Book 5: Chapter 50 - The Beauty At Heart

Those who were older would still take their children away from me, with fear in their eyes, because they had better living experience, and they were more on guard against outsiders. 

However, the young people got carried away over time.

Humans were like that. When a tiger stretched and laid down for sunbathing, they thought the tiger was a domesticated cat and could be touched as they wished. In the end, they were dragged away by the tiger and chewed into pieces!

The young inheritors of Hagrid Island viewed me and the metahumans in the outside world that way. It wasn’t wrong to be fearless, but conceitedly being fearless simply meant belittling their enemies.

Hence, I had to release my murderous vibe to warn them that I wasn’t an easy target; just in case they were going to behave the same way with the other metahumans in the outside world. By then, it wasn’t as simple as belittling their enemies, but they would be killed straight away.

The sunset shined on the tranquil sea surface. It was like a young lady’s long hair that turned golden from the moonlight silver.

The warm Hagrid Island was like spring during all four seasons. Hence, one would simply neglect the ticking of time.

The heartwarming people on Hagrid Island made one easily assimilated by the comfortable living. 

When I first landed on the island, I was in a daze most of the time. When I finally walked out of sorrow, it had already been more than half a year.

Then, it was almost another half a year again. I had spent almost a year on Hagrid Island.

When the snowstorm in the North passed, it would be another new year.

In the blink of an eye, three years flew past. I felt like I had lived in this world for thirty years and I was no longer the sixteen years old girl.

When I was sixteen, I was so spoiled. I hated Harry calling me his wife. I thought that I would never lose a battle, but I was quivering in fear when I faced the true violence.

When I was seventeen, I was full of myself because I was the North Star. I was a strong warrior.

However, for the first time, when I faced the Ghost Eclipsers and stepped on the ground covered in blood, I couldn’t accept the reality behind the violent scene. I thought I was a warrior, but I was fearful before death.

I remembered that Harry was angry when I returned from the mission. Harry had almost commanded Xing Chuan to never send me to war to safeguard the kindness in my heart. However, the kindness that Harry was trying to safeguard seemed to be a weakness in my current view. It was because of that weakness that Blue Charm and Moon Dream stood a chance to attack me.

I was a warrior and I was a soldier. So when I killed an enemy, it didn’t mean that I was a slaughterman! It didn’t mean that I was merciless and cold-hearted! It didn’t mean that I forgot the kindness and beauty possessed by a human being!

Until then, I understood the logic!

I was too silly and too childish!

Humans probably grew up like that.

The seventeen-year-old me thought that the sixteen-year-old me was childish.

The eighteen-year-old me thought the seventeen-year-old me was childish.

Then, when I looked back at myself in the past, I still found my younger-older self childish.

Maybe when I would turn twenty and look back at my current self, I’d still think that I was a childish girl.

The clear water flowed along with the layers of the pool and formed multiple mini waterfalls. The waterfall had algae of different colors and formed a colorful sight. They looked like huge pieces of gemstones mounted on the precipice. 

I sat by the clear blue pool in silence and let down my long hair. I looked at the sunset afar. I placed my feet in the clear pool and the flowing pool water flushed against my feet as though it was giving me a massage.

Hagrid Island, this haven of peace was like a gentle woman who washed away the darkness in me with her innocent, pure smile and lit up the bottom of my heart with the holy light to save me from the abyss of hatred.

“You’re here?” Xing Chuan’s shadow reflected on the rippling pool. He looked at me in silence and then he started rolling up his trouser legs. Then, he took off his shoes and socks and sat opposite me, “There is also a hot spring up there…” He seemed to be looking for a topic of conversation.

I continued to look at the water in silence. “It’s really… beautiful here…” The silent sea breeze blew against my long hair and my hair fluttered before my view.

He sat opposite and looked at me in silence for a while. He then turned to look at the buildings on the island, “Once I thought that this is my whole world…” He turned back and fixed a gentle gaze on me, “Then, I realized that the outside world is even bigger. We developed a strong curiosity and we wanted to see how the outside world was like and how the people in the outside world were like. We are bored of our world and we are bored with the people around us…”

“Heh, you really are blessed without knowing it.” I suddenly found myself becoming old-fashioned. It was what the grandmas would normally talk like.

“Then, you appeared. You suddenly barged into our world. I remembered… that night… you were like a blue shooting star that swept past the sky and landed next to us…” His voice became softer and his gentle expression was like the spring breeze that blew the bottom of your heart and melted the glacier.

What he said sounded familiar. I recalled that it was when Arsenal had talked about the end of the world. She had said that there was a blue shooting star that had swept across the sky too.

I was at my worst and I was influenced by Moon Dream and Nora. I was buried in intense self-hatred, and I had lost control of the blue crystal energy in me. In the end, I had ruined the island.

“I’m sorry that I ruined your island,” I looked at the island that I had half destroyed. Luckily, no one resided there.

“Luckily, no one stays there…” He smiled gladly. “But the day you landed, the scenery was really beautiful…” He sighed, “It caught everyone’s attention…”

Humph…” I laughed at myself, “It isn’t the first or second time I had fallen down from the sky. I will be more careful next time.” The first time was when I had landed in this world, and the second time was when Xing Chuan had thrown me off from the sky, so this time, it was my third time falling from the sky.

“I remembered that you were wearing a red dress with a white flower on your head…” He remembered clearly, “Everyone was curious about your origin. Why did you fall on our island and where did you fall from? Actually, our protective wall is sturdy. Under normal circumstances, an aircraft would hit our protective wall but it wouldn’t break it. Hence, Grandma suspected you fell from outside the atmosphere. Only acceleration like that could possibly break our protective wall.

“In the end, I exposed all of you.” I pointed at the opening in the sky.

“It’s okay,” he smiled gently and looked at me, “It will be repaired.” He looked up at the opening that had become much smaller now.

I looked at him as he looked up. His short black hair was fluttering in the wind. His exposed calf looked fair and smooth. His expression reminded me of Arsenal. Both of them held hope for the future.


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