Book 1: Chapter 47 - Second Test

I stood up and stepped back.

Harry shook his head, and tried to stand up. He trembled as he tried to find his balance. He looked at the wall and mumbled, “What… happened? Huh? Where is she?”

“I’m here,” I said and he stiffened. He turned around as he bit his lips and creased his eyebrows. He scratched his head and blushed. He avoided giving me eye contact, instead, he looked at Sis Ceci and asked, “Can today’s test be a secret?”

“Hahahaha.” Sis Cannon’s laughter filled the entire testing room. Sis Cannon’s laughter was bright and clear, and it drowned everyone else’s laughter. The confined testing room acted as a sound system, magnifying her laughter. Harry’s face turned black as he looked at Sis Cannon grudgingly.

Sis Cannon laughed for a while before realizing that her laughter was too loud. She immediately stopped laughing and her face grew serious as she looked at Harry, “What are you looking at? You were defeated, so can’t I laugh about it?”

Raffles nodded excitedly and smiled smugly at Harry’s failure.

Elder Alufa and the others were laughing too. Only Uncle Mason covered his face and said through gritted teeth, “Harry! Keep going!”

*Phew!* Harry put his hands on his waist. He lowered his face and looked at me. There was a drastic change in his expressions. He looked at me solemnly, “I wouldn’t give way to you anymore during the next match!”

Pfft. As though you did for the last two matches! 

“The second test, distant combat.” As Sis Ceci spoke, the surrounding white walls became bumpy and several square boxes popped out from it. The entire wall was flexible and I was shocked at the sight of these bumpy walls. They gradually stopped and there were some boxes that turned. There were daggers and guns in them!

I took a gun from the wall. The model of this gun was similar to the one He Lei had. Then, I picked up a dagger; its blade was very sharp. I immediately asked Sis Ceci, “Sis Ceci, do we really need to go through the distant combat test?”

Sis Ceci looked solemn. It was a military officer’s gaze that didn’t permit her soldier to say no.

Arsenal became anxious, Ming You looked at Harry with concern, Xue Gie looked calm, and Xiao Ying’s gaze wavered between Harry and me.

Raffles cheered for me, “Go for it!”

Sis Cannon and Da Li nodded at me too.

“Why? Are you scared?” Harry was fiddling with a gun as he asked. I looked at Sis Ceci with concern, “Blades and bullets have no eyes. I’m afraid I might hurt Harry.”

“You’re afraid that you might hurt me?! Hahaha.” Harry laughed hysterically. He leaned back as though he was going to fall from laughing too hard.

Sis Ceci took a look at me and then at Harry, “Harry, I have been wondering how you found out that Luo Bing was a girl, when the people from Silver Moon City had assumed her to be a boy instead?”

*Cough!* Suddenly, Harry coughed as though he was choking. His face instantly became red from the vigorous coughing.

Princess Arsenal was also looking at Harry, “Harry, how did you determine that?”

“Eh? Brother Harry is a little fishy.” Xiao Ying squinted her big eyes from behind the glass, as her huge chest leaned against it.

Raffles and Sis Cannon were curious too, while Da Li leaned her cheeks on Sis Cannon’s head.

Xue Gie remained calm, as though there was nothing that would disrupt her calmness.

Elder Alufa smiled mysteriously.

But Uncle Mason became nervous and he peeped at Ceci.

Harry coughed for a while. Then, he lifted his head as he combed his fingers through his  hair on his forehead, “My gut feelings!” He tried to look cool as he wriggled his eyebrows.

Somehow, I suddenly got a bad feeling about this. I looked at him solemnly, “How did you know?!”

Harry’s eyebrows stiffened.

“Harry, you are my son. Do you think I don’t know you well?” Sis Ceci spoke, “You are just like your dad. Both of you only have gut feelings towards beauty. Haven’t there been enough times when you have mixed up male and female?!”

Uncle Mason touched his forehead, as if he was regretting that his son hadn’t lived up to his expectations. 

Harry became even stiffer. He couldn’t move his eyebrows anymore, but instead he clenched his teeth and lowered his face. He held his forehead like his father and muttered, “Are you really my mom… Why do you always reveal my dis…”

What? Mixed up male and female? I looked up in confusion. What does Sis Ceci mean?

Raffles chuckled, “Luo Bing, Harry has always mistaken pretty boys as girls, whenever he has been out on fieldwork to other cities.”

“Raffles!” Harry shouted as he glared at Raffles.

“Hahahaha.” Sis Cannon laughed at an inappropriate time once again. Her bright laughter was even louder during an awkward situation.

However, she reined back her laughter quickly. She looked at Harry with a distressed expression, “Did you touch her? That’s how you knew that Luo Bing was a girl, right?”

Suddenly, everyone gasped. Arsenal covered her mouth while Xue Gie’s gaze changed. It instantly became cold and it was even giving out murderous glare. 

What?! My heart clenched. When I looked at Harry, I saw him tense up and blush.

“Harry! Hurry up and explain yourself!” Ming You was worried, “I believe you are not…”

“It was an accident…” Harry suddenly spoke as he admitted!

“Son! You can’t say that!” Uncle Mason leaned on the glass, “You’ll die!”

Harry blushed as he pouted, “When I carried her down… like this…” He made a posture of having his arms around her, “...I accidently… touched… “ He blushed as he stole a glance at me. He immediately turned away and scratched his head, “Aiya. I was trying to help and I thought she was a boy. Who knew…”

“Harry, you are...!” Ming You bit her lips and sighed from behind the glass. She shook her head angrily and looked away.

There was a sudden explosion in my head. Bang!

“Kill him!” Xue Gie’s extremely cold remark resounded in the testing room and it kept reverberating in my ears, Kill him… Kill him… Kill him…

I picked up the dagger and squinted my eyes. I had zeroed on Harry’s stiffened figure.

“Luo Bing! I didn’t do that on purpose!”

“Tell that to the King of Hell!” I threw out the dagger and he dodged it. I turned around and picked up a few more from the side. I had five daggers in my hand and I threw them at Harry one after another.

The first dagger blocked his route and he exclaimed in shock as he took one step backwards. I threw the second dagger immediately to block his route of retreat, and he turned to another side against the wall. Then, I immediately shot out the three daggers altogether. *Ding, ding, ding!* One nailed his clothes on his right shoulder, the other nailed his left trouser leg and the last glided against his neck and nailed the collar at the back of his neck. He instantly stiffened on the spot and didn’t dare to move an inch. He gulped and swallowed his saliva.

I charged at him, and there was a square that had popped up next to him. There was a gun on it. I picked it up when I was in front of Harry, and swiftly aimed the gun muzzle in between his eyebrows!

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