Book 5: Chapter 67 - Challenge

I saw a boat coming from afar, bearing a person whose dress fluttered in the wind. It was Elena!

“Sister Elena is here! She finally left her room, thanks to you!” Xing Ya nudged me. I smiled and looked at her. “It’s because of your brother. A girl’s medicine will forever be the man that she loves.”

Ghostie looked at me as if I’d said something ridiculous.

I glared at him, asking, “What are you looking at? Is it not right?”

Ghostie showed a terrified expression and immediately continued to spray paint the spaceship.

As we spoke, Elena came to us. Her low-cut maxi dress made her look confident like a beautiful goddess again.

Psst!” I heard the spray paint run out and immediately turned to look at Ghostie. He was staring at Elena and hadn’t even noticed the can in his hand.

“Ghostie! You pervert!” I cried.

Ghostie immediately came back to reality and changed to a new can guiltily.

Elena stopped in front of us and looked at me gratefully. “Thank you for helping me resolve the knot in my heart.”

“Luo Bing is not the medicine, but my brother is,” Xing Ya said playfully.

Elena immediately blushed and looked away, exclaiming, “What are you talking about?!”

“Hehe.” Xing Ya grinned widely.

Elena looked at me again. “Luo Bing, it’s time to come back and get ready for the dinner banquet.”

“Now?” I was surprised. “It’s too early!”

Elena smiled mysteriously. “It’s not too early. You can’t be wearing that at the dinner banquet. We definitely have to show everyone a different goddess, Luo Bing, tonight!” She looked at Xing Ya confidently, and Xing Ya immediately winked at her.

“It seems we’re running out of time!” Xing Ya grabbed me as though she was worried that I’d run away. “Ghostie, you take care of the spray paint! We need to dress Luo Bing up!” Then Xing Ya dragged me along as she ran.

They picked a dress for me and braided my long hair. I looked at myself in the mirror. I was becoming more womanly in Elena and Xing Ya’s hands. I was lost at the sight.

It turned out that I could look like this too. I put on a diamond-embellished maxi dress that looked like what a princess would wear. I wore jewelry that resembled a twinkling galaxy and put on makeup. It turned out I didn’t have to dress like a man all the time, always in full battle dress and armed to the teeth.

The last time I put on a princess dress had been when I was avoiding the thunderstorm in Raffles City with Harry. That dress had been simple and plain. I remembered being barefooted. Harry had helped me put on a pair of shoes that didn’t match my outfit at all because he was worried about me, and he had completed a dance under my lead.

That night had been for his birthday.

It had been our first dance.

I regretted that I hadn’t danced with him more often. In the outside world, we were not allowed to be so leisurely. Especially later, when we were in Silver Moon City, we had been busy fighting a war. My time in Silver Moon City had made me completely forget that I was a girl. I forgot that I could be like this too.

“Wow! Luo Bing, it turns out that you can look like a girl!” Xing Ya hugged me from behind. She suddenly grabbed my boobs. “Hehehehe, this place ain’t small too!”

“Xiao Ya!” Elene exclaimed in shock. “Don’t do that!” Elena immediately pulled Xing Ya’s hands off.

“No, Sister Elena!” Xing Ya and Elena began to fool around. I turned around calmly, extended my hand, and grabbed Xing Ya’s sexy, bouncy boobs.

“Ah! Sister Elena! It’s all your fault! You gave Luo Bing a chance to counterattack! No way! I have to grab hers again!”

Elena’s room was filled with laughter.

I had not played with girls like this for a long time.

In Noah City, only Sis Cannon and Xiao Ying liked to play. Xue Gie was always expressionless and watched us like a doll. Ming You was like the elder sister who looked at us and shook her head, sighing. It was as though we were children that never grew up.

In Silver Moon City, I became a guy. I listened to guys talking about their sex life and looked at them grabbing one another’s bottoms. No one dared to touch me because they knew what the outcome would be.

My relationship with the girls in Silver Moon City had naturally been bad. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have fallen into Hagrid Island.

I had rediscovered the feeling of being a girl here. It was a pity that I would be leaving soon.

“Luo Bing!” Luo Bing!” Suddenly, the guys shouted outside Elena’s balcony, which was dimly lit by moonlight. The palace for the dinner banquet rose from the sea, looking as though it were carved from crystal. It slowly connected to the glass bridge protruding from the shore. I never imagined that there would be a crystal palace hidden under the port. It looked magical and dreamy!

The glass platform on the shore shone with a colorful glaze.

The women were in beautiful dresses while the men were in handsome suits. They walked hand in hand under the romantic rays of light.

“Luo Bing! Luo Bing! Come out and accept the challenge…”

It turned out that they were there to challenge me.

Elena, Xing Ya and I walked onto the balcony. Everything fell silent as they watched us blankly.

“Where’s Luo Bing?!” Suddenly, one of the guys shouted.

“Who’s that girl? Hi, will you be my partner tonight?” He shouted at me.

There was another guy that immediately shoved him away and bowed at me, saying, “Please be my partner.”

“Hahaha! Are you blind?!” Xing Ya and Elena were flushed with success. They were so proud because they had dressed me up so beautifully.

“She is…” Xing Ya smirked as she paused dramatically, continuing, “Your goddess Luo Bing!”

“What?!” The guys all gawked at us.

“No way! This is impossible!”

“How could Luo Bing look like this?!”

“She is so fierce! She is simply a man!”

My face fell. When my expression grew glum, the guys seemed to recognize me and their expressions stiffened.

“Sorry, sorry! The balcony is too high up and we can’t see clearly.”

“The light is too bright. So bright that it blinded us.”

“It’s because Goddess Luo Bing is too beautiful. She surprised us!”

The last flattering remark worked well on me.

I looked at them dejectedly, asking, “What challenge?”

The guys suddenly came back to reality and continued to look up at us, “Oh, there’s a tradition here. Anyone who can pluck a symbiotic flower from the planet’s core will be considered a true warrior!”

There's such a tradition?

“We heard that you would be leaving tomorrow, so we came here to challenge you. It's also for you to verify our training results! Everyone, salute to our military officer, Luo Bing!”

The guys who were dressed like handsome princes instantly lined up neatly and saluted. They wore an expression of solemn admiration.


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