Book 5: Chapter 73 - Watching Fireworks With Ghostie

“Are you trying to help him up or choke him to death?” I looked at Ghostie funnily.

Ghostie looked embarrassed and he scratched his head.

“Don’t worry, I can easily kill anyone with my superpower,” I swam next to him and said smugly. With the diving mask, I could speak underwater. “If I want to, I can even burn the other person to ashes!”

Ghostie turned pale and his eyes popped out even further, as though he was surprised at how violent I could be.

“In the future, don’t just attack any man for getting closer to me!” I warned him sternly. Otherwise, I would feel even more awkward if such a situation came up again.

Ghostie pouted and looked elsewhere unhappily.

Suddenly, he looked shocked and looked at his arm. A Kost worm had wrapped around it!

Ghostie moved to grab it with his other hand. I immediately said, “Don’t touch it. Otherwise, your other hand will go numb too!”

He lowered his head in distress. His arm that was entangled by the Kost worm couldn’t move.

I shook my head. “Look, you’ve become my burden. Stay still and follow me.” I grabbed his other hand, which was still holding onto Xing Chuan’s ankle. Then I swam while dragging both of them along.

Ghostie was a water ghost, but in the end, I had to save him.

Even though it was underwater, it was tiring to drag two men along! Luckily, Ghostie’s legs were still functional, so he helped me by paddling his feet.

When I dragged them onto the shore, there was a crowd watching off to the side.

Elena and Xing Ya ran towards us with concern on their faces, and they looked at Xing Chuan.

“He’s okay. He passed out because we ran into a Kost worm. He’s going to wake up soon. Here,” I said as I lifted my hand and took out two symbiotic flowers. “Your brother plucked them for you.”

“Ah! Symbiotic flowers!” Xing Ya took it from my hand happily and jumped in excitement. Elena looked at the symbiotic flower in Xing Ya’s hand, astonished.

“Wow! Long live Your Highness! Long live Your Highness!” The surrounding guys began to shout.

Xing Chuan woke up in a daze and didn’t understand why everyone was making noise.

Just then, the guys cheered and picked up Xing Chuan, tossing him in the air as they walked down the mountain. They looked as if they were welcoming the return of a hero.

Xing Chuan was confused as he was carried down the mountain.

Xing Ya and Elena followed them happily. The guys were cheering proudly along the way, yelling, “Long live His Highness! His Highness got symbiotic flowers! His Highness got symbiotic flowers!”

The people of Hagrid Island joined in the applause and cheering as they heard the guys’ triumphant cries. The entire island was bursting with life as if it were a new year’s celebration.

I turned around and helped Ghostie up. He looked at the worm anxiously. It was my first time seeing him with such an expression of terror.

“You have things you’re scared of too?” I repeated what Xing Chuan had said to me earlier, “Don’t worry, it will die when it leaves the water.” 

Ghostie stared at it stiffly. He looked as if he were worried that it wouldn’t die.

The worm finally dried up, and he immediately pulled it off and threw it away. He leaped out on the spot, but fell on his face because of his flippers. He suddenly recalled that he couldn’t stand up because he was covered in slimy fluid.

“Hahaha! Hahaha!” I burst out in laughter. 

One of his arms still couldn’t move, so he supported his body with only one hand. I went to help him, but his skin was so slippery that he slipped out of my hands and fell down again. He subconsciously grabbed my hand and I fell with him in the end.

“Bang!” I landed on the ground directly. It was indescribably painful! Then he fell on me, flopping like an adult dolphin. He smelled incredibly fishy and he was really heavy!

“Ah! Ghostie, you are so heavy!” I pushed his slippery chest away. My palm slipped and swept past an indescribable place. He was frightened and quickly picked himself up off my body with one hand. However, the surrounding rocks of the Eye of the Planet’s Core were highly polished. They were smooth and almost crystal clear. On top of that, his body was just too slimy. In the end, his hand slipped and he fell on me again, his face landing directly onto my chest.

I was shocked and his body stiffened.

“Ghostie!” I shouted, and I wanted to move away from his face. However, the surroundings were covered in slimy fluid from his fall. In the end, I could only keep falling over, and as I moved, his body stiffened up even more. He made a last ditch effort to prop himself up with his hand, but he could only land on my stomach. It was as if I were handling a large, slimy fish that left a trail all over the ground.

“Phew. Forget it. Let’s wait until you dry up.” At least now he was lying on my stomach, and I didn’t mind that position as much. It would just lead nowhere to keep moving like this.

He seemed to give up and lied on my stomach, panting heavily. It was obvious that he was exhausted too.

“You made me wet again and I smell so fishy,” I complained in distress as I lay on the ground.

He raised his arms and held three fingers up.

“Are you apologizing?”

He nodded on my stomach.

I smiled and patted the back of his bald head, saying, “Look, we have a tacit understanding. In the past, only Harry and I shared that.” I looked at the starry night and was lost in thought. He became unusually quiet too.

The opening above Hagrid Island was completely repaired. There was no wind on Hagrid Island under the shield’s protection. There was a hot spring to the side, and I felt that it would take a while until the ground dried up.

There was melodious music playing from the bottom of the hill. In my head, the scene of me dancing with Harry kept playing.

“Ghostie, do you know how to dance?” I asked, immediately feeling silly. Ghostie is a water ghost. How could he possibly know how to dance?

He bent his legs and showed me his flippers. He couldn’t dance, because he would definitely fall over.

“Piu!” Suddenly, fireworks appeared in the night sky.

Ghostie turned his head upward, and we watched the fireworks shimmering magically in the sky.

“The fireworks in this world are so beautiful.”

He nodded.

I looked at the fireworks in the air. I never thought that I would be watching the romantic fireworks that were a staple of TV dramas with a water ghost.

I could still see Harry’s shadow in him. Was it because I missed Harry too much?

Just like in this very moment, I felt as if I were with Harry rather than with Ghostie.

“Oh yeah. How did you come up here?” I suddenly recalled that it wasn’t easy for him to hike uphill with his webbed feet.

The question seemed to make him recall something. He raised his one working arm and waved. Suddenly, a robot flew down and grabbed both his arms, lifting him off me.


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