Book 5: Chapter 60 - The Overbearing Yin Yue

“The kindness of an ignorant person only puts all of us in danger. You think he wouldn’t come here again after letting Lemmy go?! By then, all of us would have to die!” Professor Yin Yue roared, her throat turning hoarse.

Lemmy’s mother instantly turned pale. Lemmy was scared out of her wits.

Professor Yin Yue almost fainted from anger. Su Yang and Yu Xi immediately held her up and carefully helped her to her wheelchair.

Professor Yin Yue panted heavily in the wheelchair. This old grandma who was almost a hundred years old was so angry that her cheeks puffed up in red.

“Hahaha. You idiots! You’re so stupid! You’re the first people who have ever believed what we Ghost Eclipsers say. Hahaha!” The Ghost Eclipser laughed hysterically. “You’re right. That was my original intention, because you’re so easily fooled. I originally wanted to build a signal tower here after you put your trust in me. By then, our army would capture all of you! This island would be mine then, as a reward for my extraordinary deed! But I changed my mind… because of her!” He then pointed at me, and everyone on the beach looked at me.

“Do you know who she is?! Hahahaha!” His hysterical laughter made his face distort horribly. It was as though he had found the most precious treasure in the world, and his saliva flowed out from the corner of his lips. “She’s the most infamous, the strongest warrior in Silver Moon City - the North Star, Luo Bing!”

Everyone on the beach looked at me with surprise while I stood by the side expressionlessly, not looking at anyone. North Star was only a name to me. It was just a title from my past. It was nothing.

As for the strongest warrior, hmph, they just decided to give me that title.

“She’s the strongest person in this world! I never thought she’d be a woman! You don’t know how valuable she is. We thought she was dead. I never expected her to be here! Hahaha! You idiots want to sell her out?! Do you know, I could become the ruler of this world as long as I owned her!? Hahahaha-

Bang!” Suddenly, a gunshot resounded in the sea breeze. The laughter suddenly cut off.

Everyone looked toward the direction of the shot in shock. It had come from Professor Yin Yue. She was holding an ancient antique gun, its barrel still smoking.

A trail of blood flowed out from between the eyebrows of the Ghost Eclipser who had just been laughing a moment ago. He slowly fell backward with Lemmy, and Lemmy’s eyes gradually closed along with his.

“Lemmy... Lemmy, no…” Lemmy’s mother leapt forward, while Lemmy’s father rushed out and hugged his daughter.

“Lemmy! Lemmy! Wake up, my sweet child. Wake up! No, no!” Lemmy’s mother wailed, in tears. She turned to look at Professor Yin Yue in pain, crying, “How could you treat a poor child like this!? She only wanted to save a life! She’s innocent!”

The beach immediately fell silent. Everyone looked down and revealed a pitiful expression.

I stood there blankly. I never expected that an old woman who was almost a hundred years old would pick up her gun so decisively and shoot the Ghost Eclipser, even though she knew Lemmy would die.

This is Xing Chuan and Cang Yu’s way of doing things! They’re undoubtedly from the same family!

Professor Yin Yue sat back down in the wheelchair and her face turned grim. “You can take my life if you wish, but Lemmy’s life is not worth exchanging for the lives of Luo Bing and everyone else in this world! Hmph!”

“Ah! Lemmy! Lemmy!” Lemmy’s mother cried her lungs out next to Lemmy’s body. “My poor child, my poor child! You did nothing wrong! This world is at fault!”

I stood in the sea breeze blankly. I was astonished at Professor Yin Yue’s boldness.

I wasn’t qualified to say that she was cruel, because she saved me. She rescued me from being held hostage, but sacrificed the innocent Lemmy.

Professor Yin Yue killed Lemmy, but the guilt would follow me for the rest of my life. I would always remember that there was an innocent girl named Lemmy who had died because of me.

Suddenly, Ghostie rushed over, shoved away Lemmy’s parents, and raised his claw to cut off Lemmy’s arm that was connected to the metahuman. Blood splashed onto the faces of Lemmy’s parents.

“Ah!” Lemmy’s mother screamed in shock.

Everyone was surprised at the sudden occurrence. I immediately shouted, “Ghostie! What are you doing?!”

However, Ghostie had already picked up Lemmy and leaped away with his shocking jumping force. “Bang!” He dived into the sea.

“No! Don’t eat my daughter!” Lemmy’s mother pounced madly at me. “You brought that monster! Lemmy is dead! We know we were wrong! Please, let me keep my daughter’s body intact! Don’t let your monster eat her!”

“Ghostie would never eat dead bodies!” I wouldn’t be swayed like the Xing Chuan who came from the same sheltered world as these people, who believed too much in Hagrid Island.

Ghostie was with me. I wouldn’t be suspicious of him! My Ghostie wouldn’t eat Lemmy’s dead body! He never does that!

Although I wanted to roar at Lemmy’s mother that Ghostie wasn’t a monster, I held myself back as I saw her hysterical reaction to losing her daughter. Lemmy’s death was because of me, after all.

“Lemmy! Lemmy!” Lemmy’s mother ran toward the sea while Professor Yin Yue cried, “Put her behind bars! Don’t let her embarrass herself here!”

Lemmy’s father lowered his head, an agonized look on his face. Several young men rushed over to drag Lemmy’s mother away with them.

Professor Yin Yue glanced at everyone in distress, commanding, “Everyone, return to your posts! Report your losses and any damage!”


The crowd dispersed and began to work on their own tasks. Hagrid Island quickly returned to order.

Professor Yin Yue moved towards me in her wheelchair and bowed to me, saying, “Thank you for saving all of us. I killed Lemmy not only because of you, but also for everyone out there.” Professor Yin Yue looked lost in her thoughts. “We did nothing for the outside world. We can’t bring more harm to it because of our ignorance,” Professor Yin Yue said. She slowly closed her eyes and fell into a deep sleep. A single tear flowed down from the wrinkled corner of her eye.

She hadn’t wanted to kill Lemmy, but she made a tough decision in the end.

One person dies, or many die. That was a choice that kept appearing again and again in this world.

“Grandma is tired. Let’s bring her back to rest,” Su Yang exhorted everyone. He then nodded at me before starting to push Professor Yin Yue back.


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