Book 5: Chapter 39 - Talk About Shameful Things When We Return

I knitted my eyebrows and rose to leave. He gripped my arm firmly. “Please tell me! I really want to know. Between me and that Xing Chuan, which one of us is the real one?!”

“It’s you,” I answered with my back to him. “It is definitely you.”


I immediately spun around and looked at him. “Why did you think that you are a fake?"

He furrowed his eyebrows and let go of my arm, looking down. “I went to Grandma’s room once and saw that Xing Chuan. He is outstanding. He just looks… very outstanding…”

“That’s why he is fake,” I said coldly. He lifted his face and looked up at me. I met his eyes expressionlessly. “You were born naturally. You are still a natural human from sixty years back. That Xing Chuan is a metahuman. I have seen the gene bank in Silver Moon City. I’ve also witnessed with my own eyes how they manufacture humans …” I felt a clenching pain in my heart as Raffles’ excitement of making a human replayed in my mind. “So, I am sure that although you are weak, you are the real person.” I faced Xing Chuan solemnly. Anyone would feel very concerned about whether they were the original person, because such a matter would surely turn one’s world views upside down.

Xing Chuan stared at me for a while before he finally relaxed. Feeling at ease, he said, “Maybe what you said is right. Although I am weak, I am the real Xing Chuan…” He smiled faintly and looked at me again. “Can you tell me more about that Xing Chuan? What is he like?”

I faintly frowned. I really didn’t want to remember.

“We will keep our conversation tonight a secret. Grandma won’t know. I am only…” He furrowed his eyebrows and took a deep breath as though something was weighing down on his chest. “Because this has been bothering me for very long. No one wants to know that they are a clone…”

Heh, that’s true…” I chuckled lightly and sat at the edge of the bed. Spotting the sleeping shirt by the side, I passed it to him. He glanced at it then put it on.

“You are the same person after all, so you do share many similarities. You both fell for the same woman…”

“The same… Could there be an Elena up there too?” He glanced at me in surprise.

I nodded. “But his Elena… died…”

Xing Chuan became quiet. “Then… how about Xing Ya? Does he have a Xing Ya?”

I shook my head. “He doesn’t. He… is all alone."

“What happened then? How is he?” Xing Chuan seemed to care a lot about the other Xing Chuan’s fate and life.

“Being in a different living environment, you would grow up differently. You are always honest and real, but he is simply a sham. You are unguarded, whereas he is careful. You would smile easily but he… doesn’t smile… His superpower is strong. If I don’t use my superpower, I am not his match at all. He is also well-versed in military affairs. The troop he led has never lost. He is a jealous person. Whichever men come close to me, he would be on guard against them. He…"

“He fell in love with you?!”

The fire at the bottom of my heart ignited and rushed to my temples. My head began to ache. I was talking to this Xing Chuan about the other Xing Chuan while trying to control my emotions. Emotion control was extremely vital in the usage of my superpower. Right now I was teetering at the brink of my limits.

“He loves you so he killed your lover?!” He was shocked. “How could he do that? If he loves you, he should make you happy, make you…”

“Stop!” I stood up and took a deep breath. Trying to keep my cool, I coldly fixed my eyes on the empty air in front of me. “Wait for me to repair the opening. I will leave once it’s fixed. You don’t have to bother with that Xing Chuan because it is only a matter of time before he dies in my hands,” I said icily then turned to leave.

The room was left in silence.

Stepping out of the door, I saw Elena and Xing Ya. They watched me anxiously while I tried hard to cool down. I passed Elena the medicine and smiled faintly at her. “This is the first time I’ve seen a woman take the initiative to leave her husband alone with another woman in the room.”

Elena smiled at me. “Because you have the answer he wants.”

“Are you not worried?” I smiled faintly at Elena. For some reason I could not put into words, I liked this woman. Maybe, I’d already liked the shadow that quietly safeguarded Xing Chuan back in Silver Moon City.

Elena smiled. “I heard from Xiao Ya that you have two husbands. Love is free here too. If Chuan were to fall for you, I would love you together too…” 

I was stunned.

“Similarly, if Xiao Ya were to fall for two men, she can marry two men as well. But because we have an equal ratio of male and female here, no one has ever thought of loving two men. Maybe… our people are too similar in character…” Elena furrowed her eyebrows. “We don’t have many unique qualities. What’s the point in liking two similar women or two similar men?” Elena glanced at me and Xiao Ya.

Xiao Ya pouted. “Sister Elena is right. The men on this island are boring. They’re not outstanding or unique like Luo Bing. I like Luo Bing. If Luo Bing was a guy, I would definitely marry him!” This was the second time she’d said tonight.

“So I selfishly hoped that you would like Chuan.” Elena looked at me. “Then, you would stay on this island but… I know that is impossible. You are so outstanding and only an especially outstanding man would catch your attention. Chuan…” Elena sounded depressed as she gripped the medicine in her hand tightly.

“I don’t even know what love is… I’ve read many books, and they usually say that it would feel like something is tugging on my heartstrings…” Elena touched her heart. “But… between me and Chuan… there isn’t this kind of feeling. Our parents thought we were suitable for each other and we grew up together. Hence, we got married because we seemed to be compatible. We… I’m sorry, Luo Bing. I know that what I say next would be inappropriate but I really wish for a romantic relationship like between you and your husband…” Elena seemed disheartened. Every girl would get conned by romantic novels.

I held her hand. “Don’t believe in the books. Love is simple. It is simply the feeling of not wanting to part with someone...”

“Then, I really fell in love with you! Luo Bing!” Xing Ya held my arm. “I don’t want to part with you…”

“Then, do you want to have sex with me?” I asked straightforwardly.

In an instant, Elena blushed.

Xing Ya’s face was even redder. “You, you, you… How could you say it out loud so shamelessly!”

I smirked maliciously. “I think I should teach you more things. Let’s not disturb Elena and Xing Chuan any more. What if they’re having an intimate moment the next time you barge in?”

“I-, we wouldn’t!” Elena turned away as she blushed. She gripped the medicine tightly, embarrassed.


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