Book 1: Chapter 45 - Doomsday Rose

Harry led me through another tunnel, after Raffles had left with Second Sis. Many doors in this tunnel were linked to several other places, hence Xing Chuan and his troops had come from the pier, instead of using my usual route.

“Waifu, I thought you ran away,” Harry said cheerfully when he walked next to me. He extended his hand to give me a piece of bread, “Hurry up and eat. You didn’t eat breakfast when you went out earlier.”

I was moved when I saw the bread. Harry was actually being very nice to me, just like Raffles. They were all very caring and they gave me the greatest assistance to enable me to pull myself up together. I could feel all their efforts.

However, Harry’s ‘smooth-talk’ ruined all the touching moments. Sometimes, I even itched to beat him up.

I took over the bread and lowered my head, “I know that there are many people who doubt me.”

“Waifu, you don’t…”

“Never mind...,” I cut Harry off. His expression became solemn and he looked at me in silence. I smiled and looked at him, “...I understand.” Then, I finished one-third of the daily provision.

He smiled calmly as he turned to look in front.

“What is DR?” I asked him.

“Doomsday Rose,” Harry sighed. “It is a female special force built by my mom. Sigh…”

“Why are you sighing?” He made it sound as if his mother had ruined everything that was perfect for him.

Harry pouted as he walked, “There are very few girls in this world and they should be protected!” He made a nest with his arms, as though he was carrying a baby, “Without them, how could humans reproduce? How can they go on the battlefield?! That’s too dangerous!” Harry shook his head.

My face grew grave as I looked at him, “So, you mean girls should stay at home and give birth to babies?”

“Of course,” Harry looked at me firmly and said, “Reproduction should be a woman’s top priority!”

I rolled my eyes at him once again, and he looked confused, “Why? Waifu? Am I not right? How many humans are there in this whole world? Humans are an endangered species!”

“You can clone!” I snapped with a hint of frustration.

Since it was the end of the world, I knew that he might be right. However, I was not yet ready to accept his perspective. I had just arrived in this world, and not to mention, the large human population from my world was a problem instead. Plus, in my world, the women were no longer a tool for reproduction. They were independent and courageous. They shined in various industries. Even though my mom had always wanted me to be an actress and my dad had wanted me to be a soldier, I had actually wanted to become a female entrepreneur!

Hence, I still couldn’t accept some concepts from this world, even if it was for the sake of adapting to this world. Not to mention, I was only sixteen. In my world, getting married and making babies at this age was as far as being in the North Pole.

“There are no resources for cloning!” Harry spread his hands and shrugged, “Plus, how could a clone be as convenient and cheap as girls giving birth? A man…” He put up his left and right index fingers, “...a woman, in a room… mm mm mm mm…” Then, he put his fingers together and started laughing foolishly as he wriggled his eyebrows, “You know, then, babies will…”

“Rascal!” I stepped on his foot without hesitation. He bent down and lifted his leg to rub his aching foot. “Pain! Pain! Pain! That’s why I didn’t want you to go to my mom’s DR. You are already not gentle to begin with. If you join her, wouldn’t you just kill me?” 

“You know that too!” I stared at him, “Humph!” I turned and left.

“Waifu! Waifu!” Harry caught up and smiled mischievously at me, “Waifu, although you have lost your memory, I want to remind you that female radiationers and metahumans are more precious in this world because they can reproduce evolved human beings. Their resistance to radiation would strengthen the babies, making them powerful. This makes it easier for the babies to survive in this world. You… do you understand what I mean?”

I didn’t care about what he was saying, hence I continued walking.

He ran in front of me and asked, “Waifu! How old are you?”

I didn’t reply.

He wasn’t bothered, but continued, “I am seventeen. You look like you are about my age and we can get married! Will you marry me? Waifu?”

I rolled my eyes at him. I really can’t take him anymore. How can he be so shameless?!

“If you want to have a great child, you should go and look for Xue Gie and the rest! I don’t have any superpowers!” Did he really think I didn’t know about his wicked thoughts?!

He creased his eyebrows as he cringed and scratched his head. He looked away and said, “That… I can’t win against them in a physical fight.”

I see!

“Go away!” I pushed him to the door at the end of the tunnel. He took a few steps backwards and leaned against the door. It was not the usual door, but a high-tech white cabin door instead. There was a faint blue light at the sides of this cabin door.

He leaned against the door and muttered as he lowered his head, “Alright then. I think I can’t stop you, but it’s okay.” He then lifted his head slowly and the corners of his lips lifted. His smile looked treacherous as he said, “You won’t be able to pass the DR test anyways.” Then, he raised his hand and pressed a button that was next to the door. The door opened immediately and there was a white, round cabin room that was as huge as a basketball court.

I was surprised as I walked in. The white ground under my feet made me loathe to step on it and soil it. The segregation of the ground was even, and so were the light spots. The spots were giving out a faint blue light.

There was a round window on the cabin’s ceiling. When I turned around, I saw Sis Ceci and Princess Arsenal standing above the cabin on the other side of the window. Princess Arsenal is here as well!

Xiao Ying leaned on the window and pouted as she looked at Sis Ceci. Then, I heard her voice, “Such a waste. It would use up a lot of energy for one test.”

“Shut up!” Sis Cannon looked at Xiao Ying coolly and spoke to her with the same tone that she always used for me, “She is not a metahuman. Therefore, we won’t be using the mock environment. What energy levels were you thinking that we would be using then?”

“Humph.” Xiao Ying pouted.

Sis Ceci smiled at me with her pair of glowing eyes. “I believe you wouldn’t disappoint me. Luo Bing, are you ready?”

“Mm!” I nodded heavily.

Da Li was over Sis Cannon’s neck as she waved at me, “Sister Bing, all the best!”

Xue Gie stood behind Sis Ceci as she stared in the distance expressionlessly. Ming You stood by her side and watched Harry as he stood at the door.

I lowered my face and looked at Harry’s mischievous smile. He waved his arms, “Mom, can I be the one that fights in close combat against her?”

“Alright,” Sis Ceci smiled, “but you know the rules. You can’t use your superpowers. I think Luo Bing is also looking forward to beating you up.”

“Hey?!” Harry immediately stood straight and looked at her in shock, “Waifu, you want to hit me?!”

I didn’t say anything, but looked at him quietly. Suddenly, his sapphire eyes quivered as he felt my rage. Shiver! Harry!

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