Book 5: Chapter 41 - Too Holy to Pollute

When Tomorrow took off, everyone ran to the beach to see us off.

“Everyone is envious of you.” Xing Ya landed before me. Xing Chuan stood on the back of the chair with his chest out. Even as a robot bird, he maintained his elegant posture.

“Everyone wants to take a ride,” Xing Chuan jumped happily on the chair.

“Alright. Wait till I complete my task. I’ll bring everyone for a ride after that.”

“That’s great!”

Tomorrow dived to the bottom of the sea, and Ghostie was already ahead of us to lead the way.

“Ghostie, we are going to Noras today. It is a level four radiation zone. If you can’t resist, don’t follow me,” I told him, using the underwater speakers. Water ghosts had sensitive hearing underwater.

Ghostie gave me a thumbs-up, indicating to me that he could resist level four radiation.

I found it strange. How does Ghostie know how many levels of radiation he can resist? Wasn’t he a water ghost in the lake in Steel Ghost City? He should only be able to resist levels one or two.

He was probably unclear with the meaning of level four radiation. He knew how to protect himself. He naturally wouldn’t follow if he didn’t feel well.

We prepared to advance at full speed. As we were going to an underwater city, we didn’t need to get out of the water.

The front cabin opened, and sunlight shone inside. We shuttled through the sunlight while pools of fish swam around us. I could see Ghostie swimming among these fish.

Ghostie is still following us.

“Ghostie, head back. We are entering the radiation zone.”

Ghostie swam ahead of me and waved. He seemed quite stubborn.

“Get into the spacecraft then. You can leave the spacecraft and head back if you feel unwell.” I wanted to speed up, and I was worried that Ghostie would not be able to catch up.

Ghostie nodded at us and swam towards the back.

“Open entrance one.”

The image of the entrance one showed up. The sluice gate was activated, and the entrance one opened. The water entered with Ghostie. 

I didn’t drain the water. Since Ghostie was a water ghost, he preferred to stay in the water. Hence, I closed the cabin door and made Ghostie a water cabin of his own, using the sluice gate and the cabin door.

“Speed up!” Tomorrow instantly increased his speed. The spacecraft with blue crystal energy was full of vigor!

The navigator showed that we needed another two hours to arrive in Naros. Even though it wasn’t too far, it wasn’t exactly near either. Tomorrow entered autopilot mode.

“Luo Bing, are the girls outside just like you?” Xing Ya jumped before me and asked curiously.

“It depends. There are lesser girls outside. Hence, most of them are well-protected. I have a friend who is a Princess like you.” I wondered if Raffles would come back home after I returned to Noah City, once things were taken care of in this place.

“What kind of guys do you like?” Xing Ya looked at me curiously. “Is it the same as me? You are so strong, and you definitely like brawny guys. Don’t you?!” 

“No. I don’t like guys who are brawnier than me. Guys with brawnier bodies look provoking. I’d only want to beat them up.” It was a natural reaction when one saw another stronger opponent. When I saw a brawnier guy, I couldn’t help but feel an urge to fight him.

“Ah? Hahahaha…” Xing Ya laughed hysterically, “You definitely see too many of them and don’t find them rare. I really want to see how these guys look.” The robot bird placed two of her wings before her body as though Xing Ya was covering her face and said coquettishly, “They have muscular chest and abs. I would feel like a baby doll when they hold me in their arms…”

“Xing Ya...,” I looked at Xing Ya, “ are on heat.”

“What are you talking about?! I like brawnier guys, not the guys on Hagrid Island, who can’t even win against you.”

“There are not many who can win against me in the outside world either,” I added confidently.

“How do they win your heart then. I mean, how did you fall for your husbands?”

“Their faces.”

Just as I said this, the cockpit fell into a long silence.

I looked at the silly bird and chuckled in secret.

Xing Chuan continued to stand on the back of the chair with his chest out and head crooked. I almost couldn’t hold back my urge to laugh.

“What! It turns out that you are shallow. My brother looks handsome too. Why don’t you pick him?” Xing Ya pointed at Xing Chuan.

“Xiao Ya! Don’t make jokes!” Xing Chuan said strictly.

“Oh yeah… I forgot… your husband… I’m sorry… Luo Bing…” Xing Ya lowered her head awkwardly.

The cockpit was in a long silence again.

“Luo Bing…did you… live like this in the past? Heading out for missions? To historical sites?” Xing Ya redirected the topic.

I smiled faintly, “Yes, with Harry. We always went out on missions together…” I looked at the dark seawater in front of us. “We would always compete using racing, flying vehicles, or flying skateboards. We always used to fight, as well. I wasn’t very experienced then, and he would always protect me… He was good looking, and he had a pair of beautiful, …amber eyes. They were as clear as yellow crystals…” I smiled sweetly. The refreshing sea breeze in Hagrid Island dismissed the hatred and murderous intention at the bottom of my heart.

When the hatred was gone, I saw beautiful memories with Harry. It turned out that Harry lived in my heart, and he would forever be on my mind. He would keep me company all my life in a different way.

The beautiful and sweet memory with Harry pulled me out from the dark abyss, and I could face the future; I could even face the end of the world. I shook off the pain it brought me. I would make it better with everyone.

I had to thank Hagrid Island for a life that purified my heart. If I didn’t fall in this place that was so kind and pure, as though it was an illusion compared to the world outside, I might have continued to massacre more cities and kill every Ghost Eclipsers, and destroy the planet that brought me this pain.

“Brother, I think you and Sister Elena lack experience of going through the bad times together, like Luo Bing and her husband. You obey what fate has to offer, too obediently…” Xing Ya pouted and said.

“Isn’t it great to be simple?” This Xing Chuan preferred to be calm, “I am satisfied with the current life.”

“However, there is no excitement between you and Sister Elena. How do you sleep at night? Why haven’t you had any child until now? Ah!? Have you ever done it yet until now?!”

“What?!” Xing Chuan was pissed off, “We, of course, sleep well at night. We sleep early and wake up early, so we are in fine mettle.” 

“Why do you need to be in fine mettle?” Xing Ya found it funny and asked, “What else can you do on Hagrid Island? Look at flowers, plant grass, catch worms in the field… Brother, don’t you find such life boring?! Plus, you didn’t even understand when I said ‘do it’. Even Sister Elena knows more than you do. No wonder Sister Elena said that she doesn’t feel her heart race when she’s with you."

“She said that she doesn’t feel her heart race?” Xing Chuan was surprised, “Being my wife… isn’t a happy thing for her?”

“There must be passion! Brother, you are married to Sister Elena for two years. It’s impossible that the two of you have not done it, right?” Xing Ya was no longer shy when she talked about things like that. She was even more direct than I was.


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