Book 5: Chapter 61 - Prepare To Leave

“Everyone, clean up!” Xing Chuan commanded. He looked at Xing Ya, saying, “Xiao Ya, bring Elena back to rest…” He took a glance at Elena with an aching heart, and pulled her into his embrace. “It’s okay now, Elena. Everything will be fine after you wake up from a nap…”

Elena still looked lost. She stared ahead blankly.

Elena’s holy body had been touched by a smelly, filthy Ghost Eclipser. Even I was disgusted and wanted to throw up.

Xing Chuan clenched his fists in anger and looked away. He had to take care of the whole situation, and he couldn’t take care of Elena because he was presently the master of the island.

Xing Ya helped Elena along in silence. When she walked past me, she looked at me with a face choked by tears, but said nothing. She lowered her face and left with Elena.

Whatever had happened that day would change Hagrid Island’s view about the outside world completely. Seeing it with their own eyes was more effective than ten thousand warnings. It was a brutal blow to their souls.

I ran to the shore and looked into the sea, asking, “Ghostie! What are you trying to do?!”

“Luo Bing, pay her no mind…” Xing Chuan said with complicated feelings. In a low and depressed tone, he continued, “Lemmy’s actions put the people of Hagrid Island in danger. They also posed a threat to everyone in this world… Grandma is right… she…”

Suddenly, I saw Ghostie’s bald head. “Shh!” I immediately cut off Xing Chuan.

Xing Chuan looked at me while I continued to look at the sea. The head was moving closer, and Ghostie began to rise above the surface of the water. He looked exhausted as he lifted his arms and brought Lemmy out of the water. He pushed lightly and Lemmy’s body floated over to us.

I immediately ran over and carried Lemmy out of the billowing sea. I looked at her arm, shocked. A layer of skin had grown over the stump of her severed arm, stopping the flow of blood from it.

Lemmy’s body was warm, and I could feel a faint pulse with her in my arms.

I immediately pressed my ear to Lemmy’s chest. There was really a steady heartbeat!

“How did you do that?!” I looked at Ghostie with surprise, but he was already asleep. He seemed to be completely drained, and drifted along with the waves.

I extended my hand and touched his face gratefully, saying, “Thank you, Ghostie!” I pushed him into the water until he was fully immersed.

I ran back quickly with Lemmy in my arms, exclaiming, “Xing Chuan! Xing Chuan! Lemmy is alive!”

As I shouted, everyone who had been leaving turned back in astonishment. Lemmy’s father immediately ran towards me with Xing Chuan.

Lemmy’s father took Lemmy out of my arms, crying tears of joy.

“Lemmy…” Lemmy’s father held Lemmy’s body tightly, saying, “My good child, Lemmy... God hasn’t abandoned us…” His voice was choked with sobs.

“Now, you only have to transplant a new arm. Then she’ll be good as new,” I said as I watched from the side. Looking at her father’s tears, I couldn’t help but think of my own father. I felt a tug on my heartstrings. It had been three years since I’d come to this world.

A father’s love was as deep as the ocean. Even if he wouldn’t always show it, it would be no less than the love of a mother. When they had lost their dearest daughter, they had been equally heartbroken.

Every daughter was her father’s lover in a past life...[1]

“Thank you! Thank you!” Lemmy’s father thanked me profusely through his sobbing.

“Hurry up and go to the medic room!” Xing Chuan reminded him.

Lemmy’s father immediately ran off with Lemmy in his arms.

“What happened?” Xing Chuan looked at me with a confused look.

I looked at the sea, musing, “It should be that Ghostie evolved and developed a superpower. I never expected Ghostie to be a meta-water ghost. Raffles said that the other kinds of mutants are also evolving. He doesn’t exclude the possibility of them developing more superpowers in the future.”

“Raffles?” Xing Chuan asked.

I lifted my right hand and pointed at the ring on my finger. “My other husband,” I replied proudly with a smile.

Xing Chuan looked awkward, but his gaze twinkled. He lifted his head and looked up to the sky, asking, “What do we do with the spaceships?”

“I’ll recycle them,” I replied, smiling happily. I finally have a spaceship.

I lowered my gaze and saw Xing Chuan looking at me blankly.

“What’s wrong?” I asked as I looked at myself.

He came back to reality and I caught a glimpse of disappointment on his face. “Nothing…” He turned to look at the seawater that had been tainted with blood. He said, clearly in distress, “It was a heavy lesson. I should have listened to you…” He closed his eyes and his chest heaved.

He then slowly opened his eyes, continuing, “Our defense system is just like a child’s soap bubble to the metahumans. At first, I didn’t believe what you said and I was confident in our defenses. But in the end, they barged through so easily…"

Xing Chuan became quiet and his short hair fluttered in the breeze. He shook his head, sighing as he looked up at the opening in Hagrid Island’s defenses. “That opening completely changed our lives.”

He looked at the opening for a long time. The round hole revealed a cutout of the sky.

“God opened a window for us to see how ignorant we were. Heh..” Xing Chuan laughed at himself.

It had been an unforgettable day for everyone on Hagrid Island.

I landed the three spaceships on the border of the island where I had first fallen. I was thrilled when I looked at the ships, which contained three simulated blue crystals.

I absorbed one of the crystals, charging them using my heart-shaped box. Then I took another one to install in Tomorrow. The last one, from the least damaged spaceship, I kept.

From then on, I never returned to Hagrid Island and only stayed on my own small island.

There were repair tools in every spaceship. I began to inspect and repair the spaceship I had picked. I wanted to leave Hagrid Island with that spaceship. It was impossible for me to take Tomorrow; if I did, Hagrid Island would be left with no spacecraft.

Plus, Tomorrow was too huge. It wasn’t a good thing to be a huge target in the outside world.

The people on Hagrid Island were busy recovering their island, while I was busy modifying my spaceship. Raffles had given lessons on spaceship repair for a year, so everyone could fix their own ship while out on a mission.

I took an engine out of one of the other ships. It was really heavy and tough to move around. Suddenly, I felt it becoming lighter. I turned back and looked. It’s Ghostie. I smiled.

He smiled at me as he picked up the engine. I moved to the side, and he loaded the engine into the rear of the spaceship I’d chosen.

I looked at him, asking, “What’s your superpower? To resurrect another person?”

He shrugged and only kept smiling.

I extended my hand and tapped on his chest. “I never expected you to be hiding such a big secret from me. Next time, I have to bring you with me when I fight.”

His smile never faded.

I entered the spaceship and began to install the engine. “Let’s leave when they’re done installing the plates up there,” I said as I worked.

The workers had started to install the plates much faster recently. They were obviously worried, and didn’t dare to slack anymore.

[1] This is a Chinese figure of speech that describes a close bond between father and daughter, similar to the English expression “daddy’s girl”.


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