Book 1: Chapter 46 - Brother Bing, A Soldier

“First test, close combat. Get ready, go!” Sis Ceci’s voice reverberated in the white testing room. Swoosh! The door behind Harry closed suddenly, frightening him and making him jump, “Mom! You should have told me before closing the door. It nearly slammed into me!” He walked forward with his hands on his waist, “Waifu, I will not give way that easily.”

I lifted my head and looked at Sis Ceci, “Do I get to hit him as I wish?”

Sis Ceci smiled, “Yes, Luo Bing. Go ahead and hit him. Don’t be bothered that he is my son.”

As Sis Ceci has said so, I shall not hold back!

Harry walked towards me, “Waifu, we can talk about this…”

He had yet to speak, but I kicked straightaway!

Harry was shocked, but he immediately dodged my kick. He was swift in his movements, as he had managed to dodge my kick easily. This definitely proved that he was giving way to me, when I had kicked him in the tunnel earlier.

I started massaging my arms and moved them around—the taichi in my hands and the Eight Trigrams on my feet. Who said that taichi and Eight Trigrams were for old people? They can kill too! My dad used to say that for girls like me, if we were to ever meet an enemy who was taller and stronger, we would be at a disadvantage using grappling skills. Therefore, he had compensated for my deficiency by adding in martial arts.

Harry lifted his lips teasingly. He walked around me, while I moved along with him as we gauged one another’s movements carefully.

He kept walking as he measured me up and down and said, “What is this?” He rubbed his chin and then suddenly charged at me. His fists were fast, but I seized his arm swiftly. I tangled my arm with his, and then I turned to exert strength with my waist. I used his force as mine and then—crack; Harry’s shoulder was dislocated!

Yes, Harry’s arm was dislocated! And, it only happened in an instance.

Dad had taught me to be brutal to my enemy; if not, my opponent would counterattack and kill me instead! Especially for girls like me who were at a disadvantage in terms of strength, we had to hit right on the spot from the beginning!

It was necessary to kill the enemy on the first hit!

Ouch!” Harry groaned in pain. I let go of his arm slowly. He then knelt down on one knee and held his right arm. I put down my arms and looked up. I saw Sis Ceci and Arsenal’s shocked faces at the other side of the window. They kept standing on the spot dumbfounded.

Sis Cannon stared with wide-open eyes and said, “Not too shabby!”

“Sister Bing, you’re awesome!” Da Li said indistinctly with her loose teeth as she waved excitedly. 

Ming You gawked and looked at Harry with concern. Xue Gie walked up to the window, as she had been standing behind Sis Ceci this whole time. She looked down at me with a suffocating, yet quiet gaze in her silver eyes.

Suddenly, Elder Alufa walked up to the window, followed by Uncle Mason. Uncle Mason stood next to Elder Alufa, and leaned against the window, “Harry! How could you be defeated by one move! Don’t give way to Luo Bing!”

Psst. Ha.” Harry gasped in pain. He continued kneeling down on one knee, as he was supporting his dislocated right arm by resting it on the ground. Suddenly, I saw his right arm move followed by—crack! It was reset!

I looked at him in surprise. He had reset his arm speedily! It definitely didn’t look like a method any ordinary person would use. Theoretically, a dislocated arm wouldn’t move by itself, but it would sway left and right like a sleeve, just like Yangguo’s.

So… Was it Harry’s superpower? Some sort of… recovery ability?

Harry was back on his feet. He turned to look at me. He lifted his lips and smiled, “Waifu, I underestimated you. I purposely let you win this round.”

Pfft.” I looked away. I don’t think he gave way just now.

He cracked his neck, and then swung his arms and kicked as a warm up. He then looked at me and said “Now, I’m serious!” As soon as he said this, he charged at me. This time his fist was fast!

Harry was not too shabby in close combat.

I saw him aiming his punch at me, so I immediately bent down and drew a circle with my foot. Then, I appeared in front of Harry and locked his wrist. Once again, I used his force as mine and pulled. Harry immediately flew over my shoulders and I quickly kicked on the back of his waist. He landed on the ground heavily and I leaped onto his back and pressed the main artery on his neck. He didn’t even make a sound as he fainted. I had hit his pressure point. My entire chain of movements was a combination of both taichi and grappling skills.

I let go of Harry’s back, as he was completely knocked out. I stood there and watched him for a while, and then I lifted my head. Once again, Sis Ceci and the rest were gawking at my performance.

Elder Alufa was surprised. Uncle Mason slowly slid down against the window and made squeaky noises as he said, “Harry… the women that you like… one is stronger than another… I have lost… another daughter-in-law… Sigh.” 

Just as Uncle Mason was sighing, Sis Ceci came back to reality and started clapping for me. Sis Cannon and Da Li started clapping as well.

Xiao Ying pouted, “She still doesn’t have any superpowers. If Harry could have used his power, she would have died long ago.”

Xue Gie nodded in agreement with a cold gaze. “Close combat is only useful for an ordinary enemy.” She said calmly.

I felt disheartened. They were right. Taking He Lei as an example, I wouldn’t even be able to get close to him due to his superpower. In a world full of metahumans, my martial arts skills were insignificant!

However, I had to try my best in the test because Sis Ceci had given me this opportunity. Even though I wasn’t a metahuman, I had to finish the test and give her a completed answer sheet.

“I’m here! I’m here!” Suddenly, Raffles ran out from behind them. He greeted Elder Alufa and Princess Arsenal when he saw them, but then he looked at Uncle Mason suspiciously. ‘He must be looking at Uncle Mason.’ I couldn’t see Uncle Mason from where I stood. “Officer Mason, what’s wrong with you?” I heard Raffles’ voice.

“Nothing!” Uncle Mason suddenly stood up and coughed, while standing in front of the window.

Raffles immediately looked at Sis Ceci, “Sis Ceci, has Luo Bing’s test started?”

Sis Ceci looked at him and replied handsomely, “You missed it. The first one just ended.”

“What?!” Raffles looked at Sis Ceci in surprise. Princess Arsenal smiled at him gently and said, “Take a look for yourself.”

Raffles turned and looked at me through the window. When he saw Harry on the ground, he took one step forward in shock. He leaned on the window and shouted, “Luo Bing! You defeated Harry!”

I smiled faintly.

“And only with one move!” Sis Cannon added in disbelief. Her smile became excited as she rubbed her palms together, and her eyes shone and sparkled as she said, “I really want to fight with her.”

Sis Ceci looked at her with a smile, and then redirected her gaze towards me, “Can you wake up Harry? We need to go through the second test.”

“Alright.” I squatted down and touched Harry’s pulse. Actually, it looked like he would have eventually woken up on his own. But still, I pressed with two fingers and Harry coughed as he woke up.

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