Book 5: Chapter 36 - Tomorrow

“Tomorrow uses hydro energy and it can use solar energy too…” The grandma moved towards Tomorrow. “But the two energy might not be suitable for the era. So, for the past two months, I’ve instructed the people in the engineering department to transform it into a spacecraft that can use blue crystal energy.” The grandma looked at me. I was surprised. “So, you agree to the idea of me driving it out to search for resources for you?”

“What?” Xing Ya exclaimed in surprise. “But Grandma!” Xing Ya paused and glanced at me carefully. Feeling awkward, she didn’t continue. She looked at her brother. “Brother.” She whispered into Xing Chuan’s ear.

Xing Chuan furrowed his eyebrows and looked at Xing Ya sternly. “I believe in Grandma’s decision.”

Xing Ya bit her lip and glanced at Grandma anxiously. She couldn’t hold herself back in the end and asked, “What if Luo Bing drives it away and never comes back?!”

It turned out that she was worried about that.

“I’m sorry, Luo Bing. It’s not that I don’t trust you…” Xing Ya looked at me hastily and quickly explained, “You saw it yourself. You showed us how fragile we are. Only you can protect us. If you leave, what should we do?”

I could understand her thoughts. She had been really terrified by me the other day.

“I believe in this child, Luo Bing. She is much more reliable than you are!” The grandma roared and slammed the armrest angrily. “It’s all my fault. For the past half a century, I have been overly protective…” The grandma looked at the sky. “But I created a generation who is worse than before. You are like flowers in the green room…"

The surrounding grandpas who had white hair sighed and shook their heads too.

“Professor Yin, it is inevitable,” the old grandpa said.

“The cleansing speed of the outside world surpassed our expectations. No one expected a visitor from outside.” The grandpas stared at me as though I was an alien.

The grandma’s face grew glum. “We are only scientists. We can’t change fate…” The grandma shook her head. “This is how fate mocks us scientists. No matter how meticulous our calculations are, it can still throw someone in here and now we are in a mess.”

I knitted my eyebrows. I felt like I was some kind of disaster.

“Luo Bing, there’s a historical site a hundred kilometers away from here. The historical site is flooded but it has the invisible plate that we need. Repair the opening for us and you can leave this island!” So saying, the grandma turned to leave.

I stood before the spacecraft. The old grandma allowed me to leave. I smiled faintly. This was my obligation. I had to fix what I’d broken.

“Luo Bing is leaving…” Xing Ya sighed next to me. I looked at her while she looked at her brother. Xing Chuan glanced at me with a complicated expression and furrowed his eyebrows.

I turned to continue looking at the spacecraft. The spacecraft seemed bulky. Instead of a spacecraft, it looked more like a miniature submarine.

“Tomorrow was originally a passenger spacecraft…” A grandpa introduced it to me. “We removed the passenger cabin at the back and cut down the weight of the spacecraft. We also added cargo space. You need to bring twenty pieces of the invisible plate back so that we could store them as backup.”

I nodded as I touched the black spacecraft. Although it was old, it was beautiful.

“The cabin door is here.” Everyone followed next to me and surrounded me.

Someone opened the cabin door for me and the inside immediately lit up with light. A spacious tunnel came into sight. On both sides of the tunnel were exquisite paintings. They were elegant yet luxurious. With one glance, I could tell that the spacecraft was a passenger spacecraft as mentioned.

Looking at the paintings, I found them familiar. As long as they were painted by painters of Valley Dust Ruin, I would have some impressions of the artworks. I stopped before a refreshing painting. In the painting, sunlight was shining through the seawater like the holy light from heaven. A mermaid with the wings of a flying fish swam towards the holy light as though he was an angel returning to heaven’s arms.

“This is Jun’s drawing.” Finding it familiar, I touched the painting.

“Jun?” Xing Ya was surprised. “The spirit that is with you? And there’s also another one called Zong Ben!” 

“Master Zong Ben?!” The grandpas exclaimed in surprise.

“I collected a lot of his paintings when I was young.” The grandpas were shy.

I smiled but kept quiet. I continued to walk forward.

“In front is the main cabin. It was used as a leisure space back then.” The grandpas continued to introduce different parts of the spaceship to us.

When the cabin door opened, beyond was really a huge entertainment and leisure area. There was a bar table as well as a pool by the side. The huge flower-shaped pool even had a stage in the middle, with a pole on the stage too.

The people back then really knew how to enjoy life.

There were organized platforms hanging in the air with musical instruments. As though a musical band was seated there in silence and preparing to play music for their guests.

“Further in front is the cockpit.” The grandpas continued to lead the way.

Entering the cockpit, I saw the console that I was familiar with.

I immediately entered. The captain’s seat was right in the middle. It had been a while since I’d last touched the buttons and keyboards. The entire console system wasn’t complicated. The console system in Noah city had been based on the initial design too.

“This is to activate…” The grandpas had yet to finish their sentences when I’d started the engine straight away.

*Vroom.* The entire spacecraft started vibrating. I was excited. This familiar vibration was the heartbeat of the spacecraft.

The grandpas and the engineering workers stared at me in shock. Xing Ya looked at me excitedly. “Luo Bing, you know how to drive one!”

Xing Chuan stared at me in shock while he stood dumbfounded by the side.

I touched the smooth console and immediately buttons lit up under my palm like stars. “You want to fly too, huh? You’ve been asleep for so long. It’s time to wake up!” I pressed the button to take off and the spacecraft immediately hovered in the air. Xing Ya was so frightened that she immediately grabbed my arm nervously.

“Luo Bing, hold on!” The grandpas and the engineers said, “The door has yet to open!”

I smiled at them. “Do you want to go out for a ride?”

The grandpas and the engineers were excited.

I smiled at them. “Take a seat in the resting area. I will take you out for a round.”

The grandpas looked at one another and swarmed out.

I smiled. Everyone was bored on the island.

I glanced at Xing Ya. “Take a seat.”

“Yes!” Xing Ya rushed back and took a seat.

I sat before the console without looking at Xing Chuan. “Xing Chuan, you take a seat as well."

He sat down next to me and I began to press on the buttons. “It is not difficult to fly a spacecraft. Watch.” I pressed the button to open the front cabin. “Open the front cabin.”

The black plate before us folded up immediately and there was light shining through. The waterfall was in sight!

“Wow!” Xing Ya was excited.

“Prepare for take-off!” I began to push the lever forward. We immediately flew towards the exit. “Open the cabin plate in the middle cabin.” I quickly pressed on the button that controlled the cabin plate in the middle cabin so that my guests could look at the scenery outside.


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