Book 5: Chapter 52 - Pervert

When I had first landed in this world, I was lost and confused. When I was terrified, a simple, caring gesture had moved my heart easily. I had put down all my guards, entrusting myself in his hands completely. It was also what I regretted the most, and it was the root of my hatred towards him.

I hated that he lied to me. I also hated myself for not seeing through his luxurious disguise!

“What’s wrong?” He looked up at me and asked in confusion. His face under the moonlight overlapped with the Xing Chuan from three years ago. I lifted my other foot with the shoe on and stepped on his chest.

“If you wouldn’t have put the shoes on me back then, I wouldn’t have been conned by your caring gesture!” I became furious and stepped on his chest. He was shocked and held my fair ankle gently. “Luo Bing! Are you treating me as…?”

“Then, nothing would have happened! You are a b*stard!” I stomped on his chest, and he fell backward. He quickly let go of my ankle, but it was too late. I was pulled along, and I fell in front of me.

Bang! I landed in the water, and my hands were on him. He held my waist while I sat on his body under the water. He sat up in the pool and looked at me, dumbfounded.

The cooling water instantly woke me up. I looked at him in confusion as he lay in the pool. “I’m sorry. I mixed you up again.” I got up, and so did he. There was water flowing down into the pool from their body.

“No problem,” he said faintly. He lowered his face by my side. “You really hate him.”

I don’t want to talk anymore. I put on my shoes and walked back. Actually, it didn’t matter if I put them on. They were soaking wet.

“I’ll walk you back,” Xhin Chuan said softly.

“It’s okay,” I walked back alone.

Under the bright moonlight, the colorful pools reflected the moonlight in various colors onto the precipice.

I had said that I didn’t need him to walk me back, but he still followed behind me quietly. He had taken off his soaked shirt and was carrying it in his hand.

The moonlight had pulled his shadow long, and it kept me company in silence.

I was grateful for his kindness. It was his kindness that had taken me in.

I was also grateful for his forgiveness because I mistook him and hurt him over and over again. 

He had things that the other Xing Chuan didn’t have.

He was like the twin brother of Xing Chuan. They were the same yet different.

He didn’t speak but followed next to me in silence. He was just like a gentleman who insisted on sending a girl home.

Suddenly, Ghostie ran ashore. I stopped and looked at Ghostie.

“Ghostie?” Xing Chuan smiled and looked at Ghostie, “You can’t leave Luo Bing’s side…” he had yet to finish his sentence when Ghostie pounced at him. He stabbed his sharp claw on the beach next to Xing Chuan’s face.

“Ghostie, what are you doing?” I shouted.

Xing Chuan looked at Ghostie with a confused look too.

Ghostie looked at the shirt in Xing Chuan’s hands and lifted it. He then stared at Xing Chuan angrily.

I suddenly understood, and I touched my forehead. “Ghostie, you misunderstood him. I mistook him as the other Xing Chuan, and I shoved him into the pool.”

Xing Chuan had not realized how Ghostie had misunderstood his shirtlessness. Xing Chuan was as innocent as the children in Noah City. However, even Da Li in Noah City was “educated.”

Xing Chuan’s upper body naked, and so was Ghostie’s. Ghostie sat on Xing Chuan's body while Xing Chuan slightly supported his body up. Both of them were soaked and reflecting the light. The water dripped from Gostie’s body on Xing Chuan, like a pearl, and slid down gradually. It left a silver trail under the moonlight.

“Ghostie, what do you think is happening here?!” I crossed my arms and looked at him with a glum look. I didn’t know why I would feel upset about it. But seeing Ghostie and Xing Chuan on the beach with one on top of another, it was an uncomfortable sight. “How long do you plan to sit on him?!” I didn’t know if Ghostie understood how ambiguous their positions were!

As I roared, Ghostie immediately moved away and threw Xing Chuan’s shirt on his face in embarrassment.

Luckily, Xing Chuan was innocent. He didn’t seem to understand what we were talking about.

I grabbed Ghostie’s fan-shaped ear, and he bent down in pain as he followed me, “You water ghosts like to flirt with men, huh?!” I lowered my voice as I reprimanded, “Follow me back! Think about what you have done!”

“Psst!” He gasped in pain, but he didn’t resist when I pulled his ear and began walking.

Xing Chuan stood up, dumbfounded, and I waved at him. Then, I continued to walk home with Ghostie’s ear in my hand. This b*stard definitely misunderstood Xing Chuan, that he intended to do unspeakable things to me because he took off his shirt.

I threw Ghostie in the air when I reached the room. He leaped into the water. He rubbed his ear as he lay on the balcony and looked at me.

“Don’t even surprise attack Xing Chuan in the future!” I warned strictly. Although Ghostie was a human, his recent behavior was more like a loyal dog. I didn’t treat him like a dog by intention, but he was behaving like one.

He came and left as I wished. He pounced when his master was in danger. He lay down comfortably when I gave him a massage. He brought me fish for sashimi on and off. The last point sounded like a hunting dog.

In short, it wasn’t just a time or two that he had surprise attacked Xing Chuan.

I returned to my room and began to take off my clothes. I felt strange when I was taking off my pants. I turned around and looked. Then, I saw Ghostie lying there and watching me take off my clothes!

“Ghostie! You are a pervert!” I ran to the balcony and stomped on his dumbfounded face.

“Bang!” He was kicked into the water. I felt my foot moist, and I lifted it to inspect it. I felt a chill running down my spine! My foot was covered in a suspicious bloodstain. It was Ghostie’s nose bleed!

“Ghostie! You are a pervert!” I kept my guards up against everyone, except my water ghost! I would never have thought that Ghostie was a pervert!

I was furious. I paced back and forth at the balcony. I pointed at the water and shouted, “Ghostie, get out here and let me scold you!”

A ball popped up above the water, and a pair of eyes looked at me fearfully.

“You are a pervert! Tell me! Did you follow me to peep at me?!”

Ghostie shook his head vigorously.

“How dare you peep at me!? Come over here! How long have you been peeping?!”

Ghostie shook his head again.

I put my hand on my waist and pointed at him, “Are you going to come here!? You come over here right now!”

Ghostie then swam over slowly and unwillingly. 

I began to step on him, forcefully. “You pervert! Pervert! Pervert! I will dig your eyes out next time if you peep at me again.

Ghostie let me step on him as I wished. He looked pretty happy about it. He broke into a smile, and his mouthful of sharp teeth was glistening in the moonlight.

Phew!” I vented my anger, and I glared at him, “Forget about what happened today. I know that you were a guy, but you are now my water ghost! You better rein in your barbarity of a water ghost!”

Ghostie was stunned, and he lowered his face. He then blew bubbles in the water.


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