Book 5: Chapter 78 - Bad Luck

Ghostie lifted the shield, and the ice blue hull with bright red flower patterns instantly shimmered under the sunlight. The shimmering spaceship made me feel excited and eager to enter it immediately, rushing into the clouds and flying freely through the sky.

Ghostie opened the entry hatch and hopped in immediately, and I followed behind him. I had hung a snugly fitted beige uniform by the side of the hatch. It had delicate embroidery on the collar, and its exquisite tailoring could only be found in Silver Moon City.

I looked at the cocktail dress on me one last time, then I tore it off and changed into the uniform quickly.

All of a sudden, the spaceship’s engines started. I was still standing in the same place, so only Ghostie could have activated the ship.

Ghostie was such a miracle, able to do so many things the other water monsters couldn’t.

Initially, I thought he had just evolved, But even if he had evolved, who taught him how to massage? Who taught him how to write? Now I found out he could even fly a spaceship. 

Ghostie carried too many secrets. Who is he? Or who is his mentor?

The spaceship left the ground and whirled in the air. I flung the cocktail dress out of the hatch just as it was beginning to close. It looked like a white seagull flying through the air.

Farewell, Hagrid Island.

Farewell, Professor Yin Yue.

I will keep your secret.

I will accomplish your mission!

In the end, our enemy wasn’t the Ghost Eclipsers, but the silver moon hanging high above the sky.

“Every sin originated from Silver Moon City.”  Professor Yin Yue’s aged voice reverberated in my ears. Now I understood why she had said that.

Silver Moon City was a city of sin. They were always overlooking humans from above, not to observe the Ghost Eclipsers or to find any opportunity to save the cities on the ground, but to continue their research into human evolution.

They watched the people on the ground killing each other, practising the survival of the fittest without any interruption. Those who remained would naturally inherit the new world.

And yet, Xing Chuan and the others weren’t aware that they were actually subjects of this research as well. In a way, they were both predator and prey in this test of survival.

The spaceship started descending and dived into the ocean, entering a beautiful underwater world. The exit of Hagrid Island was underwater; it wasn’t a true island, but something closer to a leviathan like Noah City. That was why Professor Yin Yue could relocate it here.

I ran to the cockpit and Ghostie was indeed sitting there. I walked to him and saw his glum face.

“Professor Yin Yue didn’t know about Hagrid Jones’ plan. That’s why she hated him and blamed herself for the past sixty years. Her conscience suffered enough punishment.” I looked at Ghostie but he continued to ignore me. I frowned, focusing on him. “Ghostie, who are you?”

He was stunned, and he then slammed the control panel in frustration. He stood up and walked towards the cabin specially made for him. It was a dual-purpose cabin modified from the escape pod, located next to the cockpit. Ghostie normally used it as a water-filled cabin, but it could also be used to escape the ship.

He went in and closed the door of the chamber, which began to fill with water. He crossed his arms and floated in the water, angry.

“Pretend we were never here,” I said, and sat in the cockpit. The chair was much smaller than the one in Ice Dragon. I moved over the old-fashioned control panel and pushed a lever, causing the fighter jet-shaped vessel to accelerate. It leapt out of the water soon after it cleared the gateway.

I looked out at the ocean beneath the ship and Hagrid Island was nowhere to be seen. There was only a terrifying vortex that seemed to draw everything around it into an abyss.  

Strange gases rose as far as I could see, and all the meters on the control panel were disturbed by magnetic fields, leaving me feeling lost.

From what I remembered, I had to fly toward the east. About eight hundred meters away, the meters returned to normal.

It was a great way to hide; the magnetic field, geography, and weather of many places on Kansas Star were completely different after the end of the world. The planet was full of dangerous natural phenomena now.

For instance, many places experienced similar magnetic anomalies, creating a phenomenon commonly known as a ‘death vortex’. Everyone would keep their distance to avoid getting lost in the anomalies.

We continued to fly forward. The land and ocean beneath us gave way to a familiar pale pink color. I felt an inexpressible sense of familiarity from the hue that resembled faded blood.

We landed at noon to take a short break.

As Ghostie was a water ghost, I had been driving along the coast in case there was no water on land.

Ghostie hopped into a pool of low-radiation water while I studied our location.

The spaceship contained the Ghost Eclipsers’ map, with their travel routes recorded on it. I could mark them on our own map when we returned.

The map showed that we would reach a livable area under the Ghost Eclipsers’ control about three days to the east, named Wolusa City.

It was a small safe zone in District 6 that was being used as a base to expand into the west. The Ghost Eclipsers usually split into three routes during an expedition. We were on the southwest route, while the other two were probably in the west and northwest.

Noah City had been safe initially because District 7 was made up of ocean and glacial ice. There was also a radiation zone, which was difficult to cross.

The Ghost Eclipsers had crossed once and caught He Lei and the others. However, we wiped them out. Now, though, they were obviously on another expedition, and it was highly likely that they would reach Noah City this time around. We had to head east before they could!

“Ghostie, what level of radiation can you resist?” I believed our communication would be much easier after I found out that he could write. 

Ghostie wrote a number “6” in the sand. 

I was surprised. Awesome! This water ghost can actually resist level 6 radiation! 

Suddenly, he stretched his neck, noticing something unusual. His pinnae that were transformed from human ears trembled.

He pounced at me, shielding me from above. At the same time, a missile landed on our spaceship! 

“BANG!” Both of us flew upward from the impact of the explosion, and my ears were filled with ringing.

What?! My new spaceship isn’t even one day old yet and it’s been destroyed!? I have such bad luck!

The strong impact threw Ghostie and me off. Ghostie protected my body as we landed, but I blacked out as we struck the ground.

I’m the strongest metahuman? Haha.

I don’t have the strongest hearing. I can’t sense a missile from the sky. For all my power, I still don’t have a built-in radar...

And yet Ghostie could, because the principle of a radar was similar to the water ghosts’ communication method.

I didn’t have a body of steel either. Since I couldn’t predict a missile, or withstand its power. I was really in an unfavorable position this time.

But I wasn’t worried because I was a woman.

No matter where I was, I wouldn’t be killed just because I was a woman. My gender was my life-saving talisman.

...hold on, will anyone take advantage of me?


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