Book 5: Chapter 80 - Flying Corpse

“Ghostie!” I shouted, and he immediately lifted his chin and looked at me. He smiled in relief when he saw I was doing fine.

“It’s my turn!” Someone roared and hopped down. “Bang!” He landed heavily in front of Ghostie.

He was a giant, about two meters tall, looking like a small mountain in front of Ghostie. He wore a pair of overalls with his arms exposed. He was also bald, with bulging eyes and a mouth full of yellowed teeth.

“Oh! Damon! Step on the water ghost and kill him!” The crowd jeered.

I looked around and realized that it was a decently sized gladiator arena. The seats were filled with Ghost Eclipsers. Some were grinning, some were well-dressed. There were some independent seats, separated from the rest of the people.

The gladiator arena was fenced off with an electric barrier. The force field was activated and sealed off everything above me after that guy jumped in, blocking off the entire arena.

There were four entrances around the edges of the arena, each blocked by an iron gate. The dark passages made me feel uneasy.

“Bring it on! Ah!” The Ghost Eclipser named Damon roared at Ghostie. Ghostie’s body was covered in blood, but obviously not his. He seemed to have already fought a few battles before I woke up.

Ghostie’s fighting power wasn’t as strong on land. It was already a miracle that he was still standing. His opponents were all metahumans too! How did Ghostie survive until now?

“Damon! Go!” The crowd started cheering and throwing stuff.

Damon raised his thick arms, charging at Ghostie. “Ahhhhhh!”

Ghostie flashed his sharp claws while Damon pounced at him ferociously. Ghostie was thrown off and he struck the force field, causing sparks.

"Ghostie!" I gripped the cage and shouted.

The force field seemed to be electrified, and I saw Ghostie’s back was burnt when he landed on the floor.

I felt a clenching pain in my heart. I looked up and the uncle was still sitting on the cage leisurely.

“Oh! Damon!” The people around started shouting again.

Damon dashed forward again. Ghostie had yet to get up in time, because he had webbed feet that were very inconvenient on land. Damon reached Ghostie, grabbed him by the neck and legs, and lifted him up high.

The people around cheered, “Tear him apart! Tear him apart!”

Damon grinned widely, gripping Ghostie’s neck and legs tightly. Ghostie looked like he was in pain.

How dare you tear my Ghostie apart?! I will tear all of you apart!

I quickly looked up and saw a stick on the bearded man’s waist. It looked like a blaster.

I turned to look at the chains behind me. They’re long enough.

I turned around, took a deep breath, and ran. I sped up in the tiny cage and lifted the long chain off the ground. I stepped on the bed, leaped, and flung the chain out. The chain passed through the bars and wrapped around the host’s neck.

I pulled hard and the host flipped off balance, yelling “Ah!”

“Dang!” The mic fell from his hand onto the floor. It immediately caught everyone’s attention and they looked in my direction.

I swiftly climbed up the chain, while he desperately held on with all his strength so the chain wouldn’t break his neck.

I rocked back and forth on the chain and leaped at him, reaching out to grab the stick on his waist. I activated it and beams of light shot out from both ends. It was actually a light-staff!

The crowd exclaimed in surprise. “Ohhhhh!”

I struck the cage with the staff and it cut the bars apart. Kicking away the sliced metal, I flew out, reaching behind me to cut the chain as well. I landed in front of the dumbfounded Damon and stabbed him before he could react. The staff instantly pierced through his paunchy body before I drew it back, standing in front of him coldly with my hair fluttering.

“Bang!” Ghostie fell down next to me, kneeling on one knee.

“Are you okay?” I was still staring at the Ghost Eclipser in front of me.

Ghostie stumbled to his feet and shook his head.

I wielded the staff again, prepared to finish off the Ghost Eclipser in front of me. All of a sudden, he deflated and turned into a bald fatty that looked to be eight years old.

He pouted fearfully and started crying, “Ah! She hit me! Mommy, she hit me!”

I couldn’t respond in time before he ran back. A gate on the east side opened and he ran into it.

I was stunned, I looked at Ghostie and asked, “What happened?”

Ghostie was puzzled as well, shaking his head.

I immediately looked around and those Ghost Eclipsers were looking at us with surprise, losing their earlier ferocious look.

The host said with a raspy voice: “I never thought our sleeping beauty would actually be a warrior!”

I looked up, seeing him sitting above me with the chain tangled around his neck. I hadn’t noticed when he got the microphone back, but it seemed the fallen microphone had disappeared from the ground.

So, they were all metahumans! But they sent a boy to fight against Ghostie. Were they using Ghostie to train their kids?!

“I almost died just now! But still, this scene of beauty and the beast gets people excited! Is everyone excited?!” He raised his mic as though he were running a game show.

The people cheered again, “Woohoo!”

“I guess we have to take this seriously now! Release our beast!” He shouted and everyone’s eyes shot open with excitement. They patted the shoulders of the person in front of them as they chanted, “Ho! Ho! Ho! Ho!” 

Just then, the west gate opened. I had seen pictures like this on TV many times. We were in a coliseum, where violent entertainment took place. It did seem like something the Ghost Eclipsers would do.

There must be a monster about to emerge from that gate!

Ghostie immediately stood in front of me. I was about to push him away before I realized that the wound on his back had disappeared, but I didn’t think too much of it. I pushed him away and he looked at me. I raised the light-staff, saying, “You’re not good at land combat. Let me do it.” 

I swung the long staff and cut the chain off my arm. I then stared into the dark passage in the west.

Suddenly, I saw a pair of eyes that shone like moonlight within the dark passage. The creature suddenly flew out and spread its huge wings wide in the air. They blocked all light as it landed in front of us, looking like a devil roughly three meters tall.

“Bang!” It landed on the ground.

“ROARRRRR!” A strong breath of air blew against my long hair, carrying a noxious smell. 

Flying corpse! 

I was surprised to see the flying corpse in front of me. His white hair blocked his face, but he had a familiar vest on...


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