Book 5: Chapter 74 - Hagrid Island’s Secret

The robot was obviously well suited for this. It even had non-slip gloves. Ghostie was finally lifted off my body and flown down the hill by the robot. I was the only one left there, dumbfounded.

I suddenly came back to reality and I shouted at Ghostie, “You’re such a pervert! Why didn’t I think of this earlier?! How can I go to the banquet when I smell so fishy?!”

He grinned widely at me in the air and revealed a mouthful of sharp teeth.

He does this all the time! Ghostie definitely did it on purpose. He lied on my body for so long!

I smelled myself. The perfume that Elena had sprayed on me was completely ruined. The perfume was waterproof! Whether it was the makeup or the perfume, they were both waterproof. The mixture of the perfume and the fishy smell formed a miserable scent that made me want to throw up.

I got up, steadied myself, and walked down the mountain.

When I reached the halfway point, I happened to see the guys surrounding Xing Chuan and Elena as they approached the magical palace. They were in their suit and gown, just like a prince and princess in a fairy tale who would live happily ever after.

Elena wished for me to become one of her family members. I wasn’t angry because I had two husbands myself, so I didn’t mind that Elena wished for me to become Xing Chuan’s wife too. I felt that Elena was a woman overflowing with love.

She and Xing Chuan would no doubt continue to live happily in this peaceful haven.

“Why aren’t you coming down yet?!” Xing Ya cried as she ran towards me. Before she could get too close, she stopped at a distance and held her nose, yelling, “What’s that smell?! It’s so stinky! Hurry up, go take a shower and change!” The fishy smell hadn’t gone away even though I was half-dry. On the contrary, it smelled like dead fish instead.

“Hurry up! The banquet is going to start soon!” Xing Ya urged me. I ran down the hill with her. She was waiting for me and also hadn’t changed into her dress.

We returned to Elena’s room and I took a quick shower to remove the smell, but I didn’t have time to braid my hair again. On top of that, Xing Ya wasn’t skillful enough to help me braid it; Elena had done her hair up too.

It was fine, though. I let my hair hang down casually. Xing Ya and I changed into our dresses and we hurried to the banquet. We took off our heels and held them, looking like Cinderella as we ran barefoot.

In front of the crystal palace, Xing Chuan and Elena continued to wait for us. They saw us from afar and they waved and smiled at us.

Xing Chuan’s gaze gradually became gentle, and he watched me as I ran towards him. Elena lifted his hand and he looked at her. Elena put her arm around his and lifted his other hand towards me. I realized Elena wanted to see Xing Chuan holding both of us as we entered the banquet.

I would be leaving the next day, so I gladly fulfilled their wish that night.

“Luo Bing,” someone suddenly called me. It sounded like Su Yang’s voice.

Xing Chuan and Elena looked surprised. Xing Ya and I turned around and we saw Su Yang.

Su Yang looked solemn, saying, “Grandma wants to see you.” He glanced next to me and behind me, and added, “Alone.”

I was surprised. Does Professor Yin Yue have something to tell me before I leave?

I looked at Xing Ya as she pouted. I patted her hand and turned to wave at Xing Chuan and Elena. Then I followed Su Yang.

The Xing siblings and Elena watched me from in front of the fairytale-like palace as I left. Their figures became blurry under the fireworks. They were like a beautiful dream. As the sun rose the next day, I would wake up from that dream.

Su Yang brought me into Hagrid Island’s secret base and we walked past Tomorrow. I touched its body as I followed behind him.

At the far end of the base, there was a huge door that opened to reveal a spherical room lit by moonlight. There was only one bed inside, and Professor Yin Yue was lying on it in silence. She looked calm as she quietly watched the moon outside.

The door closed behind me, leaving Su Yang outside.

I put down my heels and lifted the hem of my dress, walking to Professor Yin Yue’s bed barefooted. From the time she had lifted her gun to shoot the Ghost Eclipser who had taken control of Lemmy, I had developed a newfound respect for her.

No one could reproach her for sacrificing an innocent person that day, because she had made that decision to protect everyone on Hagrid Island. It was a brutal, painful, and inhuman choice that no one else had been willing to make, but she bore the burden of that choice without hesitation.

“Are you feeling better?” I asked as I looked at her with reverence.

She slowly turned to me, a relaxed look on her face, “Thanks to your Ghostie, I won’t die feeling guilty.”

My heart dropped. “Professor Yin Yue, you have a long time left to live...”

“Heh, it is meaningless to live a long life. Look at my face,” she replied, pointing at her face and laughing. “If I continue to live on, I will become an old witch!”

“Professor Yin Yue…”

“Bing, I am going to die soon. There is no need to be sad. I am fortunate to be able to die naturally.”

“Professor, don’t say that!” I panicked.

“Heh,” she chuckled happily. “There are some secrets that I don’t want to carry to the grave with me. But I can’t let the children on Hagrid Island find out. Can you keep these century-old secrets for me?”

I looked at her, surprised and confused. What kind of deep secret could this be?

She fumbled around before taking out a silver moon pendant. There were seven blue gemstones embedded in its shining crescent, forming the shape of the North Star.

She took it off before holding it in front of me, saying, “Take this."

I took the pendant and looked at it suspiciously. It looked like some sort of storage device.

“You are the only one who can see the secret inside. When you see Hagrid, tell him that I will never forgive the sin he brought into this world. However, I am willing to carry the infamy with him, because I still love him despite everything.”

“Hagrid?! Professor Hagrid Jones?!” I looked at Professor Yin Yue, shocked.

She nodded faintly. “I am his wife. This island is the escape he built for me.” Professor Yin Yue looked out the window. “I am responsible for this sin too. However, I have no choice, and cannot save everyone. If I were to exceed the maximum capacity of the island, everyone would die.”

My heart grew heavier. Silver Moon City! Hagrid Island! This island is an escape island that Professor Hagrid Jones built for his wife?! In other words…!

“Professor Hagrid Jones knew when the end of the world would come?!” It was impossible for the island to have taken shape in an instant! So it had to have been built ahead of time.

Professor Yin Yue fell silent. The moonlight lit up her solemn expression.

What happened back then? If Professor Hagrid Jones knew the exact time the world would end, why didn’t he inform everyone on Kansas Star so that everyone could escape?

With the technology back then, he should have been able to save more people!


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