Book 5: Chapter 59 - Principle

Suzy immediately pointed at me, saying, “She is an outsider too! She damaged Hagrid Island too. If not because of her, how could those people have discovered us? But didn’t we trust and accept her in the end? Why can’t we believe in another person who desires to be saved, and give him a chance to leave a terrifying organization like the Ghost Eclipsers?!”

Xing Chuan looked convinced, answering, “Are you sure he didn’t hurt anyone and wants to leave the Ghost Eclipsers?”

I suddenly felt a pressure in my temples. Xing Chuan was convinced! Well, it was to be expected. They were from the same world, after all.

If he had been the other Xing Chuan, he would have killed the Ghost Eclipser in hiding before Lemmy finished her bullsh*t.

“Let him come out. We won’t arrest him!” Xing Chuan said.

Lemmy’s mother revealed an expression that looked as though she had just saved a fallen soul. She flashed a smile full of pride as she moved to the side. Lemmy looked at her mother gratefully, before turning to me and saying sadly, “Killing is not the only way to resolve issues! This world needs saving, not massacre!”

I stood there, expressionless, and couldn’t be bothered to take another look at her. I felt as though I would be poisoned if I kept looking at her face.

“Come out now. You’re safe!” Lemmy said gently. “There won’t be anyone who forces you to be a Ghost Eclipser and hurt others in the future.”

The cupboard door opened slightly, revealing a hand holding onto the door. “Tell her to put down her weapon!” The person behind the door shouted.

Everyone looked at me simultaneously. I still had my gun out.

Xing Chuan was looking at me too. I stared back, exclaiming, “And you said you would listen to me? Are you an idiot as well?!”

Xing Chuan creased his eyebrows for a moment before his eyes snapped wide open. He looked at Lemmy, yelling, “Lemmy! Move away! It’s dangerous!”

Lemmy looked angry, replying, “How could you go back on your word!? You’re killing an innocent!”

Suddenly, the arm shot out from behind the cupboard door and gripped Lemmy’s wrist.

Lemmy was shocked but unafraid. She said gently, as though she were calming a small animal, “Don’t be afraid. We are not slaughterers. We wouldn’t hurt innocent people…”

Suddenly, her expression grew terrified. The hand that gripped her wrist was slowly beginning to merge with her!

“Ah!” Lemmy screamed in shock.

“Lemmy!” Lemmy’s mother began to move forward, panicked.

I got there first and held her back, saying, “Don’t go any nearer! We aren’t sure of his superpower yet!” There were many kinds of merging superpowers. Anyone who touched him recklessly might end up being absorbed into him.

“Come out!” Xing Chuan roared at the cupboard door as he aimed his gun at it.

The cupboard door opened, and a rather good-looking man walked out.

He raised Lemmy’s arm with a malicious smile and looked at us, saying, “We’re in a symbiotic relationship now. You kill me and she dies too! Hahaha!” He laughed hysterically.

Lemmy’s mother was stunned. “You... you weren’t like this earlier…” 

Hmph!” That person suddenly put his arm, that was connected with the dumbfounded Lemmy, around her neck. Then, he put on a pitiful expression. “Oh, help me… Please… I beg you… I was forced to join the Ghost Eclipsers… I didn’t hurt anyone…” His pleading sounded so sincere that it seemed as though anyone would be convinced.

“You’re idiots! Hahaha!” He burst out in laughter again. “When we first landed, we already knew that everyone on this island was an idiot! Your intelligence is even lower than the human pigs we rear! Oh… You definitely have no idea what human pigs are, right? It’s okay. Don’t worry… you look quite beautiful. We wouldn’t make you human pigs. The girls here are so beautiful…” He stuck his tongue out wickedly and licked Lemmy’s face. He put his other hand inside Lemmy’s collar and fondled her wantonly. Tears instantly flowed down her cheeks. She was shivering all over, and seemed to lose her ability to speak.

“Don’t touch my daughter!” Lemmy’s mother shook off my arm and charged at him.

“Go away!” He immediately raised his hand and gave Lemmy’s mother a slap to the face, and she instantly fainted on the ground.

Everyone from the island was an ordinary person, while he was a metahuman. He could easily slap anyone and make them lose consciousness. That was why I only used thirty percent of my strength whenever I practiced against Xing Chuan and the others.

“B*stard!” Xing Chuan clenched his gun angrily.

“This is so magical… You look exactly the same as His Highness Xing Chuan…” The Ghost Eclipser turned to look at Xing Chuan. As he looked up and down as if he were measuring Xing Chuan, he remarked in shock, “If it weren’t for the fact that you have no superpower and are merely an ordinary person, we would really have thought Silver Moon City had another secret base…” He smiled maliciously, his eyes twinkling. These Ghost Eclipsers definitely had chips in their eyes to easily distinguish between metahumans. No wonder they had been acting as though they were having so much fun.

“Help... help me…” Lemmy gasped for help as she was held in his arm. Her voice was so weak, it sounded like a whimper.

He flashed us a wicked smile, continuing, “You want her to live? Simple! You!” He suddenly pointed at me. “Follow me!”

“No!” Xing Chuan shouted.

I glared at him coldly. “Is there any other choice?” I threw away the gun, frustrated, and glared at the Ghost Eclipser. “I’ll follow you. Let Lemmy go!”

“You think I’m as stupid as they are?!” He stared at me, “If I were to let this girl go now, you would kill me immediately! I want you to return to the spaceship and be injected with a superpower inhibitor. Only then will I let this girl go! Hmph! Follow me!” He grabbed Lemmy’s hair and dragged her along. He looked smug with success as he walked past Xing Chuan and me.

Xing Chuan’s body tensed as he looked at me. I rolled my eyes at him coldly. This was what I meant - a Blessed Mother would ruin the entire world! Hmph!

I followed behind the Ghost Eclipser, staring coldly at his back.

As we walked, the doors nearby opened. People popped their heads out to sneak glimpses at us. Those who had no idea what had happened continued to stay behind their doors, not daring to come out.

We walked to the beach, and the others waiting there all looked on with surprise.

“Lemmy!” Lemmy’s father exclaimed, and everyone held him back.

Professor Yin Yue looked at the Ghost Eclipser who was holding Lemmy hostage, asking, “What happened?”

Xing Chuan looked to the side and replied, “Lemmy hid the Ghost Eclipser. He has symbiotically merged with Lemmy now…”

Everyone looked surprised.

“Lemmy! Lemmy!” Lemmy’s mother stumbled as she caught up with us. Her face was swollen with tears.

She fell to her knees and hugged my leg, “We were wrong, Luo Bing. Please, save my daughter, I beg you. You are a metahuman. You definitely have a way to escape. Please save my daughter!”

“Stupid!” Suddenly, Professor Yin Yue stood up in anger and roared!


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