Book 5: Chapter 35 - Spacecraft

Suddenly, a few figures leaped out from the spacecraft. I lifted the gun and shot at them. They fell one after another in the rays of light. I didn’t wait for them to land on the ground and instead continued to turn and shoot. One gunshot after another. Shrill screams from the fortress in Heartless Valley seemed to reverberate in my ears. There seemed to be the Ghost Eclipsers’ blood flowing by my feet.

I hated massacring…

But in the end, I lifted the gun in my hand anyway.

Without turning, I shot behind me. I shot the last person and he landed next to my foot. Sunlight began to lit up the smoke-filled world. It was pitch silent. As though everyone had held their breaths during the war and they had yet to come back to reality.

I threw the gun to the side. Then, I turned to leave. I’d killed enough and I didn’t want to kill anymore.

I had never felt proud of being able to use a gun or to kill. If I could, I’d rather be that young lady who knew that she was fighting against her uncles and brothers, and they would be giving her leeway so she could play war with them happily.

I…want to be a girl like Xing Ya who is innocent and continues to live on without worries.

When I walked out of the training room, I saw the grandma in her wheelchair. Xing Chuan’s parents were behind her.

“Grandma.” Xing Chuan held his chest and rushed out next to me. Elena quickly followed anxiously. She continued to support Xing Chuan with Xing Ya on his other side.

Xing Chuan’s mother came forth with concern.

“Stand there!” The grandma said in a deep voice, “Such pain is nothing. You can’t even win against a girl.” The grandma turned around in disappointment. “Luo Bing, follow me.”

“Alright.” I followed behind the grandma. Xing Chuan’s mother let out a sigh.

I’d showed mercy. With my current strength and Xing Chuan’s skill, it was only normal if he’d broken a rib or two when I’d kicked him.

The grandma walked straight and we passed by the huge waterfall again. Suddenly, the bridge before us was cut off and our tunnel began to turn to the right. The running waterfall was right below us.

Then, the waterfall began to part, revealing a huge space underneath. I could see the vague outlines of steel buildings.

A platform rose before us.

The grandma’s wheelchair moved onto the platform and I followed.

“Hold on!” Suddenly, Xing Chuan and Xing Ya caught up. Xing Chuan’s parents and Elena were behind them.

“Grandma, let us follow you.” Xing Chuan looked at his great-grandma seriously. “I am the heir of this island!” His dignified expression looked like he wouldn’t allow anyone to chase him away.

I had seen such an expression on the face of the Xing Chuan in Silver Moon City. It was an overbearing gaze that didn’t allow anyone to disobey him.

“That’s more like it. Come on.” The grandma seemed to approve of the current Xing Chuan.

The platform began to descend. Xing Chuan nodded at Elena with a smile to reassure her not to worry.

Overhead, a cover gradually shut. Xing Chuan’s parents and Elena were completely out of sight. A row of lights lit up as we began to descend through the huge space.

I saw the spacecraft that was parked at the bottom. It was a miniature spacecraft, about thirty-meters long. Such a size should be able to load cargo.

Many types of equipment were placed next to the spacecraft. Several people in work clothes looked like they were repairing the spacecraft. There were some middle-aged people and seniors who looked like scientists. They were gathering in a circle and seemed like they were in a discussion.

“That’s our one and only spacecraft,” Xing Ya whispered to me. “Many people don’t even know that there is spacecraft on the island.”

I looked at Xing Ya and she took a careful glance at the grandma. “Grandma doesn’t want anyone to head out with the spacecraft but…” Xing Ya looked disheartened. “Now, there shouldn’t be anyone who thinks about heading out. My brother can’t even win against you when you don’t use superpower…”

Cough.” Xing Chuan coughed, hurting the wound on his chest. He held his chest as he bore the pain.

I turned to him. “I’m sorry. I forgot that you have no healer. I struck too hard."

He furrowed his eyebrows and shook his head. If it was the Xing Chuan in the outside world, I wasn’t his match at all if I didn’t use my superpower. He was a tough opponent. Every part of his body could turn into soft tentacles and entangle you like a worm so you couldn’t run away from him.

I knitted my eyebrows and looked away. The two Xing Chuans looked exactly the same. Whenever I looked at him, the memory of the other Xing Chuan would play in my head. Then, I couldn’t help but think about killing the one in front of me.

“The children on this island always think about heading out,” the grandma said calmly. “They don’t know that the people outside always wanted to come in. Now, we’ve lost our only protection. When the snowstorm in the East passes, we will be revealed and we can’t hide for long.”

Snowstorm… in the East. This meant that we weren’t far away from the eastern hemisphere. In other words, it wasn’t far from Noah City!

“Which zone are we in?” I immediately asked.

The grandma paused and answered, “The seventh zone in the southern hemisphere. There’s a safe zone here. When the snowstorm comes, we happen to dodge it.”

The seventh zone. I couldn’t help but smile. Xing Ya blinked at me. “You smiled? I hardly see you smile.”

I glanced at her. “I hardly smile at you?” I remembered that I was quite friendly to Xing Ya. I treated her like my sister.

She shook her head and smiled widely. “Your smile looked especially beautiful just now. You definitely thought of something amazing. Right?”

I nodded with a faint smile. “My home is in the ninth zone. Now, I know where my home is."

Xing Ya was surprised. She looked anxious and worried. She glanced at Xing Chuan and Xing Chuan furrowed his eyebrows. He rubbed his chest gently and seemed laden with anxiety. His expression made my face grow glum because the other Xing Chuan always wore such an expression.

He looked at me but I didn’t bother to return his gaze. Out of the corner of my eyes, I saw him lower his face.

The platform made some noises as it stopped, catching the working people’s attention. Seeing that it was the grandma, they came over.

“How did it go?” The grandma asked.

One of the old professors had white hair too. He looked at her in reverence. “We are about done, Professor Yin.”

The grandma nodded and went forward.

Everyone moved away and looked at me simultaneously.

The grandma stopped before the spacecraft. I could tell that the spacecraft was old and its model looked old-fashioned. Even the spaceships in Noah City looked more advanced than this spacecraft.

The spacecraft was in black but the external plating looked new. I could still see my reflection. It was a spacecraft that had never experienced the end of the world and war.

“The name of this spacecraft is Tomorrow.” The grandma touched the body of the black spacecraft emotionally. “This is the spacecraft that brought us here. It has never left ever since.” 

In other words, Tomorrow was an antique from sixty years ago.


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