Book 5: Chapter 77 - Leaving

Ghostie blinked and climbed towards me. He sat by my side, looking at me warily. He lifted his hand to poke me softly, as if asking me what happened.

“Everyone thought it was a natural disaster, but Professor Yin Yue told me today that it was…” I turned to look at Ghostie. His amber eyes were shimmering with curiosity under the moonlight. “A weapon…”

Ghostie’s pupils grew wide. His mind seemed to have blanked and he was stunned, looking like a wooden chicken.

“Hagrid Jones wanted to use death to stimulate human evolution. In the cruel race of ‘survival of the fittest’, he left humanity two outcomes: Die, or... evolve into metahumans.”

Ghostie’s chest started heaving. He clenched his claws with anger, a mixture of disgust and confusion on his face.

“So, what has become of this world?” I chuckled lightly and looked far away. “Sixty years of chaos, with humans killing one another left and right. Does anyone realize that there’s no point to any of this? The Ghost Eclipsers, metahumans, day monsters, flying corpses, and even you, are all victims!”

“Thud!” Ghostie stabbed his claws into the sand angrily. “Thud! Thud! Thud! Thud!” He continuously stabbed the sand as if it were Hagrid Jones’s body and he was trying to fill it with a thousand holes.

In the end, Ghostie panted as he sat on the beach that was now full of sand pits. He suddenly filled in the holes one by one and started drawing on the surface with his sharp claws.

I looked at him in surprise. He can actually write!

He wrote: “How did Professor Yin Yue know about this?”

He drew a huge exclamation mark to show his anger.

But I couldn’t think about answering his question. I only looked at him and asked, “You can write?!”

He was stunned. He immediately hid his hands and looked away anxiously, his gaze flicking from side to side. Then he continued to poke at his question with his hand, as if he wanted me to focus on his question rather than the fact that he could write.

“You can write! You can actually write!” I grabbed his shoulder and said, “Why didn’t you tell me earlier!? Do you know how many questions I have for you?!” I shook him really hard. He continued to poke the words on the sand, which were beginning to fade from being disturbed so many times.

I sighed and let him go. “Because Professor Yin Yue is Hagrid Jones’s wife.”

Ghostie began to look like a wooden chicken again after I answered him.

We sat on the beach quietly for a very long time, until the sky turned light.

“Wuwu...” Hagrid Island was filled with the sound of weeping. The same people who had partied all night long ran out from the palace.

Thee men and women in formal attire were rushing to the top of the mountain in silence. They looked like a long, colorful ribbon fluttering in the air.

“Let’s go!” I stood up and walked to the trestle.

Ghostie came back to reality and followed behind me bleakly. There was still anger written across his face.

I said, “Professor Yin Yue passed away.”

He paused and stood under the pale morning light.

I hopped onto a small boat when I reached the trestle. Ghostie hung his head low and stood by the shore. His body was stiff with anger.

“Luo Bing!” Xing Chuan yelled as he ran over. Ghostie wanted to charge at Xing Chuan the moment he saw him, but I immediately shouted, “Ghostie! They are all innocent! They don’t know anything!”

Ghostie and Xing Chuan stopped at the same time. Xing Chuan was confused, and Ghostie was enraged.

Ghostie paced back and forth angrily. He clutched his head as if he were going mad.

Xing Chuan came forward and asked worriedly, “Ghostie, what’s wrong with you?”

Suddenly, Ghostie opened his mouth wide and wailed, sounding like a whale’s tragic cry.

That deafening wail could pierce the heart and drive a person to tears.

Ghostie dived into the water and vanished from sight, leaving Xing Chuan on the shore in a stupor.

Indeed, the people of this world wouldn’t forgive anyone related to Hagrid Jones.

Since Professor Yin Yue was Hagrid Jones’s wife, Ghostie knew that Xing Chuan was the descendant of Hagrid Jones. He was the descendant of the devil who had destroyed the world.

Xing Chuan hurried forward and looked at me worriedly, asking, “What happened to Ghostie? Also, why didn’t you show up last night?”

I looked at him. I was speechless because I didn’t know what to tell him.

His expression looked complicated. He said, “Grandma passed away... Can you…”

“I know.” I lifted my head to look at him. He was still on the glass trestle, in his suit from the night before. He looked like a crystal prince. “I was with her last night. I sent her off.”

Xing Chuan was surprised. The crystal clear, shimmering morning light poured onto his face. He was such a pure boy, his heart as beautiful as crystal.

Under Professor Yin Yue’s leadership, the people of Hagrid Island had retained the most beautiful aspects of humanity.  

Su Yang and Xing Chuan, who had followed Hagrid Jones, had become weapons for war. 

That was why Professor Yin Yue hated Professor Hagrid Jones. She hated that he had never changed, and there was no love in his heart for anything other than his research. 

Professor Yin Yue had been like an angel who loved her own children and Hagrid Island.

“She probably didn’t want you to be sad and not enjoy the party. That’s why you were only informed now.” I lowered my face in pain. Xing Chuan’s bereaved expression was vaguely reflected in the glass. “Was Grandma in pain when she departed?” 

“She passed on peacefully with a smile. I am leaving now,” I said and started the boat. “I’m not used to farewells, and I don’t want to see Xing Ya and Elena cry.”

Xing Chuan didn’t say anything, but just stood on the trestle quietly. 

My boat slowly left the shore and left the crystal prince on the trestle. The boat began to pick up speed and the wind billowed around my skirt and my long hair.

I would likely never return.

Suddenly, Xing Chuan’s voice travelled from far away. “Luo Bing, I love you! You must come back and visit us!”

I didn’t look back, but instead continued forward. Xing Chuan, I won’t be back. I promised Professor Yin Yue I would keep this secret. You can’t be discovered by the outside world. You would encounter unprecedented danger if you were to be discovered.

Ghostie’s fit figure leapt out from the water ahead. He was like a dolphin as he traveled quickly through the clear ocean. The water splashing behind him glimmered in the sunlight every time he left the water. No doubt he wanted to leave Hagrid Island even sooner than I did. 

Such a horrid secret had been kept in a dreamy paradise like Hagrid Island. Outside this pure paradise was the rest of Kansas Star, a world bathed in blood and paved with bones.

Xing Chuan, Xing Ya, Elena - all of you must stay in this heaven forever, as you are the descendants of the devil. 

Ghostie hopped onto the beach and pulled my boat onto the shore. His anger had turned into strength. 

I hopped off the small boat. Our spaceship was covered well with a shield, like a bride waiting for her husband to lift her veil.


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