Book 5: Chapter 55 - Killing In All Directions

There was instantly a drastic change in the Ghost Eclipsers’ expressions. They became terrified and fearful because they saw the two spirits, Jun and Zong Ben! 

I raised my hand and said, “I want their spaceships. Go!”

Jun and Zong Ben immediately charged out. The two metahumans shouted hysterically, “Ah! Spirits!”

As they shouted, I leaped out in between Jun and Zong Ben as they plunged out too. I put down my face shield and activated the light gun in my hands.


There was a miserable, shrill scream in the air. Then, there were ashes and debris of torn clothes fluttering down on both sides.

Jun and Zong Ben were two portable blue crystal energy spirits. As they plunged through the spaceships, they sucked away all the blue crystal energy. Similarly, when they plunged through humans, humans would turn into ashes and would vanish.

My superpower was similar to theirs, but I maintained a human form, and they didn’t. 

I plunged at high speed and entered the huge opening. I saw the remains of robot birds all across the surface of the sea. There was the aircraft that they had used for repairing the opening. In the churning sea, I could see the engineers who had fallen and died. The pieces of their dead bodies tainted the seawater in red. It was a heart-wrenching sight!

Wherever the Ghost Eclipsers went, they brought massacre.

They were the true definition of a slaughterman and a demon!

What disgusted me the most was that I could see the Ghost Eclipsers chasing after girls on Hagrid Island. They treated the girls like toys and tore their clothes—the entire Hagrid Island was filled with hysterical screams of the girls.

The men were tied up and placed by the beach. I saw many guys from the training, and they were covered in wounds and bloodstains.

The guys who were yet to be caught continued to fight. However, the Ghost Eclipsers, who had more battle experience, seized them. Some were even thrown in the air like toys.

The entire Hagrid Island was in a mess.

Two Ghost Eclipsers were hovering in the air. They should be the decision-makers of the battle, and also their captains. The two Ghost Eclipsers had obviously noticed that the people on Hagrid Island were only ordinary and had no backup. Hence, they were still joking casually.

“We made a fortune! We found such a treasure! They are all ordinary people! Hahahaha! Look, our brothers are having so much fun!”

“Let’s head down too. The women here are beautiful and curvy. Look! See how fair their skins are! I have never seen such beautiful women in my entire life!”

“Look at you. You are drooling!”

“I have a hard-on! Oh no. I can’t hold back anymore!”

As they were grabbing their lower bodies, I withdrew my lightsaber. Just like how I had told Xing Chuan and the other guys, it was needless to see their appearance and their superpower but just give them a headshot directly or chop their heads off!

The moment my lightsaber was activated, I shuttled through them quickly. When they looked at me subconsciously, I had already slit their necks with my lightsaber.

Their eyes were wide open, and the next moment, their heads fell off their necks and descended from the high sky alongside me.



The two heads landed on the beach with me, and it instantly caught the attention of the people on Hagrid Island who were tied up on the nearby beach and the Ghost Eclipsers. In an instant, the entire coast was pitch silent.

However, I didn’t give them a chance to see what was going on, and I changed my lightsaber into a light gun and shot all the Ghost Eclipsers, who were capturing the men and chasing after the women, in their heads.

The best part about the light gun was that it could shoot far distance, and it was fast. I couldn’t manage to count how many people were there, but I killed whoever was in front of me. In the blink of an eye, three enemies fell. They didn’t even have the chance to shout. Even the Ghost Eclipsers who were chasing the girls didn’t notice that their comrades behind them were all killed.

I immediately took huge strides forward and shot with two guns simultaneously. “Bang!” “Bang!” “Bang!” “Bang!” Those who lay above the girls and those who chased after the girls all fell as I shot them.

The Ghost Eclipsers slowly fell next to me with the gunshots and rolled by the girls’ sides. Blood flowed out from their heads. From the corner of my eyes, I saw someone flying up, and I raised my hand and shot him with my sixth sense. He landed into the sea. 

My sixth sense grew stronger over time, as the fight would start. My superpower would also grow stronger, along with my sixth sense. I became extremely sharp! I felt a murderous vibe behind me, and I immediately turned around. Without looking at who it was, I shot because it was my gut feeling. One second’s hesitation in the war would kill me, overturning the battle outcome.

The entire beach became quiet, and there were no Ghost Eclipsers left to fight!

I clenched on my light gun and looked around with my guards up. Besides the people from Hagrid Island who looked at me in terror, there was no other Ghost Eclipser!

“Ah! Let go of me! No!” I heard Elena’s voice, and I immediately went forward. I raised my gun and aimed at the ugly Ghost Eclipser’s head, who lay on top of Elena.

The Ghost Eclipsers had put down the guards as all the people on Hagrid Island were ordinary. They were busy having fun because they had not anticipated the presence of a meta-human among their victims.

“Hey!” I shouted, and the face shield disappeared from the front of my face.

The Ghost Eclipser’s lower body was exposed, and his waxy butt was raised high. He was tearing off Elena’s clothes, and Elena’s hair was all over the place.

He immediately stiffened. When he turned to look at me, I shot him. In an instant, the blood splashed on Elena’s tearful face. Her pupils dilated in shock, and she looked in the air blankly.

The Ghost Eclipser fell from her body. I glared at Xing Chuan’s army among the men in Hagrid Island behind me. Then, I roared, “What did I teach you?! Don’t look but just give them a headshot! You survived by sheer luck! Today’s damage is due to your laziness!”

The guys lowered their heads in embarrassment, and there was anger churning in their eyes.

“What are you doing standing there?! Search the entire island! Kill every Ghost Eclipser!” I roared at them.

They immediately stood up and picked up guns from the Ghost Eclipsers I had killed.

I commanded again, “Shoot as soon as you see one. Do you understand?! Don’t keep anyone alive!”

“Yes!” The guys replied loudly.

“Ah!” Suddenly, Elena roared. She took the light gun from my hand and shot the dead Ghost Eclipser continuously. She shot him into a beehive, and the blood tainted the sandy beach.

The entire beach was quiet. The girls hugged together and cried.

I creased my eyebrows and pressed on Elena’s hand that pulled the trigger. Her body was shivering. Her clothes were torn apart. Her shoulders and half her boobs were exposed.

I looked at the guys, “Search!”

The guys immediately dispersed and ran around Hagrid Island to search.


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