Book 5: Chapter 46 - You Are The Captain

I forgave their ignorant suggestion because they didn’t know my hatred towards the Xing Chuan in the outside world.

Suddenly, Ghostie popped up from the sea and patted the water. He seemed to be expressing his dissatisfaction.

“Can Chuan be her match?!” Professor Yin Yue said glumly. “Give up! He doesn’t work hard, so you want him to rely on a woman to protect him? When you said that, you admitted that your son is too weak! Aren’t you embarrassed?! Humph! Go back!” Grandma Yin Yue roared angrily. She then turned and left.

Su Yang and Yu Xi followed behind her in embarrassment. They glanced at me awkwardly and left the beach in silence.

Ghostie splashed water in the direction they left, and I looked at Ghostie, “Ghostie, what are you doing?” 

Ghostie dived into the water angrily and vanished in the sunset.

I continued to stand on the beach as I waited for Xing Chuan to run back.

Actually, their way of thinking was the same as Elder Alufa’s.

Elder Alufa had paired me off with Raffles or Harry because he wished for me to stay back. Because marrying Raffles or Harry would make Noah City my home. Then, I wouldn’t leave. 

When the moon rose, Xing Chuan’s staggering figure appeared in the dark. He continued to jog in my direction in heavy footsteps. His legs were almost shaking, but he continued to run before me using his last bit of strength. He glared at me. “Ten laps,” he said hoarsely. Then, his eyes shut, and he fell before me.

I extended my hand and caught his body. His upper body was burning hot.

“I don’t need you to help me.” He extended his hand to shove my shoulder stubbornly. However, he had no strength.

It was too tiring for me to hold him anyway. So, I squatted down for him to slide off my body. He turned and lay down on the beach.

I squatted as I watched his completely drained face under the moonlight, “Do you know why I wanted you to complete the ten laps?”

“Heh…” He chuckled lightly and looked away. His lips looked green under the moonlight, “It’s because you don’t want to let go of any opportunity to torture Xing Chuan.”

As expected, he thought that I was abusing my authority to take revenge on my personal enemy. He thought I was venting my hatred towards that Xing Chuan on him.

I glanced at him coldly and sat next to him. “Xing Chuan, you are the future master of Hagrid Island. If your comrades only had the determination to run five laps, you must have the determination to run ten laps. Do you know what I mean?” I looked at him, and he seemed lost in thoughts.

I looked at him calmly under the moonlight. “The people on your island have been living a carefree life. Their ego is strong. They have been free and loose. They have no idea what a soldier is. When they were in their fifth laps, they developed hatred and anger against me. This is vital. Hence, I want you to become their leader at heart, their spiritual leader. I want them to develop reverence and respect for you. Today, you ran ten laps on their behalves. Tomorrow, you will receive a loyal troop!”

He looked at me in a daze. He looked at me for very long. Then, he flashed his gently smiled again. He extended his hand and held my arm, “Thank you…”

I stood up, and helped him up along with me. I extended another hand to him, “I’ll take you back.”

He smiled and extended his hand towards me. Just as his hand was going to touch mine, a green hand suddenly swept out and held Xing Chuan’s hand.

Xing Chuan looked at it in shock, and he was pulled up. The next moment, there was a pungent, fishy smell. Ghostie threw Xing Chuan over his shoulder.

I looked at Ghostie with a confused look, “Ghostie, what are you doing?”

Ghostie didn’t reply but started walking forward. He walked with his flippers with great difficulty.

“Ghostie!” I caught up and saw Ghostie’s glum look, ‘Your feet aren’t convenient to move around on land. I’ll walk him back.”

“Retch!” Xing Chuan seemed to be disgusted by Ghostie’s fishy scent. He was dehydrated, and his head was facing downward too. So, he couldn’t help but vomited a mouthful of water.

Ghostie instantly stiffened. He suddenly grabbed Xing Chuan down from his shoulder and carried him on his arms.

Xing Chuan didn’t have any strength to resist, but he could only lie in Ghostie’s arms.

Ghostie looked down and glared at me. I looked at him helplessly. “Alright, alright, follow me.”

I began to lead the way for Ghostie. Ghostie walked awkwardly behind me.

Ghostie’s feet had already become flippers, so they were challenging to walk in. His flippers weren’t like ducks’, but they were longer. Hence, it was even more challenging to walk in.

The water ghost’s movements became extremely slow on land.

It seemed that Ghostie’s swaying way of walking was comfortable, or maybe Xing Chuan was exhausted, but he fell asleep in Ghostie’s arms.

I brought Ghostie to Xing Chuan’s room, and Ghostie threw Xing Chuan on the bed directly. He didn’t wake up from the throw either. I had yet to put the blanket on for Xing Chuan, but Ghostie threw me over his shoulder.

“Ghostie! Put me down!” I slapped his back.

But he continued to walk forward. He tried his best to run in the silent tunnel, and I could hear his clapping footstep. It reminded me of the night that Harry had carried me over his shoulder.

When he reached my room, he threw me on the bed. When I tried to get up, he suddenly leaned down and pressed himself above me. He supported himself on his right hand next to my body. Then, he stared into my eyes, and I saw his amber pupils.

He suddenly lifted his left fin and pointed in front of me. He seemed to be warning me about something. Then, he moved away and walked to the balcony. Splash! He suddenly leaped into the tranquil sea!

I immediately stood up and ran out to the sea, “You wet my bed!” It smelled fishy.

Poof!” He suddenly popped out of the surface of the sea and spatted a mouthful of water at me. Alright! He made me wet too.

He broke into a smile and dived into the water again!


I got angry. I took off my jacket and jumped! I leaped on his back, and he immediately began to swim.

Ghostie swam extremely fast, and I felt like I was advancing on a dolphin.

He carried me out from the surface of the water so I could breathe. I held his neck firmly and leaned closed to his back. There were billowing waves that he stirred in front of us.

He brought me under the sea and moved in the moonlight. We shuttled through schools of fishes and the marine lives that had started glowing underwater. The dark seawater began to shimmer with magical light, and the underwater world showed a different kind of beauty at night.


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