Book 5: Chapter 63 - Take A Shower

Although I was called the strongest metahuman by the Ghost Eclipsers, I was still a human in the end. I would still die if someone were to catch me off guard and stab me. So, I had to protect myself too.

“When are you coming back for training?” Xing Ya seemed as if she were interrogating me for wrongdoing the moment she arrived.

“You don’t need me. I already taught you everything I could.” They were ordinary people, and they could only increase their stamina and shooting skills using the method I taught. A person who had good marksmanship would be able to kill metahumans if they had a golden opportunity. If they couldn’t kill the metahumans, they could run away.

“Pass me the spanner,” I told Xing Ya.

“Here!” Xing Ya slapped my hand heavily. It felt painful, and there wasn’t any spanner.

I turned to look at her with a confused look. “What’s wrong with you? Who made you angry?”

“You!” Xing Ya stared at me, “You haven’t come back to the island since that day. How long are you going to be angry for?!”

“Who is angry?” I felt confused and took the spanner myself.

Xing Ya blocked my way and asked, “Are you so in a hurry to leave?! In such a hurry to shake us off! To leave us idiots?!”

I sighed, speechless. I looked at Xing Ya who looked like she was about to cry. “Do you know what you look like now?”

“What?!” She choked with sobs.

“Like my girlfriend!” I found it funny. Xing Ya was like a girl who was being difficult with her boyfriend. 

“Yes!” Xing Ya wiped her tears, “I said that I would marry you if you were a guy!”

“Really?” I raised my eyebrows and walked towards Xing Ya. Xing Ya stepped back in shock, “What, what are you doing?”

She stopped in front of my spaceship and I extended my hand, hitting the hull. “Bang!” I cornered her next to the spaceship, and she looked at me with eyes wide open and cheeks flushed.

“My dear, this is your home but not mine. My home is in Noah City. My husband is in Noah City too. I am in a hurry to go home, not to ‘shake off idiots’.” I sighed and returned to the spaceship. I tightened some screws and said, “I have many things to think about. A small matter like Lemmy wouldn’t be in the list of things that bother me.”

“Are you really not angry at everyone?” Xing Chuan asked in disbelief.

Dang, dang, dang…” Ghostie began to knock on some dents with a hammer. He chased Xing Ya away as he hammered all the way down the side.

“Ghostie, what are you doing?” Xing Ya looked at Ghostie, clearly upset.

Ghostie flashed a smile at her. I lifted my hand and rested it on Ghostie’s wet shoulder, saying, “Ghostie is telling you that we are very busy and we want to finish repairing the spaceship by the time the opening in the sky is repaired.”

Xing Ya looked at the opening that was almost closed, and she looked disappointed. She lowered her head, “Are you in such a hurry to leave?”

“I want to go home, Xing Ya…” I knew that Xing Ya would hate for me to leave.

“I know! You want to go home!” Xing Ya roared at me. “Go ahead and go home! Don’t ever come back!” She turned to leave. The way she ran away, it was as though she didn’t want to see me ever again.

Ghostie pointed at Xing Ya and then at me. Then he hugged his body, and his expression seemed to show that it was an embrace that loathed to part ways.

“I know that she’s loath to part, but I have to go home.” God knew how much I wanted to go home. I hoped I could complete the repair of the spaceship and leave Hagrid Island the next day. It would be my own spaceship, and it was light and swift.

Ghostie suddenly took my spanner and nudged me.


Ghostie shoved me in the direction of the beach. Then, he lifted his hand and wiped my face. His fingertip was covered in oil stains from my face. He then shook his head. Suddenly, he carried me and plunged towards the clear sea.

“Ghostie! Put me down!”

“Splash!” He threw me into the water and started splashing water at me.

“Alright, alright! I shall go and take a shower!” I stood up and Ghostie broke into a wide smile. His mouthful of sharp teeth twinkled under the sunlight.

Ever since I had started repairing the spaceship, I spent every waking hour busy and only slept when I was tired. I almost forgot the passage of time due to my desire to return home. It had really been a long while since I had taken a good shower.

Ghostie leaned forward like a green surfboard. I lied on top of him and wrapped my arms around his neck. He immediately swam towards my room. He was really fast! With him around, I didn’t even need a boat.

He sent me back to my room and lifted me up to the balcony. When I got up, the water that flowed down from my body was murky. It was obvious that I was filthy!

Ghostie leaned on my balcony and supported his cheeks with his hands. He smiled widely as though he were waiting for me to take off my clothes.

I took off the outer garment that was covered in so many oil stains I could no longer wear it. I threw it onto his face. Go ahead and take a good look at the engine oil!

I entered the room and closed the balcony door behind me. “Night mode,” I said, and the glass on the balcony began to display a luxuriant background of flowers. It was like paradise, and it blocked Ghostie’s view so he could no longer see into the room.

I took off my clothes one by one and threw them on the floor casually. I entered the bathroom, and the hot water engulfed me. The air wasn’t filled with the fragrance of the shower gel, but rather the intense smell of engine oil.

I lounged in the bathtub comfortably. The flowing hot water constantly flushed away the murky water. In time, the smell in the bathroom was finally replaced with the scent of the shower gel. I can finally go home. I’ll continue to repair my spaceship after this shower.

I couldn’t wait to leave. I dried myself and put on fresh clothes. I wanted to get some spray paint from the engineering department, because I wanted my spaceship to have an impressive outer shell too.

I had a fresh change of clothes, and my long hair was clean and smooth, still smelling of shower gel. I felt full of vigor and my footsteps became light. My long hair fluttered in the air. I hadn’t felt that relaxed for a long time. Even the people of Hagrid Island who saw me on the way looked surprised. They stood by the road and looked at me blankly.

On my way there, I saw that Hagrid Island looked like a picture of prosperity. Some were busy repairing their houses, some were busy painting, some were busy installing the multipurpose glass, and some were busy moving the materials.

They all stopped when they saw me. They looked at me blankly, while I nodded and smiled back. The sea breeze blew against my long hair, which fluttered by my smile.

The guys began to blush.

Did they get so used to my “manly” side that they had never seen me as my girly self? I always tied my hair up, because my scattered long hair affected my training and work.

I walked past them with a smile and swept away all their worries. I wasn’t angry at them, nor did I have the time to be angry at them. I had better things to do.

I entered the elevator that led to the engineering building behind the waterfall. The people inside were busy too. Just then, a robot flew out from the waterfall with an invisible plate.

No one noticed me because they were busy. I went to the side and picked up a bunch of ice blue spray paint cans, putting them on a nearby cart. I picked up a black one, too.


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