimed in surprise.

I lifted my face to look at everyone and saw everyone’s shocked expressions from behind the glass. Raffles had said that level three wasn’t a radiation volume that an ordinary radiationer could endure. So obviously, there was a limit to the amount of radiation a radiationer could endure. From their expressions, I determined that it was rare that I could resist the level three radiation volume in this world.

I was excited because only radiationers were able to do the fieldwork in this world, as they could resist a certain amount of radiation. But their range of activity was restricted, as there was a limit to the radiation that they could resist. Considering this, if I could resist a higher radiation level, will it mean that I can go to places that other radiationers can’t go to look for more resources?!

I gave Elder Alufa a thumbs-up. “I’m okay, Elder Alufa.”

Elder Alufa’s eyes were twinkling. It was as though an adventure troop had finally found a treasure. He smiled and said, “Raffles, level four.”

“Level four?!” Raffles looked at Elder Alufa in shock. “Level four would be in the mid radiation zone!”

Elder Alufa smiled calmly.

Uncle Mason was standing next to Elder Alufa. He came back to reality and reined his surprised expression. His gaze grew solemn. “Raffles, listen to Elder Alufa, and go to level four!” He took a step forward and stood close to the glass. He looked at me solemnly.

“Level four radiation volume ready. Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one, activated!”

*Pak!* This time, there were more lights than before. But to me, it was merely an increase in the number of lights. I still didn’t feel any discomfort. I started doubting the test. Would anyone feel uncomfortable?

“Wow! This is unbelievable!” Xiao Ying exclaimed in surprise, “The radiation volume that Brother Harry can endure is at level five. “Raffles, Raffles, hurry up and try level five! Luo Bing is going to surpass Brother Harry!”

I see. Harry, that b*stard, is at level five in radiation resistance. It sounds impressive! Although he is only a b*stard!

“No, skip to level six directly,” Uncle Mason said suddenly.

I looked up and Uncle Mason was looking at me with great enthusiasm. It was as though they were looking at a treasure that they were dying for. Harry was gawking as he stood next to him. The moment Uncle Mason said, ‘level six’, he immediately looked at Uncle Mason in surprise.

“Level Six!” Sis Ceci exclaimed in surprise as she looked at Uncle Mason, “That will surpass Harry then. There is no one else in this world who could reach level six! They are at level five at the most.”

Uncle Mason looked solemnly, “No one has reached that level because we haven’t found one, but it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist. Raffles, go to level six.”

“Alright,” Raffles extended his hand hesitantly. There was a huge console unit in front of him.

“Wait!” Harry turned around and looked at everyone. “Are you sure?! That’s level six! It’s close to the inner ring of the radiation circle!”

“Let’s begin!” I shouted, “I don’t feel anything,” I crossed my arms over my chest. Raffles was vacillating. It was apparent that he was just worried about me.  

Harry was stunned as he turned abruptly to look at me. “Waifu, calm down!”

I looked away. I didn’t want to look at him.

“Then… I shall begin,” Raffles sounded hesitant.

“Hold on.” Suddenly, Elder Alufa stopped him and said calmly, “I think Luo Bing has greater potential. Raffles, go to level nine directly.”

“Level nine!” Everyone exclaimed in shock. It seemed to be something everyone had found impossible to even imagine!

Everyone was silent for a long time. It was as though they had yet to come back to reality from shock. They simply stood there with dumbfounded expressions.

None of them moved for a while, including Sis Ceci, Uncle Mason, Harry, Raffles, Sis Cannon, Xue Gie, Ming You and Arsenal.

“Level Nine…” Ming You muttered in shock, “that is… the center of the radiation zone… If there is someone with level nine radiation resistance, then that person could enter many historical sites…” Ming You looked at me in astonishment.

Everyone stood there in shock. Only Elder Alufa smiled mysteriously. His gaze was full of wisdom.

Just then, Da Li suddenly jumped off Sis Cannon’s neck and landed in front of Raffles. She bent down and knocked on the glass window. “Level Nine! Sister Bing, you can do it!”

I was nervous because they had said that the level nine radiation was found at the center of the radiation zone. Not to mention, until now, no one else in this world had reached level six in radiation resistance, let alone level nine. And not to forget, there were levels seven and eight in between!

I became tense and my heart started racing because of everyone’s shock. The testing room had become suffocatingly silent. Sometimes, silence is more terrifying.

“Level nine radiation volume ready. Ten, nine, eight…”

*Dum-Dum. Dum-Dum. Dum-Dum.* I heard my racing heartbeat and I looked around anxiously. I will be fine, right? They wouldn’t hurt me, would they?

"Seven, six, five…”

*Dum-Dum. Dum-Dum. Dum-Dum.*

My heartbeat became faster with the countdown. I am a little afraid now. Should I just forget it? What if something goes wrong? It’d be too late by then! But they… wouldn’t… hurt me… right…

“Four, Three, Two…”

“Hold on!” I said hastily.

“...One, activated!"

There was no time for me to regret or change my decision. Suddenly, the blue lights grew brighter and engulfed me instantly. Because of the glaring blue lights, I subconsciously blocked my vision with my hand. My breathing and my heartbeat sped up. *Phew… Phew… Phew...Phew.*

*Phew... Phew.*

*Dum-Dum. Dum-Dum.* In this quiet world, the only things I could hear were my breathing and accelerated heartbeat but… nothing seemed to happen…

I slowly put down my hand that was blocking the light from my eyes and gradually got used to the blue light. My breathing and heartbeat slowed down as I didn’t feel anything strange.

I lifted my face. The overly powered blue light had sealed off the surrounding world. I couldn’t see the white walls, nor could I see the glass window and the people standing behind it. I was alone in this blue world.

The peaceful blue light calmed me down gradually. I raised my hands and noticed something moving as the blue light shone on my hands. I held my hands in front of me curiously. I saw the same spots of blue lights that I had seen in the reservoir earlier.

I realized that these spots of lights were magical. They were connected by invisible lines and were spaced evenly. They surrounded my hand and formed circles; they encircled me like radiation rings.

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