Book 5: Chapter 48 - Marksmanship

I squatted next to Ghostie’s leg and looked at Xing Chuan and Elena. “Yesterday’s exercise exceeded your capacity. Hence, you need to recover from it in case the upcoming training leads you to get muscles or ligament injury. Watch closely.” I pressed on Ghostie’s moist thighs while he rested his hands behind his back, comfortably.

I raised my eyebrows and looked at him. “Well, you are enjoying yourself.” Ghostie smiled and revealed his mouthful of sharp teeth.

I looked at Xing Chuan and Elena again. The two of them were still standing there without moving an inch.

I creased my eyebrows and beckoned for them to sit down. I came next to Elena and pressed on her thigh. Elena immediately gasped in pain, “Psst!

Xing Chuan looked at her with concern. I gestured towards Ghostie. “Watch and learn as Ghostie massages Xing Chuan.”

Ghostie jumped and squatted next to Xing Chuan. Xing Chuan looked at him anxiously, especially when he saw Ghostie’s sharp claws.

“Beware of your strength. Don’t break Xing Chuan,” I reminded Ghostie. The water ghost’s strength was extremely high.

Ghostie gave me a thumbs up but I found it worrying. I was worried that Ghostie might tear Xing Chuan apart.

Ghostie smiled at Xing Chuan. Then, he held Xing Chuan’s arms and pulled it towards his back. Xing Chuan instantly creased his eyebrows in pain. I was stunned because I had yet to teach the massage routine. How does Ghostie know how to...?

Ghostie was very familiar. He obviously knew how to massage.

Psst! Ah!” Xing Chuan groaned in pain, “Ah!

I saw that Ghostie was massaging Xing Chuan, so I started to massage Elena with a confused look. “Elena, Xing Chuan is your husband. Why are you so shy?” I asked as I massaged Elena.

Elena blushed a little. “Because you are here…”

“I made you awkward just by being here?”

“Mm… I am… a little embarrassed,” Elena said gently. She creased her eyebrows and gasped, “Psst.


“It’s okay. Thank you.”

“No problem. I will be softer.” I began to massage her thigh muscle.

“We… are embarrassed to be intimate in front of outsiders…” Elena said bashfully and she stole a glance at Xing Chuan. “He is shy too… We have been taught... it is good manners. Xing Chuan and I, are like the King and Queen. So, we have to maintain a dignified and graceful decorum before the outsiders."

“I understand. Then, learn this, and massage each other at night,” I massaged and said.

“Mm…” Elena smiled and looked at me solemnly. “I heard that father and mother wanted you to marry Xing Chuan.”

“Ah!” Suddenly, Xing Chuan screamed. It turned out that Ghostie had separated his legs and he had almost made Xing Chuan do a split.

I shouted in shock, “Ghostie! Are you trying to tear him apart?! Be gentle! His ligament might break!”

Ghostie pouted and put Xing Chuan’s legs down. He sat on Xing Chuan’s back and began to massage his back.

Xing Chuan was covered in sweat. It seemed that it was from the pain.

He had run like a mad man the day before, and he was definitely sore all over. Especially his thighs would be as painful as being flushed with lead. To top it off, Ghostie had split him with force, making it impossible for him to not feel pain.

I sighed and looked at Elena, “Elena, why do you always talk to me about getting together with your husband? Aren’t you jealous?”

Elena looked at me bashfully and chuckled, “Because I like you too.”

I felt chill down my spine. I shared an awkwardness and stiffness similar to He Lei, to be watched by a girl with deep affection. 

Although it wasn’t love in Elena’s eyes, it was the admiration of a fangirl. I knew that I couldn’t stand such an affectionate gaze.

“Xing Ya likes you too…” Elena continued to smile at me. “She kept saying that she would marry you if you were a guy.”

I held her arm and loosened her muscles. “I know that you are trying to make me stay back but you don’t need me if all of you become strong.”

“No, that is only part of the reason. Xing Ya and I really like you. You have things that we wanted but don’t have. Xing Ya and I want to become a girl like you. It feels… very handsome!” Elena looked at me with a shimmering gaze. “The next time you go to Noras, can you take me with you?!”

I could see the fighting spirit in Elena’s eyes.

I smiled and nodded, “Mm, sure.”

“Luo Bing, can’t you stay back?” Elena continued to tempt me with her gentleness. She touched my face, “If you don’t like His Highness, you can pick someone else. Are there no other guys that you like on this island?”

“Because I have an obligation. I have a mission.”

“Is it to… take revenge for your lover?” Elena put down her hand from my face, “Can you not take revenge? I don’t want to see you drowned in hatred. I can tell that you are a gentle girl too…”

I turned to her back and began to massage her back. “I’m sorry. I need to live on, relying on hatred.” I patted her back. Xing Ya led everyone back from their first lap.

Xing Ya was envious. The guys behind her also looked enviously at Xing Chuan, who was enjoying a massage from Ghostie.

I smiled at them, and they could only continue to run.

“I heard that the people outside are all metahumans. Can we win against them?” Elena was worried. I smiled at her. “This is what I am going to teach you next. Metahumans are humans after all. They have their weaknesses.

On the second day, the guys were obviously in a better place after five laps. Human bodies have great potential, especially when one is still young.

They stood in front of Xing Chuan and joked, “Your Highness is living the life today!”

Xing Chuan looked at them with a glum look, “If you’d like to try, I can let Ghostie massage you!” Xing Chuan said in resentment, but he looked much better, “You will know how comfortable it feels when you get your massage!” Xing Chuan almost roared.

All the guys seemed to notice Xing Chuan’s anger and felt his sarcasm. Hence, they kept quiet.

Ghostie flashed his sharp claw from afar. He stuck his tongue out and licked it maliciously. Everyone quivered in terror.

The guys gulped and their bodies stiffened.

I walked before Xing Ya and the guys. No one spoke again but lined up neatly with Xing Chuan. They stood with their chins up and chests out in front of me. Their gazes were fixed upon me.

I looked at them and said solemnly, “I told you to jog to train your speed and stamina. If you think that it will make you stronger and help you fight against the metahumans outside, you are wrong! I am trying to make you run faster and live longer!”

Everyone’s expression froze in an instant.

“Metahumans can only use their superpower in a specific range. When you come across such metahumans, you need to run out of his superpower range. Then, you’ll be able to survive. However, if you were to run into fast metahumans, you can only pray for blessings.”

“What are you teaching us then?!” Some guys were in doubt.


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