Book 5: Chapter 65 - Chastity Isn’t About Your Body

Xing Chuan and I took a stroll in the setting sun. It was as though I were overlooking Hagrid Island for the last time before I left.

I had been here for over a year. It didn’t leave me with too many memories, nor did I remember many people. The people who had talked to me the most were Xing Chuan’s family.

However, this place rescued me, who had once drowned in darkness. It was meaningful to me.

“Luo Bing, you…” Xing Chuan wanted to say something, but he stopped. I looked at him. He was creasing his eyebrows, and he looked worried.

“Go ahead and say it.” I could tell that he was laden with anxiety, and it was something that bothered him.

Xing Chuan nodded and looked at me, saying, “Are you good with girls?”

“Girls?” I looked at him confusedly. I chuckled, replying, “I am a girl! Of course I’m good with girls."

He creased his eyebrows again and became awkward. “Luo Bing, you… you behave more like a guy most of the time. Girls are sensitive and delicate, but you…” His expression became even more awkward then. He meant that I didn’t behave like a girl and so wouldn’t know how to take care of girls’ matters?!

I raised my eyebrows, “If the girls on Hagrid Island were to go out for training in the outside world for a year, I guarantee that they wouldn’t be as sensitive and delicate anymore…”

Xing Chuan was stunned.

I smiled and pointed at him, finishing, “That includes… you.”

He instantly blushed. He blinked his eyes, creased his eyebrows. and pursed his lips tightly. He seemed to be in distress again.

“Tell me. Which girl is it that you can’t handle?” I crossed my arms and smiled. He revealed a worried expression as I continued. “Xing Ya came to fight with me earlier. She was extremely energetic. There are only two girls that could make you worry, Xing Ya and Elena. So, is it Elena?”

His eyebrows knitted together tighter, and it confirmed my speculation.

“What’s wrong with Elena?” I became worried too.

He didn’t speak, but his eyebrows continued to be tightly knitted. Suddenly, he pulled over a robot that moved past him and passed it the cart. He commanded, “Send this to the Island of A Change of Heart.”

“Yes,” the robot said as it pushed my cart away. Island of A Change of Heart was the island I stayed on. Just like its name, the Island of A Change of Heart was where a person who did wrong was sent to reflect and think about what they had done.

Xing Chuan began to pull me to their residence. “Ever since that day, Elena has locked herself in her room and she is not in good shape. Xing Ya is her best friend and she won’t even see Xing Ya…” Xing Chuan got more worried and anxious. His hand that was on my arm clenched tighter. “I’m very worried about Elena, but I don’t know what to do.” He looked helpless. It was an expression that would never appear on the other Xing Chuan.

The other Xing Chuan was overbearing, barbaric, obsessive, and didn’t care about girls at all. Regardless of whether it was Moon Dream or Blue Charm, he wouldn’t care about their feelings, nor would he care about their feelings towards him.

That Xing Chuan was cruel.

This Xing Chuan was a real person. He had complete human emotions and desires.

Xing Chuan brought me to Elena’s room. Xing Chuan’s room was just next to hers. He let go of my hand and looked at me with a complicated expression, saying, “Please. She admires you. I hope you can help her through this.”

I nodded solemnly. Although I wasn’t sure if I could, I liked Elena.

“Elena,” I called. “Can you open the door? It’s me, Luo Bing.”

There was no reply from the room. I looked at the door for a while, and decided to barge in.

“Is Chuan there?” Just then, there was a soft reply from inside the room.

I put down my foot that had been lifted into the air. Then I looked at Xing Chuan. He immediately shook his head and hid.

“He’s not here,” I said.

The door opened. I took a glance at Xing Chuan who was hiding. He blinked at me, and I gently pushed the door open.

Elena sat by her bed in silence as she stared at the setting sun outside the balcony. She was wearing a high-collared maxi dress with long white sleeves. Almost every inch of her entire body was covered.

“Elena, what’s wrong?” I sat next to her. She looked pale and weary. Her long hair fell down on her back and spread out on the bed. She was like Rapunzel from the fairy tale, with her long, beautiful, curly hair.

Elena didn’t speak, and I didn’t pursue the subject further. I began to talk to myself next to her. “I took a shower today, and the water in the bathtub turned black. The entire bathroom smelled like engine oil…”

Pff,” she chuckled lightly.

“Oftentimes, people only believe in what they see. S they thought I got angry and went to the other island to repair my spaceship just so I could leave everyone sooner. In actual fact…”

“In actual fact... what?” She asked softly as she looked at me.

I smiled faintly, “In fact, I only wanted to go home sooner so I could see my loved ones.” I lifted my hand, and the ring on my finger was twinkling in pink. Raffles definitely knew that I was alive, and he had to be missing me. “I feel bad for him. I keep making him wait for me…”

I had gone to Silver Moon City, and Raffles had waited for me for a year.

He had finally gotten into Silver Moon City to reunite with me, but I had made him wait for another year.

“I… I feel that I am not my lover’s match…” Elena suddenly said softly with a tone of deep disappointment. I looked at her and she gripped her collar tightly, sobbing, “I- I am not Chuan’s match. I am filthy… I- I am too filthy…” Tears rolled down from the corners of her eyes. It turned out that she hadn’t been able to move on from that day. She couldn’t forget about the disgusting Ghost Eclipser who had done sickening things to her. She had yet to let go of the pain.

I fell silent because I didn’t know what to tell her. I felt that if I were to tell her to not mind it, I would be like a keyboard warrior who had no empathy.

I couldn’t say it. I couldn’t tell her to just get over it.

As a girl, who wouldn’t mind if they were to be touched by a disgusting man?

Even if I were her, I would be disgusted for a few days even if I cut off the person’s pen*s! Let alone the innocent Elena.

I extended my hands to embrace her by the shoulders, saying, “Anyone would find what happened disgusting. But it isn’t true that you aren’t Xing Chuan’s match! There’s no way he would mind. If he did, he wouldn’t be worrying about you so much.”

“I know that I made Chuan worry, but my body, my body…”

“Elena!” I held her shoulder tightly. She looked at me with tearful eyes while I looked at her solemnly, insisting, “Which part of you is dirty? You are not dirty! Your heart is not dirty, nor is your body! The only dirty thing back then was that Ghost Eclipser’s heart! I saw a courageous Elena that day. She picked up the gun and fired continuously at the Ghost Eclipser! A girl’s chastity isn’t about her body! No one else can decide if we keep our chastity, nor can they take it away from our hearts!”

Elena looked at me blankly. Her beautiful eyes shimmered in the setting sunlight.


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