Book 5: Chapter 43 - Returned Safely

I opened the board next to the door and pressed the button for labor robots. The wall at the corridor immediately opened, and there was a row of robots hanging in there. They opened their eyes, walked to the wall, and began to move the food.

I entered the submarine cabin, put on a diving suit, pressed an oxygen mask over my face, and led the robots to the cargo cabin that the engineers had modified, “Xing Ya, put down the cargo gate."

“Yes.” The cargo cabin began to close the large gate. I stood in front of the cargo cabin. When the sluice gate for the cargo cabin was down, I opened the cargo cabin. The seawater immediately flushed in. I led the robots and swam out with food in our arms.

When I met with Ghostie, the water ghosts seemed even more nervous. They began to retreat.

“Open the protective shield,” I said.

The protective shield in front of us began to disappear. Ghostie immediately swam next to me to protect me. I waved, and the robots started throwing the boxes of food into the sea.

Ghostie slammed, and the food began to scatter in the water. The water ghosts looked surprised.

I nodded at Ghostie. I began to lead the labor robot into Naros. After we swam a distance, the water ghost swam towards the food floating in the water. They hugged the boxes tightly and waved at us before they swam away. 

Everyone was human. Regardless of whether they were metahumans, flying corpses, day monsters, water ghosts, or ordinary people, they once were the same kind, humans.

Ghostie and I swam above the warehouse. Ghostie swam down and broke the warehouse roof with his sharp claws. The things in the warehouse instantly floated out from inside.

The labor robots began to enter and lit up the warehouse with dim lightings. Everything was submerged under seawater, except a few things that were floating. The labor robots found the invisible plate very soon.

The thickness of the invisible plate exceeded my imagination. When I had looked at the opening from below, I had thought that it was a thin plate. But, when I looked at it closely, I realized that there were actually complicated circuits and chips inside it. It was twenty centimeters thick. Given this, we couldn’t move twenty pieces at one time. 

Ghostie looked around in the warehouse, and he seemed excited.

I watched him as he swam around excitedly. I got carried away by this sight. Why was Ghostie so excited? Just excited as when Harry and I had gone out to look for resources and had suddenly discovered a new historical site.

Maybe Ghostie liked adventures, and treasure hunting too. Ghostie should be a guy. Because of his curiosity, he had swum half the globe to find me. If he were to be a human, he would definitely be a guy who loved to hunt for treasures.

We found the invisible plate, and Ghostie and I began to return. The water ghosts didn’t attack us when we were moving, but they watched us from far. Noras seemed to be their home.

We carried ten pieces of the plate, and we could no longer fit more. So, we prepared to leave. I waved at the water ghosts. They were friendly and waved back at me. After waving at me, they turned around and disappeared, nowhere to be seen in Noras.

We began to travel back.

The cargo cabin began to drain out the water. I took off my diving suit as I looked at Ghostie, “Ghostie, do you want to grab a drink? There’s a bar here. Let’s go and celebrate our victory.”

Ghostie broke into a smile. He was wearing a raccoon swimming trunk. The raccoon’s big nose happened to be on his bulge. I didn’t know where he had found a swimming trunk with such funny print.

Ghostie walked in the corridor using his flippers. He chuckled and looked from left to right. As he walked, he left a trail of water along the way, and the janitorial robot followed behind him to mop the water.

When we reached the lounge area, Xing Ya flew at me excitedly. “We succeeded!”

Xing Chuan slowly flew to the bar and maintained his elegant posture.

Ghostie leaped and jumped into the pool next to the stage. He then lay comfortably in the water.

I went to the bar and stared blankly at the various types of alcohol. 

“Girls can drink cocktail,” Xing Chuan suddenly said and lifted his wing elegantly. He pointed to the side towards the colorful cocktails.

“We should really drink to celebrate!” Xing Ya landed on the bar and walked around. “Ah. It would be great if we could accompany you!”

I took a bottle of alcohol that was colored deep blue like the sea. I opened this bottle and poured the drink into two tall glasses. The refreshing fruit fragrance from the beverage filled the entire cabin. It smelled like a mixture of strawberry and lychee.

I put a glass by Ghostie’s pool. After that, I walked to the bands’ platform while holding my drink.

I stopped in front of a guitar and sat down as I placed my glass on the side. I picked up the guitar and played it. The guitar was still well-tuned. The musical equipment had not been used for over sixty years, and it wasn’t broken nor cover in the dust.

Ghostie raised his glass at me and smiled. I smiled back at him and looked at my ring. Raffles, Harry, I miss you… I have a spacecraft. I can come home and reunite with you soon…

I began to play the guitar. “I want you to be by my side… I want to see you dress up. The night breeze blows… and tickled my heart. My lady…”

As I sang, Tomorrow began its return journey.

“I want,

You to be by my side,

To watch sunrise and sunset with me…

I want,

You to be by my side,

To watch falling leaves and yellow flowers…



I want,

You to be by my side,

To go to sleep with me…”

“I want… you to be by my side…” Xing Ya hummed the song next to me. She looked like she was on heat again. She played with her long hair and moved her body flirtatiously.

Ever since I had polluted her mind, she was going through a complete change.

It was all my fault. I had only wanted to open a window for an innocent, cute girl, but in the end, she kicked the whole door open, embracing the ocean of filthiness, and immersing herself within.

Tomorrow parked by the shore, and everyone in Hagrid Island came to unload the goods.

Xing Ya stood next to me and hummed, “The song is really night. The night sky was too tense… The time was too long…"

I looked at her awkwardly because she was out of tune, but she was enjoying herself.

It wasn’t so bad that she could sing most of the parts correctly after hearing me singing just once. She remembered most of the lyrics. I wouldn’t have remembered the lyrics so well after hearing the song only once.

Xing Chuan walked out with his chest out, and he creased his eyebrows when he saw Xing Ya. “Sister, you are out of tune.”

Xing Ya’s face immediately grew glum. “Brother, you are such a party pooper. Luo Bing didn’t say anything.

Xing Chuan looked solemn, “You don’t let anyone tell you even when it sounds bad?” He was her brother, after all.

Forget the fact that he had Xing Chuan’s face, his interaction with Xing Ya was full of love.

Xing Ya pouted and looked away, “Humph!

“Luo Bing,” Xing Chuan suddenly called my name solemnly. I looked at him, and his expression turned solemn as well. “I want you…” Suddenly, he paused and looked elsewhere.

I looked in the direction he was looking and saw Professor Yin Yue walking in our direction.


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