Book 5: Chapter 44 - Began Training Again

“You want Luo Bing! Brother! Did I hear it correctly?!” Xing Ya exclaimed in excitement. Her eyes were shimmering with eagerness.

Xing Chuan reined back his gaze and looked at Xing Ya with a confused look. Xing Ya’s eyes shimmered with joy, “Brother, I didn’t know that you are so dominating. You are so shameless to say that you want Luo Bing in public!” Xing Ya covered her face with her cheeks red. “You should go back and say that to your wife, instead of saying it here.”

Xing Chuan seemed to realize something, and he immediately blushed. He looked at Xing Ya in distress, “Xiao Ya! You are misbehaving now!” Xing Chuan glared at me when he said this. I glared back at him coldly. What are you glaring for? That’s simply because Xing Ya is a person of quick comprehension.

Xing Chuan reined back his stare and continued to look at Xing Ya. “What I wanted to say is that I want Luo Bing to train our soldiers! What are you thinking about?!” Xing Chuan poked Xing Ya’s head angrily.

Xing Ya held her head and let out a harrumph before she ran and stood behind Professor Yin Yue. She stuck her tongue out at Xing Chuan.

Everyone moved away for Professor Yin Yue in reverence, and they went back to work.

Xing Chuan’s parents and Elena were standing next to Professor Yin Yue as they looked at me with a smile.

I walked forward and looked at the grandma who had almost lived for a century, “I brought ten back. I will go for another trip, and I will be done with the mission after that."

Professor Yin Yue nodded with a smile, “Thank you for your hard work.”

“Grandma.” Xing Chuan stood next to me and looked solemn. “I want…” he paused and creased his eyebrows awkwardly. “I’d like to get Luo Bing to train our soldiers.” He restructured his sentence, and Xing Ya chuckled naughtily next to Elena.

Elena was surprised, but Professor Yin Yue nodded, “Luo Bing, will you? Until we complete the repair, I wish for you to continue to stay here.”

I looked at the opening and replied, “Yes, I wouldn’t leave before the repair is completed. I will train your soldiers, and I will continue to protect this place.”

Professor Yin Yue smiled.

I immediately turned to look at Xing Chuan, “Tomorrow at five in the morning; I wish to see everyone here on time.”

“Alright,” Xing Chuan’s solemn expression put a satisfied smile on Professor Yin Yue’s face.

As I had yet to leave Hagrid Island, I had an obligation to protect this place, because I was responsible for exposing it to the people outside, bringing unknown danger.

At night, someone sent me a guitar. The guitar looked beautiful. The body was black, and there was a Yulan Magnolia pattern printed in silver. It seemed simple, yet elegant.

I picked up the guitar and sat down by the balcony. On the still surface of the sea, there was a reflection of an elongated moon that looked just like a beautiful young lady’s long hair.

Ghostie swam to me in the moonlight. I placed the heart-shaped box next to me, “Thank you for keeping me company. I can’t give you anything, but I can sing you a song."

Ghostie reached by my side, and I smiled at him. I began to sing, “The deep blue sea burst out in laughter, and the waves lapped on the shore…” I hoped I could be like the sea one day and be unrestrained.

On the next day, the red sun was rising. In the red radiance, people were standing by the sea. The curvy figure surprised me.

I walked closer to look at them. They had tied up their long hair in buns. They wore a determined expression across their gentle, cute faces.

“Elena? Xing Ya?” I looked at them in surprise.

Elena blushed, and she looked at Xing Ya. Xing Ya flashed a wide grin, “Are you surprised? This is the first time in my life that I woke up this early!"

“Elena! Xiao Ya!” Xing Chuan exclaimed. Elena and Xing Ya looked behind me.

When I turned, I saw Xing Chuan was leading thirty guys, and they came jogging in our direction. Then, they stood straight.

The guys were surprised to see Elena and Xing Ya.

“Don’t fool around, Xiao Ya!” Xing Chuan looked at Xing Ya solemnly.

Xing Ya lifted her chin. “Who’s fooling around? I’m here for training too!”

Xing Chuan’s face grew glum then he turned to look at Elena gently. “Elena, don’t join Xiao Ya in her nonsense.”

Elena’s expression suddenly became serious, “This is not nonsense. I am serious!”

“Elena, training is very tough,” Xing Chuan looked at Elena with concern.

“You think that I can’t go through hardship?” Elena was angry, “Whatever you can do, I can too.”

“Elena…” Xing Chuan became helpless.

“Can you discuss your couple’s affairs by the side?” I cut Xing Chuan off coldly. He looked at me, but I ignored him, “We are going to start the training. Everyone, run around the island for ten laps!”

“What?!” Everyone exclaimed in shock. They looked at one another as though they found it unbelievable.

I lifted my chin and looked in front. “Those who want to join the training start running, those who don’t want to join the train, leave!”

Xing Ya immediately started running. Elena glanced at Xing Chuan and began to follow. The guys saw that the girls were running, and they quickly caught up.

Xing Chuan looked at me glumly, “Why aren’t you running?”

I looked at him coldly, “Wait until you can win against me, come and question me then. Your Highness, Xing, Chuan!”

Xing Chuan’s face immediately grew grave. He turned and began to run too.

I smiled in the sea breeze. I looked at them as they ran in the sunlight.

After half an hour, they were panting as they returned.

They had only run one lap, but everyone was already drenched in sweat because they had run too fast. They hadn’t mastered the law of long-distance running.

“Continue!” I roared, and everyone kept running. I wanted to test the limit of their stamina. Judging from the situation, they had terrible stamina.

At seven in the morning, the robots from the engineering department appeared. The engineers and scientists were in their work suits and stood on their mini aircrafts. They watched the young people run as they patched up the opening in the sky.

The guys were completely exhausted and collapsed before me. Some even threw up.

Elena fainted, but Xing Ya didn’t even have the strength to help her.

“Elena!” Xing Chuan stumbled and ran to Elena. He helped her up hastily. I walked in front of them and Xing Chuan glared at me, “You are torturing everyone!”

I looked at him coldly, “You are the one who asked me to train you. I agreed, and I will be responsible for training you to your fullest potential. If it isn’t monstrous training, how are you going to win against the monsters outside?!”

Xing Chuan was stunned. I extended my hand to put pressure on Elena’s philtrum, and she woke up. I brought water, and Xing Chuan quickly fed Elena some water.

Elena was completely worn off. She couldn’t run anymore. She reminded me of Ming You, but Ming You had self-healing power.

The guys were complaining by the side and refused to run anymore.

I looked at them. “You don’t want to run anymore, do you?”

They looked away simultaneously. All of them behaved like spoiled young men, and they ignored me.

I looked at Xing Chuan. “No one completed the stamina training today. Hence, as their leader, you have to complete ten laps on behalf of everyone!”

Everyone looked at me in surprise and then at Xing Chuan.

“Your Highness! Don’t listen to her. She obviously wanted to seize the chance to torture us!”

“That’s right! Your Highness, we are not running. She can’t do anything to us!” Everyone began to feel unfair for Xing Chuan.


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