Book 5: Chapter 57 - You Can Die Now

Xing Chuan immediately flew down to catch the guy, while I lifted my hand to shoot at the Ghost Eclipser. The Ghost Eclipser dodged, using his vines to lash out at me. I switched my gun into its lightsaber form, using it to slash the vines. Grabbing onto the severed ends of the vines, I pulled forcefully, launching him into the air. I flew at him and sliced him in two, and his corpse fell to the ground.

I flicked the blood away from my lightsaber as I hovered in the air. I turned to look at Xing Chuan, the guy in his arms, and the other guys in the building, saying, “Some metahumans have weak defenses. They’ll use their superpowers to deter you from attacking, but they’re actually vulnerable.” I continued to plunge forward as they stood there, gawking.

Xing Chuan quickly followed, staring at me.

Without turning to look at him, I asked, “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing,” he replied, turning his gaze away as he continued to follow me.

Just then, I saw figures on the nearby peak from afar. They were the old professors, who had been forced to the edge of the cliff. Professor Yin Yue was right behind them!

In front of the old professors I saw Xing Ya, who was shivering with fear while holding a gun. Despite that fear, she courageously stood in front and protected the elderly scholars behind her.

I raised my hand, signaling for Xing Chuan to stop advancing. I made sure to approach slowly. Just then, I heard a voice saying, “Hahahaha… What are you doing? Babe, that isn’t a toy!”

“Hahaha…” There were people laughing from above, no fewer than five from the sound of their voices.

“Whoop! Whoop!” Suddenly, two fireballs from the sky shot out and flew past the old professors, forcing the group closer together. These metahumans were obviously toying with them.

“Lava, don’t do that. They’re all elderly. Don’t frighten them,” came the first person’s voice.

“Boss is right. You should do this instead!”

Suddenly, some of the professors dropped to the ground, clutching their chests in pain. They seemed to be unable to breathe and let out painful groans. “Ah! Ah!” Professor Yin Yue was clenching her clothes in pain too.

“Grandma!” Xing Chuan and Xing Ya’s scream resounded at the same time. Xing Chuan rushed out from where he was hovering next to me!

There had to be a metahuman among them who could control people’s internal organs, or something of the sort - similar to Moon Dream, who could control brainwaves. From the effects on the professors, it had to involve the heart.

D*mn it!

They’re toying with the elderly!

Xing Chuan rushed over and raised his gun, but before he could pull the trigger, a huge hand suddenly grabbed his entire body.

I was stunned when I saw the huge hand. This metahuman’s superpower was similar to Harry’s… no, wait. It wasn’t like him. Whether a superpower was good or bad depended on the intent in one’s heart.

Ah!” Xing Chuan groaned in agony as the huge hand tried to crush him. Its owner seemed to be taking pleasure in the sight.

“Hahahaha! Boss, crush him!” There were cheers of excitement from above. The professors seemed to have shaken off the metahuman’s control. They gasped in pain, but they were out of danger for now.

Xing Chuan had managed to distract the metahumans for me, at least.

I flew up past the cliff as I activated two lightsabers, slashing at the hand without hesitation!

“Ah!” There was a shrill scream, and the hand fell to the ground, severed. The lightsabers in my hands switched back to guns as I leaped onto the remaining arm and shot all the Ghost Eclipsers I could see.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!” In an instant, four people fell, a burnt black hole in between their eyes!

“Ah!” There was a loud roar, and the giant man in front of me began to swell up. Every single muscle of his bulged, becoming firm and transparent. His body had turned into a crystalline material that even lightsabers couldn’t cut, shimmering in the sunlight!

“Oh! Oh! He even crystallized!” The professors exclaimed in surprise.

They definitely lived up to their role as scientists. Even now, their curiosity outweighed their fear, and they looked on with the eyes of scholars.

Xing Ya was so shocked, it was as if she’d even forgotten to shiver in fear. She gawked, wide-eyed, at the crystal man who was growing bigger with every moment.

The crystallized wrist stump beneath my feet began to move, but I leapt into flight to evade it. As I hovered in the air, Xing Chuan flew up next to me and looked at the sight before his eyes in surprise.

“In his crystal form, he should be immune to any attacks. I’ll distract him. You bring Professor Yin Yue and the other professors away,” I told the shocked Xing Chuan. Then, I plunged toward the crystal giant.

“Ah! You are an annoying fly. I want to kill you!” He roared as he waved his huge arms at me, even as he lifted his foot in an attempt to stomp on Professor Yin Yue’s group.

“Ah!” There was a scream from below, and it pulled Xing Chuan back to reality.

“Brother!” Xing Ya shouted hastily toward Xing Chuan. Xing Chuan immediately flew over to them.

I continued to fly swiftly around the giant. I chuckled lightly as I briefly paused in front of him, taunting, “Slap me if you can!” I flew forward and he chased after me, stepping over the cliff beneath us as if he were a child crossing a small stream.

“Everyone, gather here and kill this annoying bug!” He cried as he stopped at the edge of the island. As he stood partly in seawater, he paused to look around, exclaiming, “Where are they? Where did they go?!”

“They’re dead.” I hovered before his two huge eyes and pointed at myself, replying, “I killed them.”

He looked at me dumbfounded. Suddenly, he burst into laughter. “Hahahaha! Impossible! How could they possibly be killed by an ordinary person like you? There are twenty-nine of us!”

“Twenty-nine?” I replied. “Hmph. Thank you. Now I know how many of you are here.” I lifted my right hand, and spots of blue light appeared around it. “Unfortunately for you, I am the one and only metahuman on this island!”

“You- You are-!” He exclaimed in surprise. I looked at the motes of light surrounding my hand. His huge body began to stumble as he stepped back. He lifted his finger and pointed at me, yelling, “You are the North Star! No wonder I couldn’t see your superpower! You are the North Star!”

Even when I had met Xing Chuan, he hadn’t been able to distinguish my superpower, either. The chip designed to identify metahuman powers couldn’t recognize me. In other people’s eyes, I was merely an ordinary radiationer.

Hmph.” I smirked coldly. “You’re right. I am the North Star!” I flew closer to him.

“The North Star is a woman!” He retreated, terrified.

“Congratulations. You found out the truth! Now you can die in peace!” I raised my fist that was surrounded with blue crystal energy and punched him!

“No!” He shouted in terror as he fell backward. My fist melted the layer of crystal over his face as if it were nothing. Then I flew right through his huge head as everything around me turned to ash!

The blue crystal energy in my body began to burn, and a long blue ribbon of light flew out from my hand. I punched through the back of his head and looped back above him. The blue light ribbon moved to wrap around his body, squeezing tight as he rapidly vanished into thin air, leaving only silence.


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