Book 5: Chapter 58 - Kindness of A Blessed Mother

The blue light scattered and slowly returned into my body. I hovered in the air as ashes scattered on the wind. Gradually, tranquility returned to the world.

Xing Chuan had said that killing and fighting in the outside world didn’t suit me because I was a girl. I had to fight, though, whether I wanted to or not. It wasn’t that I enjoyed killing. Rather, it was only a matter of time until I was forced to stand and fight, just like today, when I had to act to protect the people of Hagrid Island.

Fate wouldn’t grant your wishes for good things, but it seemed that miserable surprises would never be in short supply.

“Alert. Alert. There is an unknown person in Lemmy’s bedroom in Zone 1.”

I immediately flipped down my visor, which was already showing Tomorrow’s video feed. The scouting robot had detected an unknown person’s signal in the room.

“Alright. I’m on my way.” I began to head back, and saw many people gathered at the beach and at the platform by the sea. They waved at me as they cheered.

“Luo Bing! Luo Bing!”

In reality, it wasn’t time to celebrate victory just yet. As long as the hole in our defenses had yet to be repaired, the danger wouldn’t be fully resolved.

I saw Professor Yin Yue and the Xing siblings. By their side, Elena stood wrapped in Xing Chuan’s jacket. She was pale, and still carried a faint look of bewilderment.

No girl would be able to stand being touched by such a disgusting man, especially Elena, who was pure and gentle like a goddess.

Many girls on Hagrid Island had experienced unspeakable humiliation and indignity this day.

Ghostie stood to the side. His faint smile signified that everyone was safe.

I landed before them and reported, “The scouting robot found a Ghost Eclipser hiding in Lemmy’s room. I’m going there to take a look.”

“I’m going with you,” Xing Chuan said as he took off.

Professor Yin Yue and the others watched us as we left. Professor Yin Yue exhorted solemnly, “You have to kill him. Do not leave any existence that could threaten Hagrid Island!”

Xing Ya watched us with concern, but she looked even more worried by Elena. Elena’s parents hugged her tightly, their hearts aching. Elena’s mother was wiping her tears in secret.

Xing Chuan and I took off simultaneously.

“As of now, we’ve killed twenty-eight of them,” Xing Chuan told me.

I flipped up my visor and said, “There are twenty-nine from their side in total. So, this is the last one. We have to kill him. If we let him go, he’ll bring the entire army here to take revenge. It would cost bigger damage!”

“I understand.” Xing Chuan’s face grew glum. “I wouldn’t let any Ghost Eclipsers escape!”

We landed before Lemmy’s house at the foot of the mountain. The door was tightly shut.

Xing Chuan and I moved forward. Just as we prepared to kick the door open, the door opened!

Xing Chuan and I were stunned. There were people in the house.

Lemmy’s mother opened the door and looked at us fearfully. “Your Highness, is- is it safe now?”

Xing Chuan looked at her, answering, “It’s safe now,” before moving to enter the house.

Lemmy’s mother blocked his way, asking, “What’s the matter, Your Highness?”

“The scouting robot detected a Ghost Eclipser hiding in your house. We have to catch him. It’s dangerous here! Suzy, hurry up and leave!”

Lemmy’s mother looked at us, panicked. A glimpse of guilt and anxiety flashed across her eyes. She avoided our gaze anxiously, but she didn’t move.

I looked at her expression and narrowed my eyes. “Are you hiding him?” My detective uncles’ teachings hadn’t gone to waste!

“No! No!” Lemmy’s mother waved her hands in the air. 

Xing Chuan had a look of surprise on his face. “You really did!” He could obviously tell she was hiding something too.

Lemmy’s mother flushed red with shame. “It’s because of Lemmy. That person is badly injured, and said that he was forced to do this. He hasn’t hurt anyone, and he asked us to save him.”

“D*mn!” I shoved her aside and walked into the house.

“Don’t hurt Lemmy! She’s a kind child!” Lemmy’s mother hastily tried to pull me away.

Xing Chuan’s face immediately grew glum, and he pulled Lemmy’s mother back. “Don’t interrupt Luo Bing!”

I went upstairs and Xing Chuan followed behind me.

I saw a door at the top of the stairs. I kicked the door open and saw Lemmy, who stood in front of her cupboard nervously, pleading, “He’s a good man! He was forced into this! He wants to leave the bad guys too! Everyone deserves a chance to turn over a new leaf!”

I raised my gun and glared at Lemmy coldly. She was a sixteen-year-old young lady. “Lemmy, step aside.”

“No!” Lemmy’s mother jumped in front of her daughter, blocking my aim. “Lemmy is only trying to save someone. How could you point a weapon at her?! You- do you want to kill an innocent person?! If you do that, what’s the difference between you and those brutal demons?!”

I was stunned. I felt as though something had pierced through my heart!

“He pleaded for us to save him from the demons! He was coerced too! We should save him! Isn’t that what Hagrid Island has always taught us?!” Lemmy shouted from behind her mother. It seemed she had her mother to rely on, but more than that, it seemed as though she practically worshipped the spirit of Hagrid Island’s teachings.

I had serious problems with the education here on Hagrid Island! It was too pure, pure to the point of making people lose their wits!

“Do you know what happened outside?!” I was about to lose my temper!

Both of them looked dumbfounded. They had definitely hidden in their house since the start of the conflict, not even daring to take a glance at the outside world!

It made me think that the people of Hagrid Island were no different from the ordinary people of the outside.

Hmph.” I smirked coldly. “You hide so quickly when you’re afraid of death! You’ll regret this!”

“I saw you!” Lemmy suddenly shouted at me. “I saw you killing outside! You turned the crystal giant to ashes! He called you something, the ‘North Star’! You said you were Luo Bing! What are you hiding from us?! We accepted you, but you lied to us!” Her yelling reminded me of the passionate girls I had known in my school days.

Just then, I understood why our class teacher always remarked disdainfully that people at our age were the most childish, most innocent, most full of ourselves, and also the easiest to instigate.

However, none of us had thought of ourselves as childish and innocent. On the contrary, we had thought the problem was with our class teacher, that he thought too highly of himself.

As I had to deal with Lemmy reprimanding me as though she had just learned some important new information, I suddenly felt like apologizing to my class teacher. Now I understood the foolishness of an earnest, self-absorbed child.  

In the future, I would definitely stay far away from simple-minded girls who were easily manipulated.

Lemmy’s mother immediately hugged her, saying, “Stop, Lemmy!”

Under their fearful gaze, it was as though I were the demon and serial killer of their worst fears.

“Luo Bing is protecting us!” Xing Chuan roared angrily. “Suzy, pull Lemmy away! They are the Ghost Eclipsers! We can’t trust outsiders!” Xing Chuan sounded as if he were giving a command.

It was clear that Lemmy and her mother didn’t care about Xing Chuan’s words, though. They thought they were saving people, while we were the wicked ones.


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