Book 5: Chapter 40 - Xing Ya’s Type

Xing Ya blushed too. “Brother… shouldn’t mature so early… Brother follows his biological clock. He is a man of strict rules… Ah! Luo Bing, you are so annoying!” Xing Ya puffed up her red cheeks in indignation. “How could you talk about this! You are shameless!”

I looked at her smilingly while she puffed up her reddened cheeks and signaled me with her eyes. “We’ll talk about this when we go back! Don’t talk about this in front of my brother’s room!” She immediately wrapped her arm around mine and tugged me back.

Grinning, I turned back to glance at Elena. “Elena, don’t let your imagination run wild. It is most important to have a child!”

Elena instantly blushed and ran away. However, the direction that she ran in wasn’t Xing Chuan’s room.

I was confused. The people in Hagrid Island wouldn’t be too reserved towards the relationship between men and women, right?

“We are not conservative!” Xing Ya said as she changed into her sleeping wear. Her curvy body was lightly shaded with silver under the moonlight, clearly visible to me.

“Sister Elena and the rest of us are more… how do I put this… Mm…” Xing Ya sat on her bed and thought while blushing. “We take this embarrassing matter more seriously. The guys on the island are shyer too. So… it isn’t like how it is written in the book. We follow the rules. We will take a shower first. Then, take off our clothes and slowly begin…”

I seemed to understand. She meant that they went step by step. “Have you done it with any guy?”

“How could I!?” Xing Ya blushed and lifted her chin. “I-, I am not a casual girl. Plus… I am not interested in them. They are boring and dumb…” Xing Ya pouted.

“People who were raised in a conservative environment would easily be similar. I felt that your brother is honest. He held his posture well when he fought. He blushed when I applied medicine for him.” Having been a guy for many years, I was considered to have become a shameless person.

“Of course. My brother hasn’t been touched by any other girls…” Xing Ya smiled playfully at me. “How does my brother feel when you touch him?” She lay down before me and winked. Her neckline dipped to reveal her plump cleavage. 

I clenched my hand experimentally.  “Too soft. I preferred my husband.” I broke into a grin. Even Raffles’ body had become firm from training together with Harry. This Xing Chuan’s chest had felt as tender as a five-star hotel’s mattress.

“Why didn’t you blush at all? Aren’t you embarrassed?” Xing Ya gazed at me curiously.

I glanced at her. “Because there are less girls in the outside world, the girls are in relatively higher danger when they head out for missions. If the enemy catches any girl, she would definitely be raped or…”

Xing Ya gawked in shock, fear and terror in her eyes.

“Hence, most of the girls would disguise themselves as guys when they head out. I have been hanging out with the guys all the time. They didn’t know that I was a girl too. Then, I became more like a guy.” I met Xing Ya’s eyes calmly. “That’s why you thought I am different from the girls on the island.”

“No wonder!” Xing Ya sat up. “I feel that you are so handsome, as handsome as the guys in the books!”

I smiled faintly.

“Then… what is your husband like? For example… during that time?” Xing Ya’s eyes were shimmering with curiosity.

I glanced at her and grabbed her hand. Then, I pressed her down on the bed. She immediately blushed as I looked down at her. “They will do this directly.”

“Good. They are so dominant… I like it!” Xing Ya hugged my neck excitedly. I nearly threw her on the ground. She hugged me tightly. “Don’t leave. Stay with us. Bring your husband here.”

I lay down next to her and looked out at the billowing waves beyond the window. “ No. I have to go and take revenge.”

“How about coming back after you take revenge? Can you… bring back a few men for me?” She held my shoulders and said, “I quite like dominant guys and… I like guys with chest muscles. Oh my, I’m so embarrassed!” Xing Ya immediately turned over. I turned over to look at her too, and saw her covering her face.

I smiled. “Alright. I know. As long as your grandma agrees, I’m fine with it. The men outside are sad that they have no wives. I can bring a dozen of them back if you want.”

“True… Grandma wouldn’t agree… Sigh…” Xing Ya sighed in sadness. “Grandma is a party pooper.”

“How old is she?” I turned my body towards her as I supported my head on one hand.

“Ninety-eight.” Xing Ya became upset and hugged me. “I wonder how many years she has left…” The corner of her eyes turned wet.

“How about your great-grandpa? Do you know who he is?”

Xing Ya shook her head and let go of me. “Grandma never talks about great-grandpa. Grandma and grandpa never bring him up either. If we ask, great-grandma will throw a big tantrum. For some reason, great-grandma doesn’t allow anyone to ask about great-grandpa. I wonder if great-grandpa had hurt her…”

The grandma was called Yin Yue, and there was a Silver Moon City in the sky.

This place is called Hagrid Island…


Such a familiar name. Professor Hagrid Jones’ name is Hagrid too…

The people on Hagrid Island live a peaceful, heaven-like life. Their characters are incompatible with this world. They are innocent and kind, like an illusion.

I suddenly recalled Cang Yu telling me that my humanity didn’t belong to this world, unless I was from ‘there’.

What is the relation between ‘there’ and here?

The next morning, I boarded Tomorrow and prepared to head out for a mission. I felt like I had been reborn. I felt that I needed battle. A bloodthirstiness for battle was flowing in me.

Carefully I took out my simulated blue crystal. Jun and Zong Ben leaped out immediately, their long tails of light remaining connected to the simulated blue crystal.

Zong Ben’s ribbon-like belt and Jun’s braid were fluttering in the air. Blue light spots floated around them.

Jun leaped before me, looking anxious.

I smiled at them. “Don’t worry. A simulated blue crystal can be used for very long. I wouldn’t let the two of you die.”

Zong Ben leaped onto the energy core like a glowing leopard.

Jun glanced at Zong Ben, then leaned against Zong Ben. The two of them were my partners too. I had a strange troop now, consisting of two spirits and one water ghost.

Returning to the cockpit, I activated Tomorrow. Instantly it was charged with energy and twinkled with lights. Tomorrow was filled with energy! The whirling sound of its engine was saying that it couldn’t wait any longer to take a swim outside.

“Alright, baby. Let’s see how fast you can swim in the water!”

“Luo Bing!” I suddenly heard Xing Ya’s voice. Why is she here?

“You can’t follow me…” Turning around, I saw two robot birds!

“Luo Bing!” One bird waved its wing at me. “My brother and I want to go with you!”

It turned out that they could head out with me in that form.


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