Book 5: Chapter 38 - Minded If They Were Real People

I smiled at her. “Because the ratio of men and women outside is ten to one. There are very few women but many men. Hence, girls can have multiple husbands.”

“Wow!” Xing Ya didn’t hide the envy in her eyes at her.

I grinned at her reaction. “If I could bring you past the radiation zone, I’d really like to bring you around to see the world but…” I looked at her helplessly.

She pouted. “I know that I can’t even pass the level one radiation zone…” She lowered her head in disappointment. “You are so outstanding. It is actually normal to have two husbands… I don’t think any man would be good enough to match you though, including my brother. My brother didn’t even have a chance to fight back when he fought with you today. He’s so weak! I don’t adore him anymore. I adore you!” She immediately wrapped her arm around my shoulders as she chuckled.

I looked at her smilingly. “As long as you are willing to suffer hardship, I am willing to teach you everything I know!”

“Really?!” She jumped in excitement. “That’s great! I’m willing! I am!” She bounced on the bed excitedly!

Suddenly, a cute furry ball appeared by the side of the bed. “Xiao Ya, pick up your phone.” It was Elena’s voice.

Xing Ya immediately picked up. An image appeared at once before Xing Ya and I. It showed Xing Chuan’s upper body; his chest was swollen red.

Elena held the medicine in her hand as she sat next to him in her sleeping gown. Seeing me there too, her expression turned awkward. 

“Luo Bing is there too?”

“Brother! Sister Elena! Luo Bing says that she is willing to teach me everything she knows!” Xing Ya was excited. I looked at Xing Chuan’s swollen chest, stunned. “So severe…"

Hearing my words, Xing Chuan looked away. Elena glanced at him and furrowed her eyebrows. She turned back to me. “It is really bad!”

I blinked. “I never thought he would be that weak,” I said casually.

Cough…” Xing Chuan coughed while Elena rubbed his back, full of heartache.

“Hahaha…” Xing Ya burst out in laughter. “Brother, it means that you are too delicate!”

“Yeah!” I added casually, “Why do you have no muscles?! It wouldn’t be this bad if you had muscles. Muscles could have absorbed the impact of my blow; bulletproof vests are based on the same theory. The more muscular you are, the more impact resistance you have. Then…”    

“Good night!” Xing Chuan cut off the image right away.

I was stunned.

“Hahahahaha…” Xing Ya laughed hysterically on the bed. “My brother is embarrassed. Hahahaha! Let’s go!” Xing Ya suddenly pulled me up. I looked at her confusedly. “What are you doing?!”

“To go and laugh at him. It’s a great chance that is hard to come by!” No one could stop Xing Ya once she had an idea.

She pulled me up and ran over to Xing Chuan’s room, where she directly slammed Xing Chuan’s door open. I looked at her stiffly. “How could you barge into your brother’s room?”

Looking into the room, I saw Elena who looked equally awkward. Next to her, Xing Chuan’s face was glum.

“What’s the matter? We’re all family.” Xing Ya pulled me into the room. I wanted to ask what if she barged into a scene where her brother and sister-in-law happened to be doing something R-rated...

“Brother, don’t be embarrassed. Luo Bing said that you have to accept reality with an open mind.” Having come fully prepared to mock her brother, Xing Ya straightforwardly climbed onto the bed to poke Xing Chuan’s chest. “Look at this. So soft. It isn’t even as firm as mine.”

Xing Chuan gripped Xing Ya’s hand, his face terrifyingly dark. “That’s enough!”

“Xiao Ya!” Elene looked helplessly at Xing Ya who’d climbed onto the bed without any qualms at all. “Your brother hasn’t taken his medicine yet.”

“Sister Elena, let me do it!” Xing Ya grabbed the medicine from Elena’s hand enthusiastically, a malicious smirk on her face. Xing Chuan immediately urged, “Elena, don’t give it to her!”

Elena’s face grew grave and she hid the medicine behind her back. “Xiao Ya, stop fooling around.”

Xing Ya joked wickedly, “Then, Sister Elena, you do it. This is the first time I’ve seen my brother injured. I want to see his painful expression when you apply medicine on him!”

She was truly his sister!

Xing Chuan glared at Xing Ya with dark eyes, but Xing Ya only boldly returned him a mischievous expression.

Elena spoiled Xing Ya too. She put the crystal-like medicinal ointment on her palm and gently applied it on Xing Chuan. The second she touched Xing Chuan, he furrowed his eyebrows. “Psst!” He gasped in pain. Elena quickly retracted her hand, her eyes brimming with sympathy for Xing Chuan. Her hands were slightly trembling too.

“I shall go back.” I felt awkward standing there.

“Hold on, Luo Bing.” Elena stopped me.

“Yeah. Why are you leaving? Come here.” Xing Ya waved me over to join her in watching her brother be in pain, not treating me as an outsider in the least.

Elena came before me in her sexy moon-colored lace sleeping gown. She held out the medicine to me. “Please apply the medicine for Chuan.”

I was instantly stunned. What? Why do I have to apply medicine for Xing Chuan?!

“I, I don’t even have the courage to look. Please.” Elena quickly placed the medicine in my hand and went back to Xing Ya’s side to look after Xing Chuan.

“Luo Bing! Hurry up and apply medicine for my brother. Show no mercy!” Xing Ya cheered.

Xing Chuan became embarrassed too. He blushed and averted his eyes.

“Xiao Ya!” Elena looked at Xin Ya anxiously, before turning to me. “Please be gentle.”

I felt strange but since his wife didn’t mind, I would do it. I was glad to have to chance to torture Xing Chuan.

Calmly I squeezed the medicinal ointment out as I walked towards Xing Chuan. I felt as though I was a cruel killing machine putting on rubber gloves before the act.

“Please be gentle,” Elena reminded pleadingly.

I glanced at her. “I am a professional at treating such wounds. You wouldn’t be able to make the clogged blood go away if you were too light-handed. Trust me,” I said coldly, then looked at Xing Chuan. “Bear with me.”

Getting nervous, he looked back at me with wide eyes.

Leaning forward, I pressed my hand onto his chest without hesitation. My long black hair hung before his face.

“Mm!” He let out a muffled groan and his chest tightened. I began to press and rub the cooling medicinal ointment onto his chest. Under my palm, his chest heaved up and down vigorously.

“I have been… wanting to ask you a question…” He gritted through his teeth as he endured the pain.

“Go ahead.”

“The Xing Chuan… who killed your lover… Does he… look the same as me…” he gasped as he completed the sentence.

My hand paused at once. He’d hit the mark...

The entire room suddenly became quiet. My hand stopped on his heaving chest. His breaths blew against my long hair.

Xing Ya’s body had stiffened too. Elena glanced at Xing Chuan, then pulled Xing Ya out from the room.

“Is it?” His voice was low. “Grandma’s name is Yin Yue, how exactly is she related to Silver Moon City? Is there a Xing Chuan up there who looks exactly like me? What is he like? Which of us is the real Xing Chuan?! Do you know?!” He suddenly became emotional and grabbed my arm.


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