Book 5: Chapter 53 - Ghostie’s Kindness

“Why? Are you upset that I am reprimanding you?! You can’t just peep at girls when they are changing just because you are a water ghost! Although you are not a human in their eyes, I treat you as a human! Previously, I had tolerated it as you lacked manners. But from today onwards, you absolutely can’t peep at girls anymore!” I had a strange feeling like I was disciplining my house pet.

Ghostie no longer blew bubbles and kept quiet underwater as though he was hurt.

I saw that he was suddenly reticent and found it heartbreaking. I squatted down and looked at him. “Ghostie… I know that you are brilliant, and you are definitely not interested in any female water ghost. But… But…” I suddenly felt a heavyweight on my heart, “...Human females will treat you as a different kind…” I told Ghostie tactfully that it was impossible for a human female to like a water ghost. However, I felt a stabbing pain in my heart because it was a cruel truth.

Similarly, Ghostie, who considered himself a human, wouldn’t like a female water ghost because he already possessed a human heart.

Ghostie was destined to be alone forever. Hence, I wanted to be with him. I knew that he treated me as his family.

“Ghostie… I’m sorry. What I said today hurt you.” I felt apologetic because I was the person Ghostie trust the most. He had swum across the sea just to find me, and he sent Harry back to me. I should be grateful and caring for him for the rest of his life. However, I hurt him a little that day.

He shook his head underwater. Then, he pushed away from the moonlight as he swam to the uninhabited island far away.

I hurt Ghostie, and I didn’t feel good myself too. Sigh. I shouldn’t have said that aloud. So what if Ghostie peeps? Maybe he knew that the female humans wouldn’t like him. But he can’t peep at me! 

Ghostie had the intelligence of a human. Was it a good or a bad thing? He became the human among water ghosts and the water ghost among humans. He was trapped in between two kinds. Would he feel even more lonely? Even more painful?

From the second day onwards, Xing Chuan led everyone in training because I only gave them two training subjects. One was long-distance running, and the other was marksmanship.

Swift movement, high endurance, and fantastic marksmanship carried the hope to fight a brief battle against the metahumans. It was also my personal battle experience as an ordinary person. 

After I reprimanded Ghostie, he didn’t appear for the next few days, and I felt worse each day. I had hurt him. I regretted what I had said the other night. I thought that I had low Emotional Intelligence. I almost became a simple-minded person with strong arms and legs.

I couldn’t tell when Harry used to like me.

When Raffles used to like me, I couldn’t tell either. 

Xing Chuan was straightforward. He didn’t need me to look at him, but he would press me down directly.

I always couldn’t tell when the other people liked me. Instead of saying I couldn’t tell, I might as well say that I rather didn’t like making wild guesses. I couldn’t just speculate that the other person liked me just because of an affectionate gaze and a caring gesture. Wouldn’t it be overconfidence on my part?

What if the other person said that he only treated me like his sister? Wouldn’t that be embarrassing?

Luckily, when I was preparing to get more invisible plates, Ghostie came back to me, which made me feel more at ease. I cared about him, and he definitely was worried about me going on a mission alone, even though it was a smooth-sailing trip last time.

However, the repair work in Hagrid Island was taking very long. It was evident that repairing that opening was a formidable operation.

After Tomorrow entered the water, Ghostie appeared and waved in front of me.

I opened the cabin door for him to come in. He was soaking in the pool in the entertainment area.

The spacecraft had its own gravity. No matter how the spacecraft spun, the water wouldn’t slush around. It was the same gravity system in Silver Moon City, and it was enough to prove that they were the same bunch of scientists.

I switched to autopilot and came to the entertainment area. Ghostie was lying down leisurely in the water. It looked like he didn’t mind what had happened a few days back.

I poured a glass of alcohol and put it next to him. He looked at me and broke into a smile. I saw his funny smile, and I couldn’t help but burst out in laughter. It resolved the awkwardness between us.

I couldn’t help but pat his bald head. He picked up his glass and took a sip. What happened the other night could be considered resolved.

Because of training, Xing Chuan and Xing Ya didn’t follow me. It felt much quieter.

I looked at Ghostie, “In the future, besides me, you go ahead and look at other girls."

Ghostie immediately waved.

I raised my eyebrows, “I give you the permit to peep.”

Ghostie continued to shake his head, and he even covered his eyes.

I crossed my arms while he continued to cover his eyes. I smiled and patted his head, “Such a good child.”

He put down his hands and smiled. He pointed at the band seat.

I looked at him, “Wanna listen to songs?”

He nodded and smiled at me. Suddenly, he supported his cheeks with both hands and pleaded me with his cutest expression at his best. However, his water ghost appearance really couldn’t be cuter, as it looked like he wanted to eat you.

Alright then. As Ghostie was obedient, I decided to sing some songs for him.

I sang songs and played guitar along the way. The journey was extremely leisurely.

Maybe it was because, after that day, my mission to transport invisible plates would be completed. After the opening was fully repaired, I could leave Hagrid Island. I was in a good mood then.

When the external plate on both sides of the entertainment opened, we could see the underwater world.

There were colorful fishes, huge whale, terrifying sharks, and mutated sea snakes slowly swimming past behind us. We were moving into the sea with them around us.

As their numbers diminished, we could tell that we had already left the safe waters and entered the radiation zone. The spacecraft began to speed up.

When we moved the invisible plates, the other water ghosts came to help too.

We distributed resources for them again as a token of gratitude. However, they didn’t accept them, but they brought their families and gathered in front of Tomorrow. There were more than fifty water ghosts, including elderly and young children. I didn’t understand their intention but they hovered in the water in silence and looked at me with their big eyes.

I could tell that they were asking for something. But, besides humans, I could only communicate with spirits but not water ghosts.

However, Ghostie could. Ghostie looked at them for a while, and he turned to come back.

Raffles had said that water ghosts communicate with their fan-shaped ear like fish gills. However, it wasn’t an ear but a thin wing. It would vibrate with the sound waves that humans couldn’t hear in the water.

However, even if Ghostie understood, how could he interpret the message to me?

I saw that Ghostie wanted to enter, I naturally put down the sluice gate and opened the cabin door. Then, I saw the other water ghosts follow behind him.

My body stiffened. These water ghosts were boarding the spacecraft?!


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