Book 5: Chapter 54 - Surprise Attack

I couldn’t help but crease my eyebrows. Ghostie’s behavior had put me in an awkward position. 

I could understand that Hagrid Island wasn’t open to the public, just like Noah City wouldn’t open their doors to the public before they knew someone thoroughly. It was the law of survival at the end of the world. They couldn’t put everyone else in danger because of one Blessed Mother.

At the end of the world, you always had to make a harsh and cruel decision between sacrificing one person or everyone else.

Hence, I couldn’t bring these water ghosts back to Hagrid Island. Although it looked like they were gentle water ghosts, what if they hurt people?

I had to be responsible for everyone’s lives on Hagrid Island. This was also how I slowly understood the reason why Xing Chuan had thrown me off the spaceship. I never thought that I would come across such a situation.

However, I believed in Ghostie. As Ghostie let them in, he already had his plan.

The water ghosts of different sizes followed Ghostie in, and they swam around curiously. It was their first time entering a human spacecraft.

I felt like I had brought a boatful of fishes with me.

Ghostie gestured me to leave, and I activated Tomorrow.

I looked at Ghostie on the screen, and he stood in front of the camera. He seemed to want to explain the situation.

“Ghostie, do you know what you are doing?” I looked at him sternly.

He nodded at me.

“I can’t bring them back to Hagrid Island.”

Ghostie nodded again and gave me two fingers. Why did he give me a ‘yeah’? Did he reckoned that he was saving his kind, and he was excited?!

Fine. I hurt him a few days ago. I would consider myself comforting him this time and make him feel like a hero.

Plus, I had already made it clear that I wouldn’t bring the water ghosts back to Hagrid Island, and he had nodded. It meant that he knew, and he had his plan.

We began to travel back at high speed.

Just as we left the radiation zone, Ghostie suddenly sent me a stop signal. He gestured me to stop Tomorrow.

I suddenly understood. I had overthought. Ghostie didn’t intend to bring his kind back to Hagrid Island, but he wanted to relocate them!

The sea was nothing to the spacecraft. We could easily pass through a few radiation zones in two hours.

However, to the water ghosts who had to swim with two legs and two hands, it was challenging. Among them, there were children too.

Ghostie was looking for a suitable habitat with abundant resources for them.

Yeah, how long could the food we gave them last? I believed that the people in Hagrid Island wouldn’t send them any more food after my departure.

Ghostie thought that the water ghosts were harmless, and he decided to help them.

Ghostie gestured me to the right, and I began to drive to the right. There was an island nearby. There were cliffs and small caves by the island, and this place was suitable for water ghosts.

Plus, there were many fishes as humans had not fished there for the past sixty years. They had been living freely. Hence, they weren’t afraid of humans and had turned into a school of silly fishes.

We stopped at about a hundred meters from the island. 

I opened the back cabin door, and the water ghosts swam out simultaneously. They swam in the clear water and among the fishes excitedly. I, too, felt happy to see their happy faces. 

Ghostie waved at them, and they waved back at us. It was a heartwarming scene.

If killing could only resolve hatred, rescuing could warm one’s heart.

I had never expected that Ghostie would be the one who would heal me that day.

Thank you, Ghostie.

Although you are the ugliest mermaid, you have the most beautiful heart.

“Luo Bing! Luo Bing!” Suddenly, Elena called stridently in Tomorrow. Her anxious tone made people worry, “Hurry up and come back! We are invaded! Ah!”

“Hong!” A loud explosion cut off Elena’s voice, and my heart clenched! Hagrid Island was under attack!

Although it had been something Professor Yin Yue was worried about, I never thought it would happen so suddenly!

However, if everything was prepared, it wouldn’t be fate deciding the script, but it would be a script that we would write on our own.

“Return at full speed!” I immediately closed the cabin door and Tomorrow emerged from the water. We were not far away from Hagrid Island.

In almost a blink of an eye, I could see a few black dots hovering in the sky above Hagrid Island from afar.

I could see the image transmitted from Hagrid Island. Three spaceships immediately entered my sight. Although the spaceships looked old, there was a terrifying demon pattern printed across its body. That showed you their identity—the Ghost Eclipsers!

It’s the Ghost Eclipsers!

I instantly creased my eyebrows. I didn’t know the exact situation in Hagrid Island, but I could see metahumans leaping out of their spaceships like a bunch of wandering wolves, who had not seen food for a very long time.

“Continue to charge forward!” I said and immediately left the cockpit. There was weaponry in Tomorrow.

I ran past the entertainment area, and Ghostie immediately got up. I continued to walk quickly, and he followed closely behind me.

“Hagrid Island is under attack. You leave Tomorrow when we are close. Then, you enter from the bottom of the sea. I will let Jun and Zong Ben out. By then, the radiation would be strong,” I commanded.

He immediately nodded and quickly parted ways at the fork to go to the door.

I continued forward and came before the weaponry. I pressed the button, and the cabin door opened. Although there were rows of weapons that weren’t as advanced, they were sufficient to kill the enemies. I picked up the light gun-sword. I was most comfortable with it. It was a combination of a lightsaber and a light gun.

I quickly picked up two and put on a flying suit. Then, I went to the energy cabin. The simulated blue crystal was twinkling behind the anti-radiation protective wall.

I turned on the device next to me and asked, “Has Ghostie left yet?”

The AI in Tomorrow switched the image to Ghostie. The cabin door opened, and Ghostie flashed his thumbs up and jumped out. I immediately opened the cover of the simulated blue crystal. In an instant, the blue light overflowed and lit up the entire energy cabin!

“Warning! Energy leakage! Warning! Energy leakage!” The entire spacecraft was blinking in red alarm.

Zong Ben and Jun were in front of me. I looked at them solemnly, “Hagrid Island is under attack by the Ghost Eclipsers! Follow me!

I pressed on the elevator button by the side. In an instant, the protective layers above us opened. Jun and Zong Ben followed me up and arrived at the top of Tomorrow.

Tomorrow hovered in the air, and there were two battleships in front of us. On top of the battleships, there were two metahumans.

They were looking at me with a malicious smile. One of them had two pairs of insect wings behind him, and he turned green all over. The other one had his hands curled into tree vines. The other’s stomach also bulged up like a giant toad.

I looked at them calmly and raised my hands. Jun and Zong Ben charged out from behind and plunged at the two of them. The tail of the body was connected to the blue crystal energy in Tomorrow!


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