Book 5: Chapter 45 - Continue Running

Elena looked at me, weakly. ‘Luo Bing! She didn’t even have the strength to speak, but she pleaded for Xing Chuan.

“I am the coach. I get to decide!” I said firmly.

The guys began to glare at me. The guys who typically had no characters and temperaments were finally learning how to stare someone down.

“Brother…” Xing Ya looked at Xing Chuan.

I looked down at Xing Chuan. “Even if you have to crawl, you have to finish the ten laps. Otherwise, you don’t need to come tomorrow.”

Xing Chuan stood up angrily. He gripped his collar and pulled it up. He instantly took off his shirt and revealed his fair chest. Then, he threw it on my face. When the shirt slid off my face, I saw that he had already started running.

I smiled and caught his shirt. I looked at everyone else who had collapsed on the ground. “Look carefully. Ten laps, not even one lesser.”

The guys were angry, and they looked at me with an upset and angry face.

Xing Ya held Elena as she continued to catch her breath.

During noon, Xing Chuan completed five laps. I was having lunch leisurely on the glass platform, while everyone stared at me. I could feel their intense murderous intention on my back.

Xing Chuan stumbled and ran. He was covered in sweat, and his short hair were drenched.

The guys quickly came forward to pass Xing Chuan water. “Your Highness! Stop running!”

Xing Chuan looked at me, and I smiled at him, “You are a Prince living a life of luxury after all. You can’t even complete ten laps?”

Xing Chuan glared at me. Then, he took the water and poured it down on his head. Then, he took another bottle of water before he continued running.

“Your Highness! Your Highness!” Everyone was provoked. They ran towards me simultaneously and said, “We are willing to run the rest of the five laps for His Highness’s sake!”

I looked at them coldly. “I’m sorry, but it is too late for that. Now, it’s His Highness’s mission. Tomorrow, the five laps belong to you. Now, you shall be dismissed. You can return for some rest.”

“You are going overboard!” A guy charged at me. I dodged and extended my hand to seize his neck. I exerted strength, and instantly flipped him on the ground.

All the guys were stunned, and they immediately charged forward.


Over thirty guys charged at me simultaneously like they were fighting against an enemy.

“Stop fighting! Stop fighting!” Xing Ya came over, hastily.

It seems that the bunch of boys has recovered their stamina.

Very well. I finally see the shadow of a warrior on them. I was afraid that they would be arrogant like earlier when they were against their enemy. Just as they were behaving arrogantly, the other metahumans would have already wiped them off.

I extended my hand and punched the guy at the front. Then, I supported myself on his shoulder and leaped. I lifted my leg and kicked the guys by the side. I then turned and pushed another guy with ease.

One after another, guys were defeated. Thirty-two guys fell around me like flower petals as the sea breeze blew against my long hair. Xing Chuan, whose lips were pale, was in front of me, and I smiled at him. “Do you want to become stronger? Continue running then.”

He came back to reality, and there was a fire burning in his eyes. The familiar unwillingness to admit defeat that the Xing Chuan in Silver Moon City carried, suddenly appeared on him.

I didn’t know if I did right or wrong. But I felt that I was transforming him into the other Xing Chuan. At the split of the moment, I regretted that I had ignited his fighting spirit. However, if he were to continue to be the Xing Chuan on Hagrid Island, he wouldn’t have the power to protect the island and his family.

I hoped that he wouldn’t become that Xing Chuan in the end. What would he become in the end? I had no idea. I hoped that he would maintain the kindness and purity of the Xing Chuan on Hagrid Island but become decisive and firm during the war. 

The entire island gradually became quiet. On the beach, it was Xing Chuan who was exhausted but continued to run as he staggered.  

The guys had yet to leave. They glared at me angrily and insisted on Xing Chuan to stop. However, every time Xing Chuan looked at me, he continued forward. Just like how I had said earlier, ‘Even if you have to crawl, you have to complete the ten laps.’

I had stirred his fire that was unwilling to subdue by force. He continued to run to show and prove to me that he could do it and that he was a strong man.

Professor Yin Yue and Xing Chuan’s parents walked over from afar.

Xing Chuan’s parents looked at their child’s back, and it looked like their hearts ached.

Elena and Xing Ya were right. Everyone on the island was too similar. Xing Chuan’s mother wore a similar expression as Elena. It was due to life they had lived, particular views, and values had formed from the conservative world. Everyone’s views were identical. Although it achieved a united spiritual belief, it also lost everyone’s unique character.

The anger that the guys expressed, made me happy. They finally had temperament. Previously, they were just like obedient children and students. They were really too obedient back then.

“What are you doing here?!” Professor Yin Yue roared in dignity, “Go home! Don’t gather here and watch!”

I thought Professor Yin Yue had come to plead for mercy for Xing Chuan. But I was wrong.

“But, Grandma, Xing Chuan is still running.” The guys were worried about Xing Chuan. They were angry.

“His life will be in danger if he continues!”

“Grandma, Luo Bing went overboard!”

“Grandma, Luo Bing is bullying His Highness!”

The grandma slammed her armrest, and everyone instantly went quiet. They didn’t even dare to lift their heads. 

Xing Chuan’s parent’s lowered their heads and didn’t dare to utter a word either.

“Luo Bing defeated all of you alone! You don’t qualify to comment about your coach!” Professor Yin Yue’s voice was forceful, “Everyone here, none of you are qualified to doubt Luo Bing’s training methods! She has defeated so many of you defeated by herself. How dare you stand here?! Go back. Don’t interrupt Luo Bing’s training!”

The guys didn’t dare to make a sound but turned to leave.

I looked at Professor Yin Yue. “Thank you for your trust.” Professor Yin Yue had high prestige.

Professor Yin Yue nodded slowly. “I am not blind. I know that you are doing this for Chuan’s own good. If you do not rip his skin off, how could you train up a strong and iron-willed person? Chuan is the future inheritor of Hagrid Island. I hope you train him to be an alpha lion, but not a domesticated cat!” Professor Yin Yue looked behind her and at Xing Chuan’s parents, Su Yang and Yu Xi.” 

Yu Xie looked away in silence and her tears flowed down her cheeks. Su Yang hugged her shoulders gently and looked at Professor Yin Yue. He said softly, “Grandma, isn’t it better to just marry Chuan to Luo Bing?”

I was stunned and my eyes shot open the widest.


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