Book 5: Chapter 49 - The Fragile Side Of Humanity

“Exactly! It turns out that you are making us deserters from an army!” 

“In the end, you didn’t teach us anything, but you seized the chance to torture us and make fun of us!” 

Xing Chuan suddenly took a step forward and stood next to me. He roared at the guys, “Shut up!”

All the guys went silent in an instant, and they looked at Xing Chuan in surprise.

“Listen up. As Luo Bing is our coach, we have to obey her! Put your doubts and denial aside!” The guys took very long to come back to reality after hearing Xing Chuan’s words. They found it difficult to believe that Xing Chuan, who had been tortured the most, spoke for me.

Xing Ya looked at Xing Chuan in excitement and nudged Elena in secret. She said softly, “Brother has become manlier.”

Elena blushed faintly. There seemed to be enthusiasm in her gaze as she looked at Xing Chuan. Her relationship with Xing Chuan seemed more like a sibling’s. But there was also the admiration of a lover in her eyes.

The guys took time to return to reality because they were shocked by Xing Chuan’s firm words. They were still quiet because they had yet to come back to reality.

I saw that everyone was quiet, and I continued, “As ordinary people, you can’t match against metahumans. Hence, you have to first stay alive to fight against the strong. It brings us to the next training subject, marksmanship!”

When the guys heard that we were going to train shooting skills, they were excited again. No guy disliked guns.

“Remember, no matter how amazing a metahuman is, he is a human!” I stared at the arrogant guys in front of me, “So, as long as you have great marksmanship, you can defeat them. Now, to the training ground!”

When they heard ‘training ground,’ the guys were suddenly energetic again, even the ones who had been unhappy about running five laps. They were excited to practice shooting skills. Guns were charming to them, after all.

There was more than one training ground on Hagrid Island. There was a bigger one that was almost the size of a football stadium that could fit tens of thousands of people. We could have a gun battle, or we could simulate any sort of battle there.

The training ground had two rows of white racks elevated from the ground. There were a variety of guns and weapon, which looked magnificent.

Everyone picked up a training gun, and the target figurines popped up in front of them.

I stood by the side and looked at them, “Begin shooting!”

“This is too simple,” everyone lifted their guns with ease. They began to shoot and it looked like they were playing a game.

When the shooting ended, the robotic female voice resounded in the training ground, “The enemy is completely wiped out.”

The guys looked at me with pride.

Xing Chuan looked proud too. “Today’s test is too simple. It’s easy to hit the enemy when they are not moving. You can change it to mock battle mode.”

I smiled but kept quiet. I began to move the target near and lined them next to one another. There were over thirty of them.

I walked past them one by one and stood before the first one. I gestured that the enemy was hit in the heart, and it was a crack shot, “Who did this?”

A man stood up with pride, “I did!”

I smirked coldly at him, “You’re dead.”

The guy was stunned.

I pointed at the shot, “This is the spot to hit if you are shooting at an ordinary person. However, you are fighting against metahuman. Hitting here, I’m sorry, he might not die. On the contrary, it will expose your position, and he will kill you without hesitation!”

The guys immediately looked shocked and tensed.

I walked past one figurine after another. I looked at the guys, “You’re dead. You’re dead. You’re dead too. You are completely dead! You too!”

After one whole round, only five to six of them had hit the target’s head. One of them was Xing Chuan.

I stood in front of them and Xing Chuan looked at me solemnly. “Please introduce metahumans to us.”

I nodded. Then, the guys finally became serious and I said, “There are many types of metahumans out there. Some can control the power of nature. For instance, they can stir tornado, snowstorm, and so on."

“Wow!” The guys exclaimed in surprise. Who didn’t want to have a superpower? It did sound cool. However, they wouldn’t be so cool when they become your enemies.

“Some could control the power of elements, such as fire, water. There are also healers, who can heal. There are some self-healing metahumans too. There are also speed metahumans and space metahumans. When you come across them, remember that you don’t have to see their faces and superpowers. You only have to give them…” I pointed at my head, “a headshot.”

The guys, Xing Ya and Elena were stunned.

I put my hand down. “Because regardless of the type of metahumans, they could require at least a second to three seconds to activate their superpowers. That’s the golden period to kill them. Once they activate their superpower, you might not have the power to counterattack.”

“Have you done it successfully, Luo Bing?” The guys looked at me in a taunting behavior.

“If you haven’t done it successfully yourself, how could you prove that it is the correct way?”

Xing Chuan’s face suddenly grew glum. He turned and swept his glance at everyone. The guys immediately shut their mouths and stopped talking.

Xing Chuan had gained prestige in their hearts. That’s great. I have achieved my goal. I won’t stay on Hagrid Island more than needed. Hence, I can’t become their spiritual leader. Otherwise, they will be disappointed when I leave.

“Wow. Brother is becoming awesome!” Xing Ya looked at Xing Chuan like a fangirl. She whispered into Elena’s ear, “How does my brother look now? Isn’t he manly?!”

Elena blushed again. She turned to look elsewhere.

Xing Chuan, who was looking mature, let out an irresistible charm. In Silver Moon City, I had experienced it enough. All girls liked and were crazy over that Xing Chuan.

It was really like the poison that could charm people and make them addicted to it. Xing Chuan was poisonous after all.

Xing Chuan looked to me solemnly. “Please continue.”

I glanced at him and looked at the guys again, “At the beginning, I didn’t know that I have this superpower. So, you’re right. Before that, I used to fight with that method. Do you want me to count how many metahumans I have killed using that method?” I looked at them coldly, and I let out a murderous vibe. 

I was no longer the sixteen years old girl from the past. There was countless Ghost Eclipsers’ blood on my hands. I had even shattered their souls completely.

I carried the power of Death!

The guys’ expression became tensed under my gloomy, murderous vibe. They slowly held their breaths, and the atmosphere became depressing and tense. There was even fear across their eyes.

The entire training ground was in silence for a long time. Then, I spoke again, “From tomorrow onwards, run five laps in the morning and practice marksmanship in the afternoon. You can’t even do a headshot at a still target, let alone the moving ones.”

They hung their heads in shame.

“Dismiss!” I said as I ended the training that day.

Before I got onto the island, they were curious about me, and they were heavily guarded against me. However, they had begun to let loose, after realizing that I meant no harm. In fact, they had started fining me harmless to the point that they thought I wasn’t as amazing and dangerous as they had imagined.


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