Book 5: Chapter 62 - Repairing the Spaceship

When the Ghost Eclipsers had come the other day, it was fortunate that they realized these were merely ordinary people. So, they hadn’t used any heavy weapons. Only a few workers who had been working on repairing the plates were harmed significantly, and the others only sustained lighter injuries.

They had to be thankful that the Ghost Eclipsers hadn’t killed them because ordinary people were more useful alive than dead. For example, they could be human pigs. It was said that radiationers were toxic, and their flesh had an unpleasant texture. Hence, it was best to use ordinary people as human pigs.

Instead, they could be used as sex slaves.

Xing Chuan might still not have known that the guys here would be popular in the outside world because their skin was fair and smooth. Although some of the guys had gotten more tanned and grown muscles from training with me, the men in the outside world didn’t all have the same preferences. Some didn’t like the smooth and tender kind of guy.

I heard that Lemmy’s arm had successfully been replaced, and she was going through physiotherapy.

It only took a month or two to make a human in this world. An arm was even simpler.

Lemmy’s mother had been released, and was trying her best to help Lemmy in physiotherapy.


I also heard that Professor Yin Yue wasn’t in good condition.

Since the day Professor Yin Yue had gotten angry, she had been staying in the intensive care room.

“Let’s leave soon,” I said as I was welding the hull at the bottom of the spaceship. “The Ghost Eclipsers scout in fan-shaped waves. There are a few troops each time. The first troop came to this location, and it’s only a matter of time until the other troop notices Hagrid Island.” 

“Is it because we’re stupid that you want to leave?” I suddenly heard Lemmy’s apologetic voice.

I was stunned, and I moved out from under the spaceship. Lemmy and her mother came into view. I saw them and felt an instinctive headache coming on.

Lemmy’s mother looked at me and hung her head in shame/ “Thank you, Luo Bing…”

Lemmy was already crying before she spoke, bawling, “I- I really, really just wanted to save someone… I- I was wrong… Ah!” She wailed tearfully before me. No one would condemn a girl who did wrong only because of her innocence.

Who could we blame, after all? According to Jun’s viewpoint, we could only blame ourselves for having been born into this dark era.

“It’s the world’s fault…” Lemmy’s mother hugged her child and kissed her forehead through Lemmy’s choking sobs. “You did nothing wrong…”

What else could I say? I had no answers for them.

Blaming the world was as useless as blaming my fate.

People needed to look at themselves clearly. Otherwise, maybe they should just repair the opening as soon as possible and continue to seal themselves out from the outside world.

“Don’t cry. Everything is in the past now,” I said. “I want to continue repairing my spaceship.” I moved under the spaceship again while the two of them continued to stand there. I was lost in thought.

I was jealous of Lemmy. Her innocence had been because of her mother’s love. Until that incident, Suzy had been spoiling Lemmy and sheltering her from any harm, physical or mental.

I missed my mother too. Although she was strict and she would sometimes hit me, her love for me hadn’t been any less than Suzy’s towards Lemmy. I wondered how she was doing with Dad.

Dad was a retired soldier. I believed that he would be over it soon.

Mom was from the military as well, but she had also focused on literary and artistic pursuits. She also had a strong heart.

Have they had a second child by now?!

It was just like the way getting into a new relationship was the best way to move on from a failed one. They too would likely have had another child to move on from the pain of losing me.

My feelings were complicated. I hoped that my parents wouldn’t be in pain because they had lost me, and yet I didn’t wish for them to forget about me so soon.

“Sis Luo Bing… Can you forgive me?” Lemmy asked tearfully as she continued to wail outside the spaceship.

I felt suffocated. How could she be so well protected by her parents while I had had to fight for my life ever since I came to this world?!

I got out of the spaceship, distressed, and said, “You shouldn’t apologize to me! It has nothing to do with me if you lose your life. So, you should apologize to yourself and your parents!”

There was dead silence.

I continued to connect the circuits impatiently. “Unless your parents can live forever, how could they possibly protect you forever? Protect yourself first, then you won’t drag others down with you. If you continue to behave like this, you can only pray for the opening to be repaired soon in order to protect this world of yours.”

“I want to join Brother Xing Chuan’s training!” Suddenly, Lemmy yelled.

“Lemmy! That’s too difficult!” Lemmy’s mother began to spread her wings to shelter Lemmy again.

“Mom, I don’t want to repeat my mistake. In the end, I’ll only die…” Lemmy choked, sobbing, “I, I only came to understand how stupid I was when I died. Mom, do you know how ashamed I felt when I came back to life? I’d rather be dead because I behaved so embarrassingly! Ah!” Lemmy ran away as she wailed tearfully.

“Lemmy! Lemmy!” Lemmy’s mother chased after her again.

I moved out from under the spaceship again. I wiped my face with my hands that were covered in engine oil, and watched as Lemmy and her mother left. Lemmy had finally grown up.

Ghostie stood by the side and crossed his arms while he pouted. I looked at him and crossed my arms too, saying, “What are you looking at? I’m jealous of her. I’m an orphan who’s jealous of Lemmy, who has her parents’ love. What’s wrong with that?”

Ghostie’s gaze became gentle and he sighed. He extended his hand and wiped my cheeks with the back of his hand. Then, he wiped away part of the black oil.

At that very moment, I felt the illusion that Harry was comforting me.

Ghostie walked into the sea. His skin was dry. I watched as Ghostie immersed himself in the sea and I got lost in thought. Harry, did you follow Ghostie back to my side? Did Ghostie come to look for me because your soul exhorted him to?

My eyes welled up with tears and I quickly wiped them away. I then returned to the bottom of the spaceship to finish fixing the circuits.

I had been on the island for seven days without realizing it. Hagrid Island gradually resumed its order, and there were more and more workers repairing the opening. There were many robots who participated in the recovery too. Whether it was the people on Hagrid Island or me, we were all busy.

Besides heading back to Hagrid Island for meals, I spent the rest of the time on the uninhabited island. I worked on the spaceship all day and all night. I would take a nap in the spaceship when I got tired. Then, I would continue when I woke up.

Ghostie was very smart. He disassembled Silver Moon City’s escape capsule. The circuit board was much better than the one in the Ghost Eclipser’s spaceship. With it, the ship could process more commands.

I also installed the escape capsule in the spaceship. If the spaceship were to explode, there would be an escape capsule. Silver Moon City’s escape capsule was made of the most advanced materials. It wouldn’t be destroyed even if it were to land from outer space, let alone from an ordinary attack.


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