Book 5: Chapter 56 - Grew Up

The man who had been caught by the Ghost Eclipsers staggered as he walked towards me, saying, “Luo Bing, Xing Chuan retreated with Professor Yin Yue. There are two Ghost Eclipsers who went after them.”

“Alright.” I looked at Elena and patted her shoulder gently, taking the gun from her shivering hands. “This doesn’t suit you. Let me do it. You’ll feel better after you cry it out.”

Shivers continued to run across Elena’s body. She furiously stared at the corpse of the Ghost Eclipser, whose blood continued to flow in rivers. The girls quickly surrounded Elena and hugged her.

“Ah!” There was another shrill scream. It turned out that there was another Ghost Eclipser who had been torn to pieces by the Ghost Eclipsers. I looked at Ghostie from afar and flew into the air, saying, “Ghostie! Protect the people here!”

Ghostie gave me a thumbs-up as I continued to ascend, saying, “Calling Tomorrow!”

Tomorrow responded through the display on my visor.

“Launch scouting robots and search the island. Do not miss any Ghost Eclipsers!” I ordered.

An ‘OK’ sign appeared on the display. I felt more at ease having sent the scouting robots to search for Ghost Eclipsers.

Suddenly, a strong breeze entangled my body. Then, a light pierced through the wind. It was a metahuman. They’d found me.

I smirked coldly and let the blue crystal energy in my body churn, forming a shield. In my shield, any superpower would vanish! It was what Raffles had meant by saying I was immune to metahumans!

During the past year on Hagrid Island, I had finally been able to master my superpower. Now I could use my mind, not my emotions, to control my superpower.

I pierced through the hurricane and immediately saw two metahumans on the nearby mountain. They revealed a surprised expression. I charged at them directly while they looked at me in terror. They seemed to recognize me and shouted, “It’s the North Star! It’s the North Star who massacred Steel Ghost City! Hurry up and go!”

However, I didn’t give them a chance to run away. In an instant, my light had already pierced through the space between their eyebrows.

I stood between their dead bodies coldly. The radiation I had fired out was already causing their bodies to rapidly disintegrate into ashes!

“Luo Bing, be careful!” I suddenly heard Xing Chuan shout. I turned as I saw a Ghost Eclipser falling from a gunshot. As he fell, I saw Xing Chuan, who was flying through the air using the same kind of flying suit I had on. He was holding a huge gun.

I quickly retracted my shield, a half-burnt corpse lying next to me.

After making sure I wasn’t emitting radiation, Xing Chuan landed before me. I nodded at him and his gaze became sharp.

“We can’t let a single one of the Ghost Eclipsers go. They’ll bring the army if they escape!” I warned Xing Chuan solemnly.

Xing Chuan looked at me, saying, “I’ll listen to you! Oh yeah, did you see Elena? She got lost when we were running away.” His expression turned solemn, worried, and anxious. "The opponent arrived swiftly, and their superpower broke through our defense system with ease.” He lowered his head in regret and guilt, continuing, “I should have listened to you.”

“Forget about that for now. It’s more important to capture all the Ghost Eclipsers. Elena is fine now. She’s at the beach with everyone else, and Ghostie will protect them. Where’s Xing Ya?” I didn’t see Xing Ya, and I was worried about her.

Xing Chuan suddenly tensed up, saying, “Hurry up and follow me!”

He flew off in a direction, and I quickly followed.

There were three miniature spaceships that came. Hence, there should be about thirty Ghost Eclipsers. I remembered that I had shot twelve shots at the beach, so there had been twelve of them there. Then there had been two in the air, two at the spaceship, and three here. A total of nineteen Ghost Eclipsers had been killed!

There should be one more on the spaceship. He definitely couldn’t escape from Jun and Zong Ben.

There were definitely more Ghost Eclipsers on the island, and there were quite a number of them.

It was simply because the enemy had looked down on us that we could kill them so quickly. After all, whenever a place was under attack, it was definitely metahumans who would come up first to battle.

However, when the Ghost Eclipsers had arrived, there had been no metahumans. Hence, they let their guard down. They had been having so much fun, treating this as a game of hide-and-seek, rather than a military mission to conquer this place..

That weak defense power had made them carry out an act of wanton aggression. When the enemy had taken the warriors here as hostages with ease, they had had no worries then.

Hence, they had simply been having fun. They had been so busy having fun, they didn’t notice that the Ghost Eclipsers on the beach had been wiped out and their spaceships held captive.

Those people hadn’t been able to send a single message to their comrades before being killed.

Xing Chuan led me through the air. Just then, another shrill scream rang out from Hagrid Island’s city. A metahuman had turned into a huge lizard, chasing after a few girls.

Just as Xing Chuan and I were beginning to head there, four guys ran out from a side path and fired continuously at the Ghost Eclipser. The Ghost Eclipser, who was busy chasing after the girls, was instantly filled with holes like a beehive.

The girls fell to the ground in terror. They hugged each other, not yet having recovered from their fear.

The young men who had shot the Ghost Eclipser looked terrified too. They slowly moved forward to check their surroundings. No one could maintain their composure in their first experience of war. Let alone the people of Hagrid Island, who had always been innocent and kind.

When they realized that they had killed the Ghost Eclipser, the young men revealed different expressions.

Some cried, frightened of what they had done. Some shouted with anger. Some regained their composure and continued to move forward. Others collapsed on the ground as their legs grew weak.

One of the girls seemed to be the sister of one of the young men. She ran to her brother and hugged him tightly,as they recovered from the life-and-death situation they had been in.

This sudden attack would change the lifestyle of the people on Hagrid Island, who had lived apart from worldly strife. It would leave a deep imprint in their hearts.

The young men, seeing me and Xing Chuan in the building, immediately wiped their tears and became spirited again. There was a burning fighting spirit in their eyes. They were no longer filled with terror and panic.

I lifted my hand and swept it through the air. They immediately understood and picked up their guns to continue to search.

The scouting robots quickly flew past us to scan the area. They wouldn’t miss any outsiders!

“Many of them hid in their homes. You came back in time; most of the people should be safe,” Xing Chuan said. “Let’s go and check on Grandma.”


I immediately flew along with Xing Chuan. We saw some relaxed Ghost Eclipsers who were busy having fun. They were surrounded by our warriors and killed. Those on our side were growing in experience. Instead of charging forth and firing at random, they approached silently and took careful aim.

In truth, our warriors’ marksmanship wasn’t too shabby, but the surprise attack had caught them off guard. All kinds of superpowers had frightened them, until they started using the method I had taught them. Killing the Ghost Eclipsers had given them back their confidence to keep fighting.

“Crash!” One guy was thrown out of a window by a metahuman, who had used a long vine to break the glass.


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