Book 5: Chapter 47 - Massage For A Bit

He began to slow down and floated on the surface of the sea like a swimming board.

I flipped on his back and lay on his muscular chest. The glowing marine lives began to surround us. A single spark can make a great fire. The starlights began to light up one after another on the surface of the water. 

I smiled and felt warmth on my back, “Ghostie, I am going to leave Hagrid Island in the future. The outside world didn’t have such a stable life. The people here are nice to you. Why don’t you stay here?” It was for Ghostie’s own good.

Ghostie didn’t say anything, but he couldn’t say anything, anyways.

Gurgle. He blew bubbles in the water. He did that when he was upset.

“You want to continue to follow me?” I asked.

He remained quiet but he suddenly flipped behind my back. Before I immersed myself in the water, he was lying flat under my back, continuing to be my floating board. He moved his arms gently and moved along with me.

It seemed like he had already answered my question.

It was my honor to receive such a loyal ghost.

I rested my hands behind my head and nested on his neck. “Alright, don’t regret this.”

He didn’t speak but I could feel his chest moving. He was laughing. He wanted to be with me forever.

Somehow, Ghostie always gave me a sense of warmth and friendliness, like my family. It was as though we had known each other for every long…

On the second morning, I waited at the same place.

At first, I thought that no one would show up.

However, before it turned five, Xing Ya and Elena got there first. They didn’t look quite good. Xing Ya was still patting her arm while Elena still looked a little pale.

I smiled at them, “The two of you got here first, again.”

“My muscles are so sore. I feel sore all over,” Xing Ya rubbed her arm and complained, “I almost couldn’t get out of my bed.”

The scientists once said that a woman’s willpower was actually stronger than a man’s.

I looked at the spiritless Elena. “Elena, you take a break today.”

Elena immediately looked at me, and determination shimmered in her eyes, “I don’t want to be like any other woman, who rely on their appearances. Luo Bing, do you know what I mean?” There was a tinge of stubbornness across her gentle gaze.

I understood what she meant. Regardless of their behavior and tonality, the girls on Hagrid Island were too similar.

Elegance, gentleness and mild disposition were the identical label on all the women. Hence, Xing Ya was considered the least obedient one among them, but it made her easily recognizable.

I nodded, “However, overtraining is harmful to your body. We will learn something else today.”

“That’s great!” Xing Ya said happily. I looked at her. “You have to first run one lap."

“What?!” Xing Ya was dumbfounded. “Why Sister Elena doesn’t need to run one as well?”

“Because your bodies are different. You look well and you have good genes. So, you have to run, and Elena doesn’t have to run today.”

Xing Ya immediately pouted. Suddenly, she looked to the side and became excited. “Brother and the guys are here!”

I looked to the side. On the horizon, in the twilight, Xing Chuan and his soldiers were running over. They were full of youthful spirit and a handsome vibe. Only with one day of training, these guys who had been practicing their punches and kicks in the green room, had finally ignited their fighting spirit! 

Their skins were in a healthy tan color too. That made them look even manlier.

They only had His Highness Xing Chuan in their hearts at that moment; similar to the soldiers in Silver Moon City, who had Xing Chuan in their hearts.

The guys ran before me, led by Xing Chuan. Their expressions told me that they wouldn’t submit to me, nor had they come willingly. They had come because Xing Chuan had come.

“We are here!” Xing Chuan stood with his chest out, in front of me. He maintained his proud posture, but he had lost his arrogance as a Prince. He looked manlier and he was tanner too.

I nodded in satisfaction. I looked at everyone. “Five laps today and gather here!”

“We are willing to complete His Highness’s five laps for him!” Suddenly the guys shouted.

Xing Chuan wanted to raise his hand to stop them, but I smiled. “Sure. Five of you, take a step forward to share Xing Chuan’s five laps.”

Xing Chuan was surprised.

Everyone stepped forward simultaneously. In the end, there were five guys who stood out first. They put their hands behind their back and stood with their chin up and chest out.

I placed my hands behind my back and my face grew solemn. “This is long-distance running. Time doesn’t matter. It is supposed to train your stamina, endurance and determination! I hope to see everyone complete the five laps together. Xing Ya, you lead! Control everyone’s pace.” I had noticed the day before that Xing Ya had controlled her pace.

Xing Ya became excited and she looked smug with success. The guys were surprised.

Xing Ya lifted her chin before the guys and said, “Follow closely!”

The guys looked at Xing Chuan in distress and Xing Chuan nodded.

I took a step forward. “Your Princess Xing Ya said that all of you are too weak! She is not interested in any of you!”

The guys immediately looked at Xing Chuan with a burning gaze. It was simply a disgrace to the men’s dignity.

Xing Ya instantly became awkward and she sent me an eye signal. She was questioning me as to why I had betrayed her.

Elena sniggered.

I continued to say forcefully, “So, if any of you wanted to become Xing Ya’s husband, you have to conquer her like how you would conquer your enemy! Don’t let her belittle you! Xing Ya, you may lead them now.”

Xing Ya clenched her teeth and puffed up her cheeks in anger. After that, she began to run. The guys immediately followed behind her and ran past me. Every one of them was staring at Xing Ya’s back like male lions staring at the one and only lioness.

Xing Ya, as you wanted a few husbands, I will lend you a helping hand, but there’s only so much I can do. Hagrid Island will become your small world, but it depends on your capability, if the men could get along with one another lovingly.

There were only Elena and Xing Chuan left in front of me. The two of them were husband and wife, but they looked awkward as though they had just gotten to know each other. 

Elena blinked and looked at Xing Chuan from the corner of her eyes. Xing Chuan looked away and his gaze was flickering.

What’s wrong with the two of them?

“The two of you shall do recovery training today,” I said and turned around. “Ghostie!”

Ghostie quickly swam over and got ashore. I beckoned to him. “Sit down.”

Ghostie sat down obediently while I looked at Xing Chuan and Elena, “The two of you need to massage each other.”

Elena immediately blushed while Xing Chuan looked away in embarrassment. It was hard to believe that they were husband and wife. 

“You are husband and wife. Why are you so shy?” I looked at them with a strange look. I turned to look at Ghostie, and I was shocked to see that he was already lying down flat happily.


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