Book 5: Chapter 42 - Arrive At Faros

If I had a brother and I were to question his sex life with his wife, I reckoned that I would definitely be beaten to death. Xing Ya was legit outdoing her teacher.

“What are you talking about?”

“The shameful activity!”

D*mn. I can’t stand it anymore. I rolled my eyes at Xing Chuan. “Your sister is asking if you had sex with Elena.”

Cough…” Xing Chuan coughed vigorously, “My chest… hurts a little… Cough…

“Your chest is, of course, going to hurt if you cough like that.” I looked at him in annoyance, “The other Xing Chuan used to mention that when a man falls in love with another person, he would want to do it with that person regardless of the person’s gender. If the man doesn’t feel so, he either doesn’t love the person or he suffers physical incapability.”

Xing Chuan’s robot bird looked at me blankly. I looked at him in disdain, “You don’t have a physical defect, do you?”

“I have no defect!” Xing Chuan almost roared, “On the other hand, the two of you as girls, how can you discuss such matters so openly? Luo Bing! Please don’t be a bad influence on Xiao Ya!” Xing Chuan roared at me because he was protective of his sister. I could feel how embarrassed and angry he was, even through his robot bird.

“Hehe, brother, you are making a fuss about something small. Luo Bing has been living for a few years as a guy, and no guys were able to find this out. Luo Bing said…” Xing Ya suddenly spoke softly, “The guys in the outside world always discuss such things. If she were to not participate in their discussions, she was at risk of being suspected. Hence, Luo Bing isn’t shy about it. But on the other hand, why are you so shy, despite being a man? You can treat Luo Bing and I like men. Don’t be shy. We are here to help you. Do you want Luo Bing to teach you? She looks more experienced than you are!” 

I felt awkward. I felt that Xing Ya’s learning ability and the pollution speed surpassed the range of her teacher, more than what I could manage.

Cough…” Xing Chuan coughed again. He was going to have internal bleeding if he continued to cough like that.

Sigh,” I shook my head and sighed. “The people in Hagrid Island are too innocent and beautiful, just like angels. They might have lost human instinctual desires and impulses. Have any of you fallen in love?”

“Brother, when Luo Bing touched you last night, did you feel anything?” Xing Ya suddenly asked naughtily.

“Xing Ya!” It was my turn to roar, “Don’t make fun of me and your brother. Do you know how much courage I have to gather to face him every time?”

“Oh, I’m sorry…” Xing Ya lowered her head.

Xing Chuan looked away in silence. He no longer looked at me and became quiet.

Tomorrow stopped and I suddenly came back to reality, “Ghostie!” I immediately looked at Ghostie’s image and realized that he was okay. I let out a sigh of relief. While talking with Xing Ya and Xing Chuan, I had forgotten about Ghostie. However, he hadn’t called for help. It was strange that Ghostie could resist level four radiation.

Was he not the water ghost in Steel Ghost City? Was he merely “traveling” there?

Ghostie was quite relaxed in the water cabin. He looked outside the cabin door and pressed the button to swim out on his own.

The seawater in front was tainted in faint pink. We began to float and the sunlight was once again penetrating the seawater. The entire sea looked like it was filled with romance because love was pink. Under the bright sunlight, it looked romantic and dreamy.

The pink would totally get a couple’s life.

I could vaguely see a huge underwater city in front. The city was covered under a transparent glass. I saw the long elevator that connected to the bottom of the sea.

The underwater city was flooded with water. The glass cover was broken apart by buildings that had landed from above, and there were many huge holes in it.

“Launch scouting robot.” As I commanded, the spherical scouting robot was launched into the sea. It shot out light, and started scanning. As it went scanning, Noras’s map was sketched in the middle of the cockpit.

“That’s exciting!” Xing Ya landed on the chair by the side excitedly and Xing Chuan flew down too. “It’s hard to imagine that this used to be your daily life. This is so much fun…”

“A fun life needs to pay its price. You wouldn’t find it fun anymore if you were to run into the Ghost Eclipsers.” I stood before the map and looked carefully. The robot drew Ghostie on the map too, as Ghostie was swimming inside at that moment.

There was a huge warehouse on the map in front of us, and there were equally huge shelves in the warehouse.

The high sky in Nora was mainly accommodations, atmosphere, and hotel that was built for astrology purposes. 

On the ground, it was mainly technology display, exchange of techniques, colleges, and some warehouses.

Under the sea, it was mainly a hotel, entertainment facilities and warehouses.

Fortunately, there were more warehouses under the sea. Otherwise, everything here would have been plundered over the years.

Scan the surrounding sea.” The scouting robots began to scatter and scan the surrounding sea.

“Why do you want to scan the surrounding sea?” Xing Ya asked with her head crooked to the side.

“To see if there are any dangerous living things.”

Suddenly, Ghostie swam back and waved at me. Just then, one of the scouting robots in the Southeast direction lost connection.

“Activate weapon system!” I squinted my eyes while Xing Ya looked at me in shock.

I immediately returned to the console, and checked if we could use the weapon on the spacecraft. 

“Activate protective shield.” The protective shield was activated. Simultaneously, it engulfed Ghostie within the safe range.

The surroundings became quiet. Ghostie began to swim in front of us. In the lights, we could see a school of water ghosts swimming at high speed. They began to slow down and hovered nearby as they kept a safe distance from us.

They did not attack nor leave.

Ghostie stopped within the protective shield. Water ghosts were territorial. They would first observe when unfamiliar water ghosts arrived. Then, they would decide if they wanted to let them be or chase them away. Since they had mutated from humans, they wouldn’t have extremely strong territorial concepts like animals. 

However, we wouldn’t be able to go out if we were to face each other because I needed to enter Noras to transport the invisible plate. They would attack and it would become troublesome if I headed out.

The water ghosts began to flash sharp claws and went on high alert. However, they still didn’t approach on an impulse. Ghostie began to spread his claws too. 

“Should we attack them?!” Xing Ya asked anxiously.

“No, they are humans after all. They only want food,” I looked at Ghostie, “Ghostie, give them food.”

Ghostie was stunned. He turned to look at me blankly. His pair of big, round eyes made him look even cuter.

I smiled, “They only want food. Give it to them,” I said. Then, I turned to leave the cockpit.

“Where are you going?” Xing Ya flew towards me.

“You and your brother watch your backs carefully. I’ll come back very soon,” I walked out of the cockpit and headed directly for the food storage. I opened it and luckily, there was some food.


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